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So the winning hash tag is... #1Down4ToGo  
Let's get that trending & make it a popular trend!

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What I would do to JB/1D:
hits yes

Yes, that IS deleting something...

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Which Pokémon would you use to defeat JB/1D?
(Really Google+?! You messed up the order!!!)
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Except the guy on the background would have popcorn

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This enrages me.
I can't even express how horrible this fucking is.

Fuck. Him. 
middle finger emoji

~Kenz ♥

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Report this..........thing.
All he/she posts are nasty things like this, specifically targeting the people they're following.
He/she is an absolute jerk with no respect whatsoever for those around them.
Please block and report and get others to do as well.
+Twïlïght Spãrklę  Hey you whore! LET ME FUCK YOUR ASS

JB starts singing
Pikachu, use thunderbolt!
Charmander, use ember!
Squirtle, use Surf!
The Killer, use Faint Attack!
The Killer
OT: Ash
Ash, use Bite!
Trainer Pokemon
Level 999
??????, use (Gen 3 Super Glitch)!
JB was defeated!
(All Pokemon) grew to Level 1000!
Got ₽999999!

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Another One Direction trend is in the top trends. Come on guys! Lets get this trend going!

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These stupid One Direction trends are really trending. We should come up with our own hash tag & get it trending.
Any ideas for a hash tag?

A few of my ideas are:

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