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*Hello, Welcome to the Online Artist Coup!*

This community is solely concentrated on the exposure and improvement of ones art, so expect things such as other peoples art, tutorials, critique sessions and such here!

Of course, there are a few rules that need to be laid down.

Rule 1) Be respectful towards other people; even when giving critique.
It's understandable to feel strongly about something, that's a given, but please refrain from expressing any strongly negative gesture or emotion to others. This is a place where everybody should feel welcome.

Rule 2) Obvious do not post NSFW/Illegal stuff.
If it goes against Google Plus and its guidelines, then it doesn't belong here.

Rule 3) Refrain from spamming art.
It's a good reminder that you can post multiple pieces of art in one post alone. Please refrain from posting more than 2 posts if you are going to show off you art, there are others who are trying to show off their art too!


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