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The upcoming release of BpmDj overhauls the remote-playing functionality in such a way that an "Android-Phone" <-> "Desktop" connection can no longer be supported in a viable manner. That means that everybody who is using that feature right now should download their missing tracks from their mixes before upgrading to the next version (which should be there in a couple of weeks). That can be done by opening the mix, going to the menu, and selecting 'Download'. This will download any missing tracks from the remote machine. If you don't do this before the upgrade, you might need to start figuring out where the MP3's are located yourself and copy them manually, which I guess nobody really likes to do.

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The first mix uploaded by someone else but me, straight from BpmDj into mixcloud.

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Latest release on Desktop has sharper beatgraphs, exports directly to MP3 and allows you to upload straight into mixcloud. Latest release for Android can directly export to MP3.

The feature you all wanted but never asked for is finally here. Cover images. Yes you read that right. After more than 15 years we realized that a cover image will give your mix more personality. (That and the realization that if we ever want to upload mixes automatically to mixcloud, we might need to have them anyway).

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How to handle a track which changes tempo? I have a few tracks which change tempo once, some have lots of defined change points and others are white label vinyl, probably cut with bad timing motors and the resulting beat graph looks like a sine wave. Is there a way to handle or time base correct these tracks? Thanks.

When placing a 120 BPM track behind a 60 BPM track, should it be played at half speed or should it be considered to be a 60BPM track as well ? Release 4.7.6 allows you to tell BpmDj what to do. See

Which countries harbor the happy souls using BpmDj ? Below some usage statistics.

211 US, United States
105 CL, Chile
94 GB, United Kingdom
73 NL, Netherlands
55 TH, Thailand
51 IT, Italy
43 MX, Mexico
42 PL, Poland
39 RU, Russian Federation
37 FR, France
33 BE, Belgium
25 CA, Canada
24 CH, Switzerland
22 RS, Serbia
22 AU, Australia
18 ES, Spain
16 SE, Sweden
16 PE, Peru
14 ZA, South Africa
12 GR, Greece
12 BR, Brazil
11 CN, China
10 KZ, Kazakhstan
10 AT, Austria
9 RO, Romania
9 CZ, Czech Republic
7 DK, Denmark

A quick update on the latest release for desktop can be downloaded. It was apparently impossible to delete songs from the mix. This has been fixed. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Release 4.7.5 brings you the long awaited Undo/Redo. Just thank me and visit the donate page:

BpmDj 4.7.4 should be compatible with the latest Android versions. Make sure you allow BpmDj to access the external storage. Also a new stable release of the Desktop implementation has been released.
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