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((i'm new here))

Name: Vokun

Age: 19

Type: Psychic

Likes: Flying, Using Powers, 

Dislikes: guards, Other People

Personality: Hostile, Avoident, Hates Other People

Bio: He is homeless due to his parents abandoning him because of his powers and now he lives on roof tops, hiding from the guards. He has a turquoise circle on his hand which goes down to some silver rings on him wrists. He glows bright turquoise when he uses his powers. He is a thief and a neko without the tail. He has a bow and is very talented at archery. He also has a scar going down one eye and that strangely changed the eye red.

hey thanks man

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thanx for inviting me +Yui Yuuki ゆい結城 
smiles <3 <3 <3 
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Name: Asada Sinon (Shinon)
Age: 16 
Gender: female
Race: Human
Agility: very good
Skills: Flips, sniping, shooting
Powers: N/A
Weapons: Hedacate II (sniper rifle)
Glock 17 pistol
combat knife
Bio:When Shino was fewer than two years old, she was involved in a car accident. By the time anyone noticed the accident, it had been 6 hours. During the 6 hours, Shino's father slowly died from internal bleeding while her mother watched.  Her mother was traumatized by the event and became very frail and was hurt easily. This resulted in Shino becoming overprotective of her mother. Nine years later, Shino was traumatized after she attempted to protect her mother during a robbery at a postal office, and ended up killing the robber with his own gun. As a result, she developed an intense fear of guns and slight fear of men. She also was bullied up until high school for this reason. After being introduced into GGO, she fell into a trap, while navigating a dungeon alone, and faced an extremely powerful boss. By sniping it for countless hours from outside its attack range she received the PGM Ultima Ratio Hecate II sniper rifle. Her only reason for joining GGO is trying to relieve herself from her trauma with guns.
/Dislikes: guns,
 Quote: ""If it's just a game, at least be brave enough to run towards the guns and die!"
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Name: Ander Dezden

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Race: Neko || Hybrid

Crystal Erro [Deceased-Human]
Kaito Erro [Deceased-Neko]

Background/History: Ten years ago, when the Humans'' and Nekos' fought, Ander's father left to go fight in the war. The boy was only five, and when he learned of his fathers death a peice of him broke. He became angered at those around him and forged a hatred for the technological race. His mother (Who was human) took care of him while he honed his skills to avenge his father. She was very worried about her son and soon taught him to look past the hate and evil. His hatred dimenished somewhat, but the training didn't stop. Ander wanted to become the strongest swordsman in the entire neko district. He developed a style that relied heavily on dexterity, speed, strength, and stamina. This left his resistance to magic and ability to dish it out at average teir. His defense to physical damage became his weakest point, but he barely needed it... Due to his agile dexterity.

One day, about a year ago The cat came home to find everything destroyed. A burglar had broken in, used his mother in despicable ways, and murdered her. This created a darker more ravage like side to the boy. He used his keen animal-like instincts to hunt the burglar down. When he found the man his rage wasn't his own, he easily outbested the man in hand to hand combat; unsheathed his sword, and killed the man. Later he begged forgiveness, and after so he began his journey. Curiosity began to flood his mind, it left him powered by wonder, and thus led him to travel.

Personality: Friendly, adaptable, action-oriented. Ander is focused on immediate results. Living in the here-and-now, he's a risk-taker who lives a fast-paced lifestyle. Impatient with long explanations. Extremely loyal to his peers, but not usually respectful of laws and rules if they get in the way of getting things done. This leads him to developing great people skills. However, anger him and his laid back nature becomes more serious.


Never Back Down [Passive]:
Ander has so much stamina and energy he can run approximately ten miles without need for a break or water. He is so energized that he doesn't even require rest for up to three days at a time. However he chooses to rest anyway, just to give himself the relaxation.

Cat-Eye [Passive]:
User an see up to double the distance humans or other creature's can. He can also see things happening around him so fast, that his eyes tend to slow the area for his brain- equalling him to have one of the fastest reaction speeds in the entire world, if not the highest.

Enlightened Swordsman [Passive]:
Ander has hit a state of enlightenment, so that he can bend his body to scary positions and do acrobatics so well, one could almost mistake his bones for bendable metal of some sort.

Wind Output: User can shoot gusts of powerful wind in the direction he holds his free hand. This can blow just about anything backwards with incredible force.

9 Fucking Lifes [Passive]:
Ander can continue fighting with up to 8 extreme blows, such as deathly stab wounds, charred flesh. And etcetera, though on the 9th deadly strike his life will come to an end unless healed up.

Cunning Instincts [Passive]:
The neko can: Hear, Smell, Feel, and Taste better than other creatures. He can also sense when his life will end, giving him speculations about who and what is going to happen in the midst if a battle.


Name: Striker || The Thunder Blade

Held: At the waist, in a sheathe.


Thunder Clap
User may hold the blade high and a golden bolt of lightning may shoot down and strike where the foe is standing, can't strike the same place twice and causes moderate to high damage.
Thunder's Arch
Slashing a arch of electric power will shoot off toward the opponent, the arch does more damage the closer one is to the opponent, but not much at all. This yellow electric energy numbs the target when shot overtime.
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