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♡ Welcome to Supreme Hentai Roleplay! ♡

This community is for all of the roleplayers who are tired of their favorite hentai communities being overturned by trolls. This one, unlike some others, will have active mods unless nobody posts here. (Which hasn't seemed to be a problem so far.)


☒ No spam or anything unrelated to the community.

☒ No self-advertising.

☒ Post in the correct categories, it makes it easier for people to find the type of roleplay they are looking for.

☒ Be respectful of others and don't "kink shame."

☒ No straight Hentai photos. Light ecchi allowed.

☒ Respect the moderators.

☒ Have fun.

✔ Mod Team ✔

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•Miss Defective•

Knights: (Moderators)

Symphonia Dreamer ( +Symphonia Dreamer​)

Collin Thompson ( +Collin Thompson​)

Jec Kurokami (+Jec Kurokami​)


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Any girls wanna do a huniepop rp
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Anyone got a starter we can do? If not I'll make one. I prefer a descriptive male that can write a good amount of lines and such.

• Descriptive (5+ Lines minimum.)
• Male preferred, maybe female
• Dominant and the one to make the moves
• Humans or Vampires only
• Kinks include light bondage, dominance, teasing, forced into submission.

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Team 7's Secret Mission

"Sakura-Chan, what's up today?"

Naruto and Sakura had been on a mission for months now, spying on a group of Hidden Mist Shinobi in order to find out about an assasination attempt on their close friend, Neji Hyuga. In their hotel Naruto awoke, rubbing his eyes a bit before fully opening them. However what he didn't expect to see was Sakura, his teammate in his own shirt simply brushing her teeth while trying to keep her panties from falling off. You see, their hotel room was relatively small due to the fact that two 17 year olds couldn't pay for much, so the bathroom, bedroom, and living room were all pretty much connected. The blonde Jinchuriki nearly yelped before covering his mouth and trying to go back to sleep. However as he turned his head to the pillow, he saw a now naked Sakura look out the window, right in front of him. Staring at her ass as she sat on the bed. From what he could hear she was mumbling something about not being able to masturbate the entire month, which was in fact the same case for Naruto as they weren't comfortable enough to do that around each other no matter how close they were. Naruto, almost instinctively got up. He wrapped his arms around Sakura muscular but thick body and let his now bulging erection lay on her ass. No matter how strong the two were they were still just horny teenagers in heat after all.

"Sakura, we can just do it. This once. I promise."

(Female Needed, 4+ Lines, Knowledge of Naruto, Respond in a Timely Manner)
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Sorry for the eruptive appearance. I just really need someone to help me out. Can't keep this thing dormant for long.
Would anyone like to test out the new Futa Android 21? I'm sorry, I'm only twelve inches for now.

Any kind of gender is fine, no limits pretty much except, shota, clown, necro, beastiality, tits bigger than someones head. Ask if youre unsure about anything. The rp will be on discord but send me a notification on G+. BTW no messages where its only "Ahh" or stuff like "Yes".

Anybody wanna rp student x teacher I will make the plot

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Thanks for accepting me

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Name: Zenkai
Age: 16
gender: male
date of birth: November 8th
eye color: blue
hair color: blonde
zodiac sign: Scorpio
kinks: giant tits
Cock size: 6 inches

Thank you for adding me!! :)
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