Anyone tried the Russian Gymnast Diet?? I was thinking of maybe doing it because it is supposedly good for fast weight-loss.....

Hey guys, had to take an emergency trip, sorry I haven't been updating  

Not sure about all of you but today I'm feeling wonderful. 

P.S I've written up a more detailed diet/ exercise plan and will be posting it in case anyone else is interested in participating. Tomorrow is March 10th which means we're due for an update on the schedule. So I'll bee posting it either tonight or tomorrow morning. 

Xoxo, N.

So today is sunny and nice and oh yeah wonderful. I've lost 5 pounds in these fast 3 days.... Fricken insane. My hunger pangs are not horrible as long as I keep my belly full of water but I'm feeling really tired and unmotivated to exercise. How about you guys? 

Recently I had a girl write me on here telling me I'm not doing a good enough job. I decided to push away my pride and take her word for it. Things are about to change in my world! Xo.

March Plan

March 6th, Wed. - 1 piece of fruit, your choice + 2.5-3 liters of water (9-11 cups) 

March 7th, Thurs. - 1 piece of fruit, your choice +2.5-3 liters of water (9-11 cups) 

March 8th, Fri*. - 1 small meal (2 hard boiled eggs for me) + 1 healthy snack (fruit or veggies) + 2.5-3 liters of water (9-11 cups) 

March 9th, Sat*. - Water fast! Drink lots of water, tea (coffee if you please with sweetener not sugar) 

March 10th, Sun*. - 1 small meal (2 hard boiled eggs for me) + 1 piece of fruit, your choice + 2.5-3 liters of water (9-11 cups)

*for those of you who enjoy drinking on the weekends try to drink something low in calories + carbs. 

Wine Calories Carbs Per 5-oz Serving
Chardonnay 20 0.4 g 100 calories, 2 g carbs
Pinot Grigio 20 0.4 g 100 calories, 2 g carbs
Zinfandel® White Wine 20 0.4 g 100 calories, 2 g carbs
Cabernet Sauvignon 20 0.8 g 100 calories, 4 g carbs
Merlot Red Wine 20 0.8 g 100 calories, 4 g carbs

Hard liquor 

Hard Liquor Calories Carbs Per 1.5-oz Serving
Vermouth 32 0.2 g 64 calories, 0.4 g carbs
Coconut Rum 51 5.3 g 77 calories, 8 g carbs
Beefeater® Gin 65 0 g 98 calories, 0 g carbs
Rye Whiskey 69 0 g 104 calories, 0 g carbs
Scotch Whiskey 69 0 g 104 calories, 0 g carbs
White Rum 69 0 g 104 calories, 0 g carbs
Vodka 69 0 g 104 calories, 0 g carbs
Cognac 69 2 g 104 calories, 3 g carbs
Tequila 69 5.3 g 104 calories, 8 g carbs
Gilbey’s® Gin 79 0 g 119 calories, 0 g carbs


Beer Calories Carbs Per 12-oz Serving
"Light" Beer 9 0.5 g 108 calories, 6 g carbs
Draft Beer 12 1.1 g 144 calories, 13.2 g carbs
Lager 14 1.1 g 168 calories, 13.2 g carbs
Ale 18 1.1 g 216 calories, 13.2 g carbs

I will be updating and finishing up the march plan on Sunday evening. Let me know what you all think and if there are things you don't appriciate or would change!

Xoxo, N.

Hi ladiessssssss :) It's 1:00pm and I have had thus far half a grapefruit and weirdly no water. But I'm going to bake my boyfriend cupcakes so I will make sure to be drinking lots of water during that! and throughout the day. I'm going to be staying with my boyfriend tonight so I'm concerned that he will want to drink. I will just ask for a diet coke or something instead.. Just a little tip, during this March plan you guy WILL get hungry. Just chew gum or drink diet soda. Xoxo let me know how you are all doing! 

Xoxo, N.

Bleh, so I don't know how all you are doing.... But I'm doing so not good. Well actually, eating wise I'm doing great! I had half a grapefruit today and a bar thing. Not enough water though. I will chug some after this. But I'm doing not so good in the happiness department. BLEH! I'm sic of my boyfriends issues! I love him of course but it's getting so irritating hearing about "the cunt" every fucking day. I just need to stay focused... NO FOOD!!! lol. I will eat my other half of grapefruit tomorrow and I will go for a run or something. Blahblahblah so annoyed. Let me know how you are all doing? write later.

Xoxo, N.

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Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry that it is already nearly 5 days into March and I haven't posted our March plan. I've seriously gotten pulled into so many different things this weekend but have a lot to share! I've done not horrible with my eating and FANTASTIC with my exercising... I've been hiking! and omg does it ever pay off! My thighs, calves and but were burning! not to mention tonight the are tight and sore. I mean, I love skinny mini, teeny tiny, but a little muscle can be sexy as funk as well! I mean we've all heard of thinspo, of course, but who here has checked out a little bit of FITspo? super sexy!

Anyways, ladies, again I am so sorry about the delay on our March plan, I'm glad to see some of you are interested in participating, I've also on top of my fasting and dieting for this month, have decided to make this month ABSOLUTELY junk food free, that not only means sweets but white bread, white rice, potatoes, (all carbs) as well as the obvious icecream, cookies, muffins, chips, etc.  So I hope all of you will do the same! I mean we can't forget the summer is right around the corner and we all need to be looking stunningly tasteful. So that's what I have for you right now and tomorrow I promise promise PROMISE to post the rest of the March plan! 

Please let me know how you are all doing!!! 

P.S. to make up for my major delay and lack of attention these past few days, here's a little something! Fitspo + thinspo for you lovelies! 

Xoxo, N.
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