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Happiness Is Not A Result of Our Environment.

Our Environment Is A Result of Our Happiness.

We have the power and the right to be happy in each moment of time no matter what challenges we are going through. We can be happy and successful, regardless of problems and setbacks.

Our Happiness Is As A Matter of Choice Not Chance

Happiness Is As A Matter Of Consciousness Not Circumstances

Life is simple. To be happy and successful, all we have to do is harmonize ourselves with this simplicity.

To experience happiness daily, we need to merely shift our consciousness and accept the Truth.

We usually believe we will be happy if we acquire more income, better relationships, better health, more fulfilling jobs, etc. But the truth of the matter is we must first choose happiness as a context from which we will accomplish all of our life objectives.

When we operate from a consciousness of happiness and Joy, our incomes will increase, our relationships will improve. We will be healthier, and we will know greater fulfillment and success in our jobs. An abundant life is the natural effect of the cause of happiness.

Happiness is a state of mind, an attitude and consciousness, not something we pursue. We bring happiness into the experiences of our lives. We do not expect the experiences of our Lives to bring us happiness.

Once happiness is our constant state of consciousness, it will perpetually lead us on to victorious accomplishments in every facet of our lives.


Michael J Robey
Psychic Medium | Psychic Investigator

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Helpful Hints on Developing Mediumship and Channeling

The development of mediumship requires, time, rather hard work, study, and, above all, patience. Despite what so many weekend intensives may promise, there is nothing "instant" about mediumship.

If you are interested in developing mediumship and channeling, here are a few suggestions which Six Senses incorporates in its circles which will help you get started:

ONE: Always work with a group of people who share your interests. Mediumship is developed in what is known as a "development" or "spirit" circle. The development circle should, if at all possible, be under the guidance and direction either of a qualified medium or someone who has studied mediumship and knows the "ins and outs" of mediumistic unfoldment and development. It is called a "circle" because people sit in a circle.
How many people is a matter of choice or circumstance. We feel that sitting with fewer than four simply does not offer adequate energy and opportunity to work with Spirit. Seven or eight is ideal. Of course, where two gather in the name of God, Spirit will join in. There is really no hard and fast rule concerning numbers.

TWO: Decide what type of mediumship your circle will work with. It is not advisable for any person to sit in more than one circle or to have your circle working with more than one form of mediumship. The circle should sit either for the development of mental mediumship or physical mediumship. Each requires a specific general format and a very specific type of energy to be present.

THREE: Once the group has been established and you have determined which type of mediumship you will be working with, decide upon the day and time you will be sitting. This is very important: meet at the same day and time every week. Ideally, circles should meet once a week. People should arrive at the meeting a bit early and be prepared to sit at the appointed time of your meeting. You are making an appointment with Spirit. They will be there; you should be on time.
The seating arrangement should be determined at the first meeting. Each person has an assigned seat, which should not change unless the circle teacher feel that a shift in energy is necessary. In time, others may be invited to join the circle, and a change in seating might be necessary then.

FOUR: Every circle leader has his or her preferred circle format. Regardless of what that format may be, the circle meeting should consist of the following segments:
Opening prayer.
Call to God and Spirit.

An exercise or guided meditation which will help stimulate sensitivity.

A period of message work, where the students work with Spirit and Spirit messages.

Closing prayer.

Some teachers prefer to place the period of message work before the meditation and sensitivity exercise. We have worked with both formats, with equal success.

Keep the exercises varied and challenging. Remember, the purpose of the circle is to stimulate development and challenge the sitters to step beyond their current limitations.

FIVE: Circle meetings should run at least one hour, but no longer than 75 minutes. When the circle is closed, all people should stand up and depart from the designated circle area. This helps dissipate the energies formed during the circle meeting.

SIX: Patience is so important. Mediumship is a most beautiful pearl of the Spirit. But, like any pearl of great price, its growth and maturity require time, patience, hard work, and discipline. Work hard, study hard, be patient, and you should see results.
And remember you are working with Spirit. Mediumship is a cooperative effort. God is the ultimate Guide, and you and your Spirit guide work together in this great adventure. Never forget this all-important fact.

