There are a lot of TV.series i have to watch i might as well stop watching/reading animemanga

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Update for my pin post

Top 10 Favorite Anime/manga designs:
1) "The Humanoid Typhoon" Vash the Stampede
2) "The Black Swordsman" Guts
3) "The Thousand Slayer" Demon eyes Kyo
4) Jio Freed
5) Dark Schneider "The Dark Messiah"
6) Ah Gou
7) "Dark Bring Master" Lucia Raregroove
8) "The Silver King" Isley (Awakened Form)
9) Juha Bach
10) Tomura Shigaraki

HN: Tsunayoshi Sawada (In his tuxedo and Dying will flame mode)
Trafalgar D. Waterlaw
Gajeel Redfox
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I personally hate all the FIFA games. I have tried one of the game before because i thought i hated them since i never clearly played them and like after a week of playing i got bored and never even touched the game.

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So i finished supernatural season 2.

Imo i liked season 1 more but season 2 was not that bad either. There were a few parts that i felt were "ehh" but thats about it. It's more or less about the same as the last season.

For this season i rate 7/10

And i recently started a few episodes on season 3 i must say it's getting darker. I might as well have to start watching this in the noon lol. However so far from season 3 it's great.

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So i finished supernatural season 1..

I must say it's great. Non of the episodes in the series felt unnecessary and each episode explores more of the 2 mcs. Each of the spirits,curse or tribal gods (from what i'v seen) have their own stories behind them instead of just random antagonist appearing out of nowhere with no background whatsoever.

for season 1 i rate it 8/10

I won't be able to tag anymore for a 2 or 3 weeks since my mobile phone can't respond well atm

+Saunak Bhattacharya tags from my tags list

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So I started trigun and I'm really loving it. I'm at episode 19 atm and it has not disappointed me

Vash and woflwood>>>>your favorite duo

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At first i was going to take +Saunak Bhattacharya's reccomendation but then i wanted to watch Tv series.

So i'm starting with supernatural and after i'm done watching all the seasons i'l binge watch games of thrones from season 4 where i left

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I finished watching trigun. I must say it was a great ride. Vash vs knives was the best fight that involves guns imo the choreography was on the point. Overral I rate it 9/10.

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