Dear Parents,


At the outset, I, on behalf of Velammal NewGen School Navalur, would like to thank you for bestowing trust on us and considering our school for your child / children's education.

Further, as we discussed on Saturday, 02 Sept, we are keen to enroll students in STD 8, STD 9 and STD 11 at our school as an extension of sections of our already affiliated school - Velammal Vidhyashram, Mambakkam. However, to run the program fruitfully, we would need a minimum of 20 students enrolling in each grade.

By the way of this email, I look forward for your consent to enroll your ward in the above grades. Also, if you can spread the word across to the classmates of your ward and to your friends, it would help us in starting the classes sooner. Your are cordially invited to attend a parent orientation program at 10AM for 8th and 9th and 11.30AM for grade 11 on September 09.09.2017 at our school premises .

We look forward for your response.

Thanks and Regards,
Sharmili Shah
Velammal New Gen

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Today's newsletter from Director talks about Free lunch from 12th Oct onwards. Still not able to understand the Management's Behavior on this.

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Published in The Hindu dt. 23.09.2016

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1. how abt the teaching of HUS to higher std students, especially 9th, 10th grade and also higher secondary.??
Are they keeping teachers' attrition rate under control?
How are the subjects especially Maths & Science are handled?
2. Regarding the compulsory Lunch issue, as of now it is under case, so on hold.. but will it crop up again the next academic yr or by the end of this yr, by the time we all would have paid fees for the forthcoming yr??..
Becoz, HUS behaved the same way that till the payment of fees by march-end last yr, there is no mention abt the lunch.
But they started the issue the very next month soon after we all paid.
Share ur views pls..
Thank u

Letter to School from PTA

Dear Mr Curnane,

This in reference to our earlier email dated 5th August detailing the MoM for the meeting held on 30th Jul with yourself and the Parent Teacher Association members. We assume the earlier MoM as accepted as there is no feedback from your side.

We have been receiving feedback from the parents for the last few months and would like to seek time to meet you on 24th Sep/1st Oct to take up these issues.

As a heads up, please find below the discussion points:

1. Increase in the number of teachers resigning from the School leading to missed classes or reassignment. we look for continuity in teachers and high attrition rates are a cause for concern

2. Drishti: Discomfort of parents with the tone of the letter. Some have called it threatening and innuendo laden.

3. News of some racist comments about the country, our anthem, disparaging remarks about the CBSE system, Sexually charged statements made to girl students about teen pregnancies, etc.

A few court cases being filed against the school and other such disturbing news which have nothing to do with education but are extremely concerning to the parents nonetheless

We would request you to kindly reply with the date of meeting, so that the above points can be discussed. Please treat this as very important.
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