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I thought this post was pretty relevant to the group. I think though, it assumes too much about how much people really understand the importance of performance. I'd also be interested to hear people's opinions on the order in which the author priorities functionality, UI and speed.

Hi! I'm Alex and I work for Intechnica, who are a performance consultancy based in Manchester, England. I've worked here in a marketing role for about 2 years learning a lot about the challenges people face around getting performance recognised as an important factor in their websites and applications within businesses.

As well as introducing myself I wanted to also introduce the group as a whole.

What the group is:
- A place to talk to like-minded people about getting performance noticed as an issue where you work
- A sounding board for your ideas around performance culture
- Somewhere to share and discuss links to resources like blogs, tools, websites, research etc.
- A networking, learning and communication tool to connect with like-minded folk.

- No spamming! Keep links relevant to the topic at hand and limit your posts (i.e. no flooding).
- Post in the appropriate section (introductions go in "Introduce Yourself!", open questions go in "Ask a question...", links in "Resourcing", everything else in "General")
- This should go without saying, but don't post anything abusive or offensive. Use common sense on this one.
- Have fun...!

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Here are my original notes from Larry's open discussion session at #WebPerfDays London in November. Did we miss anything?
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