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Konichiwa! Im Katie (Aka Scarlet Moon) and welcome to "Roleplay? Why not?"! a few rules that must be obeyed (hopefully. if not you get three warnings before your out.)

1- Please be as descriptive as you can, i know people usually dont like to be that descriptive but atleast try.
2-for Descriptive roleplays, it must, and i repeat MUST have atleast 10+ lines in its starter and the responses. (note lines=Sentances! not 10+ lines for a reply. -_-)
3-anything goes as long as you respect and follow the community rules (and i literally mean anything)
4- no godmoding. meaning, no over the top characters. i know, i was there at one point when i first started roleplaying. (way before i got to G+ to rp)
5- as much as this is stated in any other roleplay community, i must state absolutely NO text talking. unless the characters are actually texting.
6-never thought i would ever think about this rule, but please no cyberbullying. i have a whole thing against it(as everyone should in my opinion....) because i myself was bullied, and that was not a fun experience.
7- have any questions? feel free to ask myself or the moderators.
8- it is most preferred that a profile is made and approved before roleplaying begins. If you can't get to it right away, then try to remember to make one
9- its preferable that you make a profile, if you can't then we will remind you to make one. (Limit 5 profiles per person)
10- invite your friends! Anyone you know who likes to roleplay feel free to invite them

now we got that out of the way (ill add more as i think about it, sorry for it.) what are you doing sitting here and reading the rules? go have fun! and invite your friends who love to roleplay. makes things alot more fun with friends

(mind not the photo, its just random)

Haha, we haven't had a post in awhile, and im bored so I will just post this a see if anyone wants to RP
For centuries, supernatural creatures have hidden from the world of humans. Either being seperate from humans all together or blending in perfectly with them, hiding their true selves. That all changed in 2005

October, 2005

supernatural creatures were told to get specