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A Planar Metropolis for Pathfinder involving original Planescape talent and a Planewalker manager! 4 DAYS LEFT! 86% Funded!

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14 Planar Organizations! 7 City Districts! 7 Classes! 7 Races! 7 Great Enemies! Seven Chapters of Planar Awesome!

Lovingly developed amid mad scientist level cackling by yours truly ( +Loki in New Orleans), Kate Baker, Clinton Boomer, Savannah Broadway, Robert Brookes, Liz Courts, Robert N Emerson, Erik Frankhouse Scott Gladstein, Sasha Hall, Ehn Jolly, Isabelle Lee, Ron Lundeen, Colin McComb, Richard Moore, Andrew Mullen, Jessica Redekopca , David Ross, Michael Sayre, Endzeitgeist Sigurðr, Todd Stewart, Brian Suskind, and Christen N Sowards - Expanding our Unity in the City of Seven Seraphs! #Co7S #PlanarAdventures #MetaGM #FullReveal

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Session 5 recap!

The cast:
Niven- a copper skinned lady Dragonborn monk, and member of the Transcendent Order
Pookoo- a short furry raccoon/ bear being from the Beastlands, a wizard, and member of the Society of Sensation
Duf- A lustful and gossipy halfling Bard

Niven decides she's going to pay her girlfriend and sometimes lover BIANCA a visit. Bianca is a Tiefling, and a rogue. She has an apartment in the Market Ward close to the Great Bazaar. The party wakes her up. Bianca clears a spot on her couch for the party to plop down. Niven explains about the situation with Xerxes, how he shorted them a bunch of money and how she swiped two of his orchids on her way out of the shop. Aleia the Fairy pokes her head out from behind the flower and squeaks "Hello!". Niven explains to Bianca how Xerxes is holding a whole fairy family hostage (12 of them in total) and that she needs Bianca's help (especially the "lock picking" variety) to liberate them.

They press Aleia for more information. She explains that Xerxes has been using her family to harvest pollen from an orchid that he grows in total darkness in a special back room. The family works all day in the dark grow room by the light of a very dim red tinted lantern. They collect the pollen in these tiny glass jars for him. He keeps them locked in a safe in the back of the room. Originally, she says, the fairies had an agreement with him that they would only work for a single year, but when the year was up, he said "the situation changed". He's been pressing them to collect more and more of the stuff ever since. Aleia shamefully admits that she did a dumb thing. In a fit, she pulled the blinds off the grow room windows, and wound up killing half the plants. Xerxes was furious, he started forcing the fairies to sleep in a cramped wooden crate locked in a dark utility closet. Niven asks Aleia to draw out a sketch of the layout of the shop. The fairy is able to draw out a pretty accurate map of the storefront and adjacent apartment.

The party thinks that the pollen is either some sort of magical reagent, or a drug, and that Xerxes is probably selling it. The party suspects he must have money stashed somewhere in his shop. Bianca agrees to help in any way that she can, as long as there is some cash or contraband in it for her. They start devising a plan. Duf and Pookoo decide to go to the orchid shop and case the outside, looking for entrance points and windows. Bianca says she needs to make her rounds at the Bazaar, but she can ask her contacts if they know anything about Xerxes, and who he's in with. Niven decides to go with her.

The two women make their way through the sprawling open air market. Bianca pushes into a tent, and meets with a man in the back. She hands him a small parcel, and he hands her a package. "This is my girl Niven. She's looking for some dirt on this centaur fixer named Xerxes. Know anything about him?" He says he might. He wanders out of the tent, to a group of cross traders nearby and they exchange words. A few minutes later he returns. "My boys say they've heard of him. Pretty shady dude. Word is that he was in some serious debt a while ago. Sorry, that's all I've got B."

The women move on. Bianca decides she's going to go have a conversation with some flower wholesalers, and that Niven should hit the food stalls and buy them lunch. Niven finds a street meat vendor and buys two marinated rodent pita wraps- bone in. They meet back up soon after. Bianca says the lady at the flower stall knew Xerxes, and after a little "persuasion", did some talking. Didn't know who he was in debt to, but knew something about an "orchid that bloom in the dark"- a very rare flower called the Night Bell. Nothing about it being used as a drug though. Niven thinks that maybe she should hit up a library and research these "Night Bells". Bianca says she needs to keep making her rounds, but that they should meet back up at her place tonight.

