near maxens house I see someone running for no reason what is with him

Maxen peeks out of his house and looks around making sure no ones around when hes sure no ones around he runs out of his house. This is the first time hes been out of his house during the day in144 years

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Name: Maxen Siles


Age: Looks 17 is 150


Race: Half Neko Half Demon

Personality: Shy lovable and is very secretive

Bio: Maxen was born into a rich family and when he was about 6 his parents died in a fire. He didn't if it was accidental or not but he just assumed it was accidental. He now wanders the streets at night on his free time and almostime always stays in his house during the day when every one is out and about.

Power:Being a half demon he has a wide assortment of powers like telekinesis teleportation opening and closing hell gates that go to and from hell summoning a giant scythe and he has a demon form with I will explain in the apperance.

Apperance:For regular form see image other than the right eye he has a demonic right eye. His demonic form his hair turns completely white and his demonic symbol becomes more vibrant and demon wings appear on his back while demoney fire start on the tips of his ears and tail.

Name: lewis

Stays: loves Vivi, hates Arthur, and friends with a demon dog, also dead.

Age: 21

Race: magenta ghost

Personality: has a temper, will kill Arthur, will save Vivi.

Bio: Arthur killed me in a cave and I want revenge.

Power: fire


Name: Tex Kangoat


Age: 14

Gender: Female

Race: Kangoat



Power:´╗┐ none´╗┐
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