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Can someone please give me his GameCube or his email... either one would be helpful.

what up

rayman rise fo the dark

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Hey everyone, I just started a YouTube channel dedicated to PBG's old, forgotten, and/or deleted videos. I'd really like if you check it out. Thanks!

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Hello good people. I'm rather happy today because I discovered that I can try out the Animal Crossing game PBG is currently playing. I forgot that awhile back I downloaded Animal Forest for the N64 and that is what the first Animal Crossing is a remake of. It was originally only released in Japan. Luckily people made a translated version/patch.
So far it appears exactly the same as the Game Cube release. Even graphically it seems to be the same.
Also I was pleasantly surprised to see that it used the correct date & time info, so that's/cool!
Animal Forest N64
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What are your too 3 youtubers 1pbg 2 game theory 3 spacehamster

I would like to say a big thanks to pbg for making me laugh over the years. And more making such cool top 10 videos.
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