Duf and Pookoo hike back toward the orchid shop. They take cover in a narrow alleyway about a block away. Duf starts looking around for a homeless person he can talk to, and spots a man in rags leaning against a wall not so far away. They approach the guy to greet him. His hood slides back revealing a shocking insect-like face, some sort of mantis humanoid! He clicks at the party in bug speech and reaches up for Duf's hand with his pincers. Pookoo casts Comprehend Languages, and is able to understand his bug speech. He begs for food, and coin. Pookoo offers the bug man some spicy mealy worms, which he slurps down greedily. Pookoo ask him if he knows the centaur that works in the flower shop, and if there are ever any strange or unusual people that ever come to the store. The mantis man says that just last week three very "tough looking women" came to his shop. Two went inside while one stood and waited outside. They were very tall, wore black bodysuits and black jackets. Didn't stay for very long. Pookoo hands the bug some more food and gold for his help. They ask for his name, and he gets emotional. "I was PRINCE AKEELA on my home world. I had many beautiful women and a palace among the golden sands! Look how far I has fallen! These rags! Look at what a wretch I have become!" Pookoo suggests he goes to the Festhall and sell his experiences to the Sensorium there. He's sure the Sensates would love to "experience" what it was like to be an insect prince! He writes him a glowing letter of recommendation. They ask where they can find him again, and he says "always in this neighborhood".

Niven meets back up with them. She mentions her lead with the "Night Bells" information, and suggests they should go to a library to find out more. Pookoo remembers he has a wizard contact named TARSET, who was trying to recruit him into GUILD HEXAGON. Tarset always bragged that his guild had an amazing library. Pookoo and Niven set off to the Lady's Ward to find the guild, while Duf stays behind watching the shop. It takes an hour to get to the wizard's guild. Tarset meets them at the door. He's a young enthusiastic wizard, with only a scruff of a beard. He hopes Pookoo has changed his mind about joining. Pookoo says he's considering, but today he really needs to do some reasearch. Tarset is a little crestfallen, but says that's fine. It's a fee of 5 gp for up to three hours of library time. He asks Niven if she's here to join the guild, she says she's not a wizard. He scoffs. "I'm sorry to say, I can't let you inside. Only those practiced in the Art are permitted within our halls." Pookoo and Niven huddle for a second. For some reason Niven starts making a scene, snorting and spinning and thrashing around wildly. Tarset throws up his hands in an arcane gesture, and Pookoo leaps to intervene. He attempts to calm them both down. Tarset hustles Pookoo inside slamming the door in Niven's face.

Once inside, Tarset is still pretty worked up. Pookoo does his best to calm his nerves. Tarset collects the gold, and hands Pookoo a three part form to fill out and a visitor's pass. Pookoo enters the library. It's surprisingly expansive. Ribbed vaulted ceiling, mahogony shelves. High class place. He finds the books without any trouble. He finds out the Night Bells bloom on certain negative energy planes, where it is perpetually dark. The pollen of the flowers are processed into a drug called "Ghost Tears". These Ghost Tears are especially coveted by the "intelligent undead". It is said that under its influence, they experience a sensation like being alive again. Pookoo takes copious notes, and prepares to leave.

As Niven waits outside a large platform on wheels trundles by. Two bound inmates are chained to the platform. Harmonium guards and Merykiller officers accompany the procession. Niven asks a bystander what it's all about. "Another bloody berk for the Dead Book! They're headed for Petitioner's Square! Gonna be an Execution!" Niven begins to follow.

Session 4 recap (Part 3 of 3)

The cast:
Niven- a copper skinned lady Dragonborn monk, and member of the Transcendent Order
Pookoo- a short furry raccoon/ bear being from the Beastlands, a wizard, and member of the Society of Sensation
Duf- A gossipy halfling Bard

The characters makes their way back to the Tenth Pit Tiefling Bondage Club. It's night time and the party is in full swing. A whole crop of Sensates are grinding it out in their leathery best. The party finds Kas'Rarlin in his usual back booth. He's surprised to see them back so soon. They hand over Chyrin's response letter. He smells the perfume deeply, and puts it in his cloak. He nods gravely to the group. "Thank you for accomplishing this task so promptly. I am very pleased. The agreed payment will be delivered in full to Xerxes immediately, pending whatever arrangement you have with him." The large cloaked man rises from his booth, and hustles out of the club.

