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Eat this...

Forth wave.
Fourth Wave.
Anime: Needless
Character: Saten

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Most people ask me what is your most favourite anime?
should my answer be Akame ga kill?

Age :17

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name*riya son boku
age 17
blood type o+
speices* needless but still human
power shadow manipulation
fragment: shadow formation it a fragment of the persons emptyness making their dark nature to a weapon
bio waking up after a attack and taken danmage that caused memory loss but created a black riya his darker form of himself that but he is usual calm and freindly even to his enemys.


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Name: Sabaton
Alias: Jeckel
Side: Simeon
Likes: science
Dislikes: murder
Personality: unknown to others
Bio: a scientist who created a split-personality serum and tested it on himself to see if it works creating a personality most call Hyde

Name: Aries
Alias: Hyde
Side: Simeon
Likes: murder
Dislikes: science
Personality: unknown
Bio: a split-personality created in a lab experiment
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(+ushio okazaki) tempo sits in a room of an abandoned church not doing anything

Name: Ushio Okazaki.
Title: Destructor.
Age: 18
Species: Needless but still human.
Fragment: Destructing Absorption- An fragment that was actually not originated with the second. The fragment that Ushio wielded was nothing but pure destruction and absorption waves. Ushio could absorb other fragments power absolutely perfectly but he had to touch his foe for a minimum of five seconds. Ushio's fragment originated from a blast that was formed by Adam Arklight that was caused by the fragment known as planet splitter though the other fours fragments joined the blast that Ushio was caught in. Ushio absorbed all the fragments into his body barely surviving. Ushio's fragment was one that had no weakness... it couldn't be destroyed or copied due to the absorption that cancelled out fragments like The zero fragment.
Side: Ushio decided to be alone. To focus only on himself, feeling no need to pick a side.
Bio: Ushio was feared by needless all over the globe. Ushio was no doubt the strongest needless, Ushio was heartless and merciless. Ushio devoted his life to becoming the strongest, training everyday without stop. Devoting his entire life to becoming the best. Even Adam and Eve trembled at the name Destructor. Which Ushio earned by ruthlessly ripping the lifeless corpses of his victims that were only the strongest needless. After every battle Ushio was in there were only giant craters and skeletons left and absolutely no survivors. Ushio's fragment was literally destruction and absorption itself. Mastering the skills and through many battles which also needed in disaster and tears he earned the title, Destructor. Ushio was calm and always prepared to fight. Ushio had an assassin's hoody that was black, two thick swords on his back, and hidden blades under his sleeves. Ushio never backed down from a challenge from anyone except... Eve. Ushio ripped apart or just completely destroyed his foes to oblivion but, when Eve asked him to join them or be seen as a threat to the new human and needless world Ushio responded "My journey is to be the best. Your doubleganger fragment is child's play compared to me. It's not that my fragment is strong it's that I master it make it even more flexible than master it again. Your ability isn't nearly mastered by you so I'm down here.". Eve shaking her head decided to tell Adam Blade to get rid of Ushio, Adam then head butted Ushio and tried to absorb his fragment but, he got blown back due to the fact that Ushio's absorption was canceling out Adam Blade's technique basically absorbing knowledge on how the attack works. Ushio decided to fight back and responded "You two need to master your fragments before you can even scratch me. I'll give you a something to remember by. Oblivion." Ushio clenched his fist as he said oblivion and a giant blast of energy released out his body and made a huge explosion that made another additional crater leaving Adam Blade and Eve down out cold as Ushio vanished completely.
Weaknesses: Taking to much damage on his physical body during battle, and running out of stamina witch could happen very quickly if he decides to fight at full power.
Likes: Winning and becoming stronger.
Dislikes: losing and being around people.

(closed to +thanatos blackwell) sits under a tree created from distorted space man today is just the worst for me to run out of water

just so nobody bugs me about it androids are robots used to replace somebody who has died
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