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How to install An3Mote Beta:

- be a member of this community

- become a tester by using this link:

- install An3Mote from the Play Store:
(sometimes the play store needs a bit to notice that one is a tester; just try again and hit F5) 

for all three steps you have to use the same Google account

Any chance of getting a version of your Sony Smart watch 2 app for Android Wear devices like the Moto 360?

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Despite the naming the remote widgets and the app for the Sony Smartwatch2 apparently don't work with the newly announced AndroidTV. At I/O i talked to the guy who did the official AndroidTV Remote app ( The protocol that gets used here is different to the one for GoogleTV and there is no SDK for it yet, but there will be. As soon as it gets available i will update An3Mote to support both, GoogleTVs with the old protocol and AndroidTVs with the new one. 

How do I install An3mote? Please help lol

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Yesterday, i finally found time to write down some thoughts about #chromecast  and release one of my own little pet projects.

+An3Mote is a small app, that just does pairing with #GoogleTV  / #AndroidTV  devices supporting the #anymote  protocol. Any app on the same device can send broadcasts to it to send commands to the tv.
That way any app can act as a GoogleTV remote application by just sending a broadcast!

Any app, any time, Anymote

To get #An3Mote join the tester community (, register as a tester and download the apk from the play store.

Additionally i released some homescreen widgets ( and a #sonysmartwatch2  extension ( that make use of it.

These are also available on #Github : and

To make use of An3Mote from your own application, see the broadcast-documentation ( or take a look at the sample applications.

I'm aware that #GoogleTV  is loosing ground, because more and more users are switching to #chromecast , so i don't expect that much users. Initially i did all this stuff for myself as hobby project. As i'm still using my GoogleTV pretty much, i just wanted to have some appwidgets to control it. I just thought maybe there are still some few users left that would appreciate it ;)
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