The party sidles up to the bar and orders some drinks. Niven tells the bartender that she breathes acid, so it better be strong. And cheap. Duf starts flirting with the bartender. A bizarre exchange of questions and gold finds them both in the bathroom a few minutes later transacting intimate favors. As the bartender is buckling his corset, he turns to Duf, "I'm frankly surprised to see you aren't wearing the symbol of the Sensates. Considering your...appetites, I feel like you would be quite at home among their ranks." Duf considers this, "I have heard of those guys. Maybe I should go check them out." The Tiefling smiles, "They are only the most powerful Faction in Sigil. Always looking for new blood." As they're walking back to the booth, Pookoo catches wind of the conversation and tells Duf he absolutely should join the Sensates. He'll put in a good word for him at the Festhall.

The party returns to their cramped single room apartment some time later and finds a note pinned to their door. It's from the land lady. It reads, "These apartments are for TWO TENANTS ONLY! If there are extra tenants living here before the end of the month, your rent will be DOUBLED!" The party starts to discuss options of moving out, and getting separate places. Duf begins to write a very persuasive, flowery letter to the landlady. He suddenly decides to go pay her a personal visit instead. He's soon at her open door, showering the stocky middle aged woman with a stream of flowery compliments. She is completely disarmed and lets the halfling inside. Inside her apartment, Duf continues to heap affection and and praise upon her being. Positively glowing, the land lady swoons at the bards romantic advances. She is soon putty in his hands. They make love. She confides in him her secret dream of wanting to be a singer. She sings for him. He plays violin. Duf asks her to allow for more than two room mates, and for reduced rent. She accepts gladly, as long as Duf agrees to provide her with ongoing "music lessons".

The next morning the party decides to go pay Xerxes a visit and to collect their payment. They arrive at Olympian Orchids, and find several fairies buzzing among the flowers, trimming dried leaves, and fluffing the pots. Xerxes the centaur welcomes the characters back. "Here is your payment as agreed!" He hands Pookoo a bag of coin. Pookoo begins to count it out. It's 450 gold pieces in total. He's a little confused, and huddles with the group. "I think we were supposed to be payed more than this. What was the original agreed upon amount?" The rest of the group is trying to remember. Pookoo turns back to Xerxes. "What was your percent of the take again?" The centaur smiles. "Ten percent! As agreed!" Niven taps Pookoo on the shoulder. "It was supposed 750 gold for the job." Pookoo scowls. "How does 10% of 750 turn into 300 gold pieces? This guy is ripping us off!" Pookoo walks up to Xerxes and starts at him. "Hey man, 750 gold was the agreed price! Where's the rest of our money?" The centaur gets defensive, "The client! Kas'Rarlin! He must not have paid the full amount! Must not have been happy with your work! What did you do to upset him??" "We didn't do anything! He was very happy with our work. You owe us 225 gold pieces man!" "It was the client! He didn't like your work! Go talk to him, eh? Now get out of my shop!" Xerxes starts to hustle the party out. They are all yelling at him, about how this isn't over, and how they're going to get their money. As Niven is going for the door she grabs two potted orchids. "I'm taking these!" Xerxes starts to protest, but she storms out anyway.

Grumbling, the party divides the gold, and starts to go their separate ways. Before they get too far though, Niven looks down at the flowers and stops in her tracks. A fairy girl, clinging to the stem, looks up at her. "You gotta help me out lady! My family's trapped in that place! That asshole Xerxes has us all working like slaves over there. Can you bust them out, and get us all back to Arborea??"

Niven grins. "Yes, I think I can!"

Session 4 recap (part 2 of 3)

The cast:
Niven- a copper skinned lady Dragonborn monk, and member of the Transcendent Order
Pookoo- a short furry raccoon/ bear being from the Beastlands, a wizard, and member of the Society of Sensation
Duf- A gossipy halfling Bard

As Pookoo hands over the letter to Chiryn he mentions the party's run in with Putrith along the road, and that the demon seems to have it in for her. He tells her that Putrith wants to know "who she has been talking to on the outside." Chiryn half listens as she takes the letter into her hands.

She breaks the seal and reads with rapt attention. She looks up and asks the party to leave the room for a few moments.

A short while later she brings them back in "Thank you for delivering me this letter. I receive it with great happiness. I feared I would not hear from Kas'rarlin again. Your diligence and discretion is most noteworthy. Tell me again of your troubles with Putrith."

