Will notes changes ever keep formatting?

Fixed in the stable & beta channels:

Updating the account password

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New Beta available now!

• Massive improvements to calendar sync, only changes are synced now where previously all events had to be checked. This is the groundwork for full calendar editing - coming soon!
• Recurring events now properly synced
• Added option to mark selected emails as read \ unread
• Bug fixes


Syncs up to middle of last week and then won't sync any further. Any idea why?

I find 'all day' events in my Outlook shared calendar appear a day early on my Android calendar, other timed events are Ok. Any idea s?

Is there a way to make sure that exchange folder sync has permissions in marshmallow to write to contacts? I can see that the log is syncing, but when I show contacts for exchange folder sync, nothing is there.

Fantastic app, and one I couldn't be without, but I wonder if it would be possible to improve it to be able to have multiple servers.

As an server administrator I really need access to files and folders on more than one server, so it would be a valuable addition.

Thanks for a great app though.

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A stable release

Phew, after numerous updates and failed releases this week... A stable release of Exchange Folder Sync :-)

The highlights from the new features:

∆ Two way contact sync - you can now edit contacts
∆ Select multiple emails and delete
∆ Select multiple tasks and delete
Potential solution to a long standing bug with contact sync on Samsung devices...

Next major feature? Two way calendar sync! Coming 2016

As always, don't forget corporate licencing is available - just contact us for details!

Big problems with sync does not work after payment

Get this messages "Trial Version, sorry your trial has expired" but I had already purchased the application, any suggestions?
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