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*Heres My profile: Im Cody the CSX Dash 9
Name: Cody
Running Number: 1940
COUNTRY of origin: United States.
Railway: CSX
Allies: Diesel, Sir Topham Hatt and Nicholas
Locomotive Type: Dash nine
Related Locomotives: Harry (brother, SD-70)
Likes: Helping Thomas, James And other Steamengines
Dislikes: Breaking down, Accidents, Gordon Telling Me what to do.
Cars: Gondola coal carrier, Hopper Car, Grain Car, Boxcar and Santa fe Coaches

what engines are free? if Gordon is I am having that one.

rolling into the docks when suddle i ran out of coal and water oh bother!

puffing into the shed near the docks for  some coaches and made a long line of coaches 
were is james 

puffing into the docks and brakes slowly
james: come on cranky.
cranky; i go really slow okay.
james: come on please
cranky: thanks.
cranky loading a big box onto his truck

shunting trucks under the coaling hopper 

under a crane

pulling +james the red engine  and edward in the steamworks

being unloaded

+james the red engine  fetch coal to other engines
edward go pick up trucks from dock
thomas you are the rescue engine for today
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