The party explains that unless they give him a good piece of inside information about her, he won't let them leave the Abyss. They begin discussing what they could possibly do about it. She says she has an idea and scrawls out a quick message, seals it and and hands it to Pookoo. "It is addressed to my contact Walroc. Tell Putrith you have been charged to deliver it to him." she says. "Now, perhaps you can help me as well. There is a terrible man in Sigil by the name of DARKAYLE, a member of that wretched Harmonium sect...he has in his custody a girl child, that he has stolen from...a dear friend of mine. He is holding this child captive somewhere. I need you to return this child to me. Do you agree to this task? I will reward you of course."

The party stammers out an agreement. "Very good. You shall meet Walroc at the Inn of the Black Sail one week from tonight. He will give you the details you'll need for your mission. And here is my reply to Kar'Rarlin. Please be sure he receives this" She takes another envelope in her hands, but before she hands it over, she takes a bottle of perfume and sprays it. Duf takes it into his coat. Pookoo asks if he can smell the perfume. Chiryn sprays it on her wrists and runs her hands through his hair and traces her finger tips along his neck. Pookoo is very happy about that.

Niven asks how they can get home. Chiryn says to follow the road east of her tower. There is a ruined temple about a mile out. Tap a bone three times upon its archway to open a portal to Sigil. Pookoo asks if she might have a bone they can borrow. She says yes, and leaves the room for a moment, returning with what appears to be the leg bone of an adult human. The party is a little horrified. They make their leave, stepping out of the drawing room. The sound of some distant muffled screaming can be heard from above. Chiryn bids them farewell, "And we are agreed upon your mission regarding the child, correct? You will do this for me, yes? Very good."

The party sets out upon the road eastward toward the temple. Before long they hear the rumbling approach of Putrith's chariot. He screeches to a halt in front of them and leaps down. "What do you have for me little ones? What happened?" Pookoo draws out the letter and hand it to him. "Well after I let her tie me up for a while and spray me with perfume, she asked us to deliver this letter to somebody named Walroc in Sigil." Putrith takes it into his hands suspiciously, breaks the seal and reads it. He grumbles a little, but tosses it back at Pookoo. "Your alliegence to her flipped so quickly. Perhaps I may have some use for ones such as yourself." "Look man, we just gotta get back to Sigil. We're just sooo busy, and we gave you your letter, and that was the deal, so can we just go? Maybe we can do some work for you later or something?" Putrith grumbles some more but eventually lets them go.

They hustle up to the ruined temple. Before they active the portal, Pookoo casts "comprehend languages" on the letter to Walroc and the note that Duf swiped from the desk. The letter describes aspects of an ongoing arrangement between Chryn and Walroc. It is inquiring about a delivery of "the agreed upon individuals" on a series of dates to the gate town of Plague-Mort. The note that Duf stole is a list of "seductions" and tabulates the names of 20 or so men, with short descriptors after each name. The party is both amused and horrified.

They tap the bones and step throgh the violet vortex, spilling out into a old crumbling fireplace in an abandoned house somewhere in the Lower Ward.

Session 3 recap:

The cast:
Niven- a copper skinned lady Dragonborn monk, and member of the Transcendent Order
Pookoo- a short furry raccoon/ bear being from the Beastlands, a wizard, and member of the Society of Sensation
Duf- A gossipy halfling Bard

The party materializes in the ABYSS at the bottom of a crater, ankle deep in some weird black sucking mud. A huge red sun hangs in the sky covered by a veil of grey smog. The light is dim, and casts a red pallor to the blasted landscape all around. All is clay and grey rocks- silent, dry and hot. The party navigates away from the mud and sets their seeker stone upon the ground. It instantly transforms into a living beetle that begins crawling rapidly away. Taking mental note of its direction, Pookoo scoops it back up. Niven crawls to the top of the crater to look around. Boulders and craters as far as she can see. In the distance she makes out several long thin spikes or shafts protruding from the ground. A glimpse of movement, from a nearby boulder, possibly a creature, catches her attention, but she can't make out the details.

The party crawls out of the crater and begins to follow the beetle along a south easterly course. It crawls to the bottom of another crater, and the party follows. Suddenly, from above, a figure appears at the lip of the crater. A humanoid, very fat, covered in weeping sores and rotting flesh. It lets out a raspy bellow. Niven rushes up the side to engage it. Suddenly she's surrounded by three more. A fight breaks out. Niven punches and kicks the brutes. Pookoo scrambles up behind Niven, and begins hurling motes of fire at the creatures. Duf shoots his crossbow from the bottom of the crater. The creatures gang up on Niven slashing with their claws and biting with splintered teeth. The party takes them out pretty fast. Moments after they fall, their dead fat bodies melt away into a cloud of thick greasy smoke.

