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Something I have noticed about people with Lyme.
We have the Biggest, Brightest most Beautiful Smiles, even though we have Chemical warfare going on in our Bodies, and our Heads.

Good morning, I woke this morning feeling very good. I LUV mornings like this.
I begin my day with:
my 3 heart medications
Two hrs later I take 2 of my antibiotics, (minocycline, sulfamethoxazole)
One hr later I begin my Rocephin IV. (Next week I will be adding Flagyl)
An hr later Atovaquoine.
2hrs later 1/2 VSL#3 DS packet ( this is my probiotic) and Ursidiol
2 hrs later I take my Supplements

I'm done until early evening,
(minocycline, sulfamethoxazole)
2 hrs later Atovaquone
1 hr later probiotic and Ursidiol
At bed time I take 2 heart Meds
That's my day - I get to sleep, however I drink so much water in the day, I'm up every hr or two to run to the bathroom. On good days I go out and walk around the block a couple times, on bad days I can't get off the sofa, extra bad days I never leave my bed.
I have to deal with terrible pain in the bottoms of my feet 24/7, somedays my vision is blurred terribly.
I have so many co-infections in my brain, when I herx, I "feel" I'm going to die, I actually lay in my bed with tear filled eyes thinking the end is here, and I wonder what will happen when it takes me away. It's all "Feelings".
I'm very fortunate to have good days, I go to a couple of little stores on these days, luckily they are very near my home.
I have Bells Palsy, so I will not go in a store if it's crowded. I' was in the house for 9 months straight, started going out a little, then was hit with another bout of bells, in the house again for months.
This has been my life since last August.
On August 21, 2012, I went to work and had a great day as usual, I really LUVed my work. August 22, 2012 I woke with bi-lateral Bells Palsy, that totally changed my Entire World.
That makes twice "Lyme" has altered my life 100%.
The first alteration was my 25 year marriage. I was going through menopause, depression due to loosing my dad and many other stress related events in my life. (and unknown at that time - Lyme, I got in the 80s). I woke one day with no memories, no emotions and just packed up my car and drove off, leaving my husband, animals, my whole world behind.

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Today is finally a much better day for me. I was Feeling devastated and overwhelmed, looking at TV wishing I could get my life back as it was last June. I felt Total doom, Thinking I was to die. This was Monday to Wednesday, I felt incredibly Great Thursday, woke early Friday devastated all over again, feeling that way till late Saturday.
Then, luckily, I have good days, I feel SO happy, good! Never do I feel as I used to, however I don't think Ill ever feel that way again.
I have a LOT of neurological co-infections, possibly this happens to me as the spirochete's are killed off and overload my system, this is how I am affected. I'm not sure if I'm right or not, but it does make sense to me.
It will be great when we get this group together, YOU who can truly understand and Support each other, to let us know WE are not alone in this Nightmare.

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Hi and Welcome.
I created this Community for a place we can share our stories, fears, hopes, complaints, Experiences.
Most of ALL a place we can SUPPORT one Another.
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