Finally, here are some other important pints to consider.

People should plan to arrive around 10-15 minutes before the circle meeting begins. This will allow them to unwind a bit and relax. Conversation should revolve around mediumship, not the cares and/or worries of the day.
Do not have refreshments available before the circle meeting, as it tends to encourage chitchat; furthermore, the caffeine can act as a stimulant which may interfere with the evening's work. Refreshments can be served following the circle.
Following the circle, discussion should be on mediumship and what people learned while in circle.

DO NOT DISCUSS THE SPIRIT MESSAGES which were received during the circle meeting. This tends to foster dialogue and give information which may end up as a message the next time you meet. One rule we adhere to with the greatest of stringency is: once the circle is closed, NO MORE MESSAGES.

Accompany your circle work with study; not just in mediumship, but in other related areas of thought. Our study guide on mediumship and channeling is an excellent source for study and offers some very good suggestions on how to work within the circle.

For more details on Six Senses Channeling Courses!Helpful-Hints-on-Developing-Mediumship-and-Channeling/xx984/56d378400cf2154b80278df2

Michael J Robey
Psychic Medium | Psychic Investigator

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Pure Consciousness

Pure consciousness is life within you beyond mind. You, as a mind come out pure consciousness. Pure consciousness is part of God within you.

The nature of mind is to think thoughts, create ideas, imagination, evaluate, divide, analyse and so on, while the nature of consciousness is pure nothingness. It’s a mirror. Life reflects itself in pure consciousness. Pure consciousness, is an experience, out of which, you come to life, and get back to it, in the end.

The experience of pure consciousness is peaceful, loving, soothing, silence, wisdom and much more. Pure consciousness is one, mind is many. With the experience of pure consciousness, the duality of mind gets drop. The functions of the mind are possible, only because of the extension of the spirit. The spirit or subtle thread of the spirit expands from the consciousness, and enters into the brain, heart and body to allow the life functions to take place.

Consciousness doesn’t think, but when the subtle thread of the spirit, enters into the brain, the process of past, present and future, starts. The process of thoughts, imaginations, dreams and desires take place, only into the mind. The process of creativity, innovation, art and discovery take place, through the mind.

Pure consciousness is a pure presence. It’s eternal. It’s there. Whatever happens within or outside, pure consciousness is ever present.

Pure consciousness is not a dead thing, in you, but it’s so much alive, that with the mind, it gets difficult to match its frequency. Imagine everything that goes within you, effortlessly, it’s only because of the presence of pure consciousness. You have to jump beyond the mind, to get to the frequency of consciousness.

When the attention of the mind is directed inward, it doesn’t create more thoughts, or forms desire, and slowly move towards the consciousness. You cannot think about consciousness, but you think into consciousness. The process of mind takes place in consciousness. That’s the only reason, even if you don’t think or imagine your life in advance, life still happens.

Still you know, in the moment, what needs to be done. It’s only because of consciousness. When you don’t create desire’s, or think of the past or the future, and stay in the present moment, you allow the pure consciousness to respond. Pure consciousness is spontaneous. It’s always knows, what’s right for the moment. It’s part of the existence. Pure consciousness within you is part of the existence. It has all the solutions for life. You just have to trust yourself and trust life and do that is possible in your hands.

When you live life out of pure consciousness, you move beyond your imagination. The mind can only think in the form of images. If you drop the images of your mind, you come to the reality of life.

The reality is, not your imagination, but the reality is, simply is.

You can experience life in the form of energy. When you don’t hold images of the past, or the future, or any dreams and desires for life, you live very much in the moment. When you come out of pure consciousness, you serve all the purpose of life. With mind, you run after the images of your mind. Rather, if your mind is not in your control, it will make you run after the images of mind.

With pure consciousness, you consciously drop all the images of your mind, and directly look into the present moment.

When you see life, out of pure consciousness, in the present moment, you see the past and future of the present moment. You see, how with the mind, you have come to the point of present moment. Now, when you see the present moment with absolute clarity, you don’t hold any illusory idea of life into your mind.