The party continue in direction of the beetle, and come upon a few of these large iron shafts. They are spearing the dried husks of monstrous dessicated bodies into the ground. The spears have abyssal writing on them. Pookoo casts "comprehend languages" and translates. It''s basically a bunch of cryptic invocations to the "Sibilant Beast" for victory in battle over the cursed Baatzu. They decided probably best to leave all that stuff alone.

Eventually they arrive at a roadway that winds to east, cutting through some scrubby hills. After a few miles they come to a fork in the road, with a path to the north and to the south. The beetle wants to crawl straight between them to the east. At the site of the fork, a long pike is driven into the ground. Upon its very top a skull is mounted. As they get closer, it begins to laugh and chatter maniacally. It hysterically warns them of the danger of going either way, and begs them to remove him from the pole. They refuse, and leave the skull behind, cutting a path between the fork, trekking straight through the hills.

Soon they are attacked by two eyewings- great flying furry blobs with a single giant eyeball and batwings. Pookoo casts a fog cloud, and the characters use it to tactical advantage. The eyewings divebomb, and squirt the party with blue caustic eyeball fluid but are are eventually killed. Pookoo collects some of the blue slime. The party takes a short rest to recover. Soon they are back on their feet and they continue to the east following the seeker beetle. Before long they come to the shore of a great black lake. They consult their seeker beetle- it wants to go straight across. They all decide the black glassy water looks very unsafe, and opt to follow its shoreline to the south.

Session 4 recap (part 1 of 3)

The cast:
Niven- a copper skinned lady Dragonborn monk, and member of the Transcendent Order
Pookoo- a short furry raccoon/ bear being from the Beastlands, a wizard, and member of the Society of Sensation
Duf- A gossipy halfling Bard

The three adventurers follow the road eastward, deeper into the Abyss. Scrub grass turns to thorn bush. Trees begin to appear, sparsely at first and then soon close in on the road. Twisting branches stretch and canopy above, blocking much of the dim reddish light. Dark masses that look like bodies seem tangled in the boughs.

Niven hears the sound of an approaching wagon and the crack of a whip. The group leaps into a nearby bush with little time to spare. A chariot driven by a seven foot tall ram headed demon roars past. Two giant cockroaches with tortured human faces draw it onward at a clip. The goaty demon turns his head turns in the direction of the party. His red flaming eyes stare straight into Duf's. The chariot screeches to a halt. The demon leaps down from his chariot swishing his whip. "Come out manflesh!" He brays, "I can smell you as well as see you down there!"

The party climbs out of the bush, and tries to act casual. "What are you doing here mortals?" It demands. "Just going for a little stroll along the road?" Niven suggests.

The party stammers and dissembles about their intentions. He calls their bluff and states flatly that they are obviously on their way to the tower of the succubi. Why else would they be wandering the back roads of the 32nd layer of the Abyss. What is their business with Chiryn? Pookoo says he's way into S&M and is looking to record "new sensations" for the Sensorium back home. He's not exactly lying.

The demon pushes next to Pookoo and stares down at him menacingly. "I don't believe you furry morsel, but you can still be useful to me. Find out some information valuable to me about who Chiryn has been communicating with on the outside, and we can discuss your reward. I'm thinking suitable terms would letting you leave the Abyss."

Niven asks the creature's name, and then what constitutes "valuable information" in his mind . He declares his name is "Putrith", and says he's very hard to please, so whatever she brings him better be good. The party mentions the talking skull on the stick. Putrith says he knows him well, and that he reports on whoever passes through this place. He leans in meancingly, "Don't even think about trying to escape me! I'll find you no matter what. Good luck my little spies!" Putrith leaps onto his chariot and is off

A mile later the party arrive at the tower. It's 100 feet tall, made of stone and covered, with crazy blades. A sturdy curtain wall encloses its courtyard. They bang on the portcullis and call out. A rat faced demon in rags lurches up to them. He refuses them entrance, but Pookoo shows him the seeker stone and says he should show it to his lady. They go back and forth but eventually the rat shuffles away with the stone. After a while he returns to let them inside. He leads them inside an entrance hall. The floor is a giant mosaic depicting souls being dragged screaming into a shadowy underworld. Torches cast cold green light from their wall sconces. Rat butler leads them into a drawing room where he tells them to wait for his lady, and leaves. They sit at a long wooden table. Horrible tapestries depicting the torturing of unicorns are on the wall. An inkwell and a pile of papers and ledgers are on the table. Duf starts to go through the paper. He finds a page covered in numbers and abyssal writing. He stuffs it in his pocket just as the door opens.

