I have a pair of 5th grade teachers reading the book, "Pinballs." They are just starting this book, and are excited to collaborate with any other classroom that would have an interest in doing something with this book. They have never done anything online with a book, so this would be something new, but they are open to options, possibilities, etc. Thank you for helping these teachers out.

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Hey guys.... can any1 help me wid a project topic? I need to make something new. Jst say wat kind of machine a common man wud lyk wich is nt already available. Something dat would make daily life easier. No need of d mechanism I'll deal wid it. Jst state d problem or d kind of machine even if it seems as fantasy. It'll b of great help to me.

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Close Reading Activity to teach comprehension.  Reading for meaning!

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Need a good math activity? Here are some of our free lessons. They can be used as homework, seminar discussions, extension, and test prep.  
Support us and Join. We are teacher owned and operated. We have been had over 1 million shared lessons.

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Android: "Fractions balance"

Hey, I needed some advice. I know about an engine which can work without any conventional fuel source. It may sound childish and it is actually quite simple. It uses gravitational force as its energy source. I have searched the Google and none like this has been made. It doesn't work using rolling stones on a wheel as u may see on the net. All I want to know is if it is a good idea enough to make it real. I can make one and have the confidence that with the exact precise instruments it will work. This engine can run miles just using the driver's and the vehicle's weight. Thus solving the petrol crisis. Anyone out there reading this pls reply.

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Here is a brief how to guide for using the VideoNot.es tool. VideoNot.es allows you to place notes at specific intervals in videos. These videos and annotations can be shared with others. All videos can be created and shared in Google Drive which makes…

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In my previous post, I discussed using Storycorps as an educational resource. This was part of a two post series about using storytelling in your teaching. In this post, I will talk about another great resource called TED Talk. TED stands for Technology,…
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