When you see the present moment with clarity, you can also see, what leads you to the present situation, and with absolute clarity, you don’t create the future out of the present moment, otherwise, again you will be driven by the imagination of mind. Rather what you do, you simply remove the things, that doesn’t serve the purpose, in your life.

In the past, you did things, that created your present, and now, you are not looking for the future, but dropping the things, that doesn’t serve you, with your life. When you begin to clear your past, and not create future, out of your imagination, you allow the life to take you forward.

Remember, when you don’t use your imagination, doesn’t mean life will not move forward. Life will still take you forward, but this time, you will be one, with the natural process of life, and your life, will not simply be driven by the imagination of your mind.

When you come out of your consciousness, you still use the different aspects of mind, but you remain in absolute control of it. With pure consciousness, your interest lies in serving the need of the present time, rather run after the future, that doesn’t exist.

Life with pure consciousness, is of, absolute bliss and wisdom. You move forward with life, step by step. You create, you innovate, you serve the purpose of life, but you don’t entangle yourself into it, but you stay separate from everything.

Pure consciousness is a pull of nothingness, where you cannot carry the images of your mind. All the images have to be left behind, when you come closer to the state of pure consciousness. If you see your mind, it only knows to think in the form of image. Now, when the mind is continuously thinking and forming desires, you never can pick up, what is right and what is useful for you.

With the pure consciousness, you don’t come out to life, out of your desires or thought process or the imagination of your mind, but you come from much deeper part of your mind, i.e. the state of nothingness.

With pure consciousness, life happens at the level of energy and vibrations. You don’t take care of the mind and heart, rather you take care of the energy that constantly moving within you. You connect yourself with the inner moving energy. The free flow of energy decides your connection with the consciousness. If you get too much indulge into anything at the level of body, mind and heart, you disconnect yourself from consciousness.

Remember the attention is a key factor. Either you are with the consciousness, that is the source of life, or you are with the mind, that will direct you, in the direction of confusion, chaos, stress, pain and suffering. With the realisation of pure consciousness, you become too sensitive towards life. Everything that takes place around you and within you is experienced in the moment, through sensation.

Life aggravates itself in the moment. Any negative thoughts or feelings seem like a hot fire, as it burns you from inside, through sensation. With the pure consciousness, you begin to experience life both inside as well as outside. Slowly, either you transcend everything within or outside, or you drop the things, that doesn’t create the pleasant experience.

With pure consciousness, you can observe everything inside as well as outside with clarity, and anything that burns you from inside or doesn’t serve you from outside, you cannot hold them, with your life, for too long. You have to drop them. With pure consciousness, few things gets drop from your life, while others you drop consciously. With the pure consciousness, life transcends at the level of energy.

Once you know, how to transcend your inner energy, you begin to transcend the energy of the situation and people around you, along with the environment.

Pure consciousness is the source of life, and is present in everyone. You can change any situation of your life, no matter how worse; it may seem like, in the present moment. Don’t worry about the time and space. Pure consciousness is part of an eternity, and connects you too, with the eternal life.

Your identity with the mind is very much limited to the experience of life, but with pure consciousness, all the limited identity of the mind transcends into pure consciousness.

With pure consciousness, you serve the body, mind and spirit. Nothing is left out, and everything is included. All the ideas of heaven can be fulfilled with pure consciousness. There is no experience, lies beyond pure consciousness. Initially, it becomes a single experience for the mind, and later the mind strives to become one with the pure consciousness forever.

Remember, the nature of the mind, is to drive in a different direction. With pure consciousness, you direct the attention of the mind, to one. The advantage for the mind, with the pure consciousness is that, when mind remains with pure consciousness, life begins to unwind itself, in a natural way. No effort is required. All the complexities begin to simplify itself with the pure consciousness. No confusion remains for the mind. The real dance of spirit can be experienced with pure consciousness.

Life with pure consciousness is the life out of nothingness. You create out of nothingness, and move back into nothingness. You remain separate from the creation, as well as the process of creation, by staying one with pure consciousness.

Michael J Robey!Pure-Consciousness/xx984/56d3a3290cf25656cb4a7873

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