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My explorer browser just disappeared from my phone.. all my bookmarks everything. The blue globe is gone. Note 3

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Hi yer, i have set up and installed googfles push and translate; Brill. Spanish to English. Thing is, the icon is now on the home page, whuich is fine for instant translation. Problem is, when i get an email or text message i cannot find the icon, apart from going back to thwe home page? Is it possible to have the icon accessible for emails and messages?
Thing is we live in Spain, so of course this would be very helpful, as you can proberly understand.
Thanks for reading above, and thanks for helping me.
Have a great day, John.

Hey facebook app not opening on my note3,

When I want to use Google maps on my note 3 I cannot find how to get the sound on. Thank you ahead of time for your help.

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I have a straight talk smart phone. Just a cheap 20$ Wal-Mart phone. For last few weeks it says I have a text message and I dont ive tried everything. How do I get the message icon not to say I have 1 um read message???..?. please help

Galaxy Note 5: Camera won't focus. Used to work fine, just started acting up one day, and most recent update has not helped, clearing cache etc. Nothing works, it's out of warranty and you're my last hope. Thx in advance!


I have a samsung galaxy s5. Recently, it has been turning off randomly even with a decent charge. I need to plug the phone into the charger in order to have it power back on. When it turns back on, the time has changed as well. Also, twice while letting it charge, the phone has gotten extremely hot and once it did not charge to 100% because it was too hot. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Let me know if you need more info.

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