The lady walks in. She's a real babe. The image of of elegance and beauty. Tall, regal, with a simple white lace dress. Long blonde ringlets bounce at her shoulders. She appears every bit a sensual young noble woman. She looks at them with a magnetic gaze. "I am Chyrin, welcome to my tower. And who are my guests? And what is the occasion of your visit? Your stone certainly has me curious."

Pookoo hands her the letter. "We were hired to deliver this to you!"

Session 2 recap:

The cast:
Niven- a copper skinned lady Dragonborn monk
Pookoo- a short furry raccoon/ bear being from the Beastlands, a wizard, and member of the Society of Sensation
Duf- A gossipy halfling Bard

(Our other two players couldn't make this session)

We pick up at the Tenth Pit tiefling bondage club with Kas'Rarlin finalizing the details of the job offer. The party are hired to deliver a letter to his lover who resides in the Abyss. He speaks in a deep gravelly batman voice, "To find the portal to your destination, you must follow the banks of The Ditch north of the bridge, to the first drainage tunnel. Draw a spiral on its inner wall with a mixture of ash and blood, and you will open the gate. Use the seeker stone I have provided. It will lead you without fail to Chiryn's tower. Return with her reply and you will collect your reward. The agreed payment will be delivered to Xerxes, who will in turn pay you, as is our arrangement. Any questions?"

Niven pipes up, "How will we know it's her?" The hooded man growls, "She is radiant like the dawn, with hair like pure spun gold. Her beauty is unmatched! You will know it to be her." The party stands to leave.

At this point the party's other companion, Duf the halfling bard, walks into the club. He's late, but the party catches him up quickly. They decide to start looking for the portal keys- blood and ash. Pookoo remembers that he met a Sensate acquaintance earlier, and finds him in a dark alcove being decoratively scarred by a tiefling woman. Pookoo tries to convince him to give up some of his blood, since the tiefling lady is slicing him up anyway. The guy is a little cautious about handing out his fluids, and tries to make a deal. Pookoo decides his own blood would be a lot cheaper. Niven impulsively scoops some ashes out of the brazier in the club, and narrowly avoids burning herself. They all head straight for the Ditch.

The Ditch is Sigil's only body of water- a slow moving foul smelling river of mud, trash and dead bodies that flows along the edge of the Lower Ward. They hike along its bank until they see a large pipe easily 7 or so feet in diameter protruding from the hillside out into the flow. The pipe sticks out for about 10 feet or so, and is surrounded by a wide bank of treacherous mud below. It's just a bit of a scramble from the top of the hill to get on top of the pipe. As they get closer they see smoke wafting out of it, and the smell of roasting meat, but it's impossible to see what is inside. Duf sneaks down on top of the pipe, and carefully pokes his head down to get a look. A group of four frog like humanoids are roasting what looks like a dog on a spit. Behind them, several more mangy street mutts are trapped in a makeshift cage.

Duf has the advantage, and casts Dancing Lights as far back into the tunnel as he can. His glowing flares mass together in the rough shape of a humanoid. The frogs leap up in surprise, and after a brief argument, three go to investigate, while the fourth stays behind. Niven throws a rock into the water to try to spook the remaining frog, and Pookoo casts an illusion of a hovering figure in the water near the splash. The frog is frightened, but doesn't jump in. Niven impulsively leaps down into the drain pipe surprising the frog with a kick to the chest. Froggy goes staggering backwards, falls into the muck and swims off. The rest of the party drops down. The frogs down the tunnel bellow and start running toward the party waving their spears. But before the they can catch up, Pookoo draws out the spiral on the wall of the pipe. A swirling purple vortex opens up and the party jumps through.

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Hey folks,

I know it's been a little while since I posted in here about my cosmopolitan planar fantasy love letter to Planescape titled "Sig: Manual of the Primes". If anyone was curious and wanted to learn a bit more about it, I have a free quickstart you may be interested in.


It has been around 20 years since I've run anything in Planescape. That all changes tomorrow. I'm gonna take a group of Primes and shove 'em at the planes.

I was going to just use the intro adventure in The Well of Worlds, but is there anything better for an intro? Something that's maybe not all about Baator?

I considered winging it, sending them bouncing from plane to plane, until eventually landing in sigil, but that feels too railroady.

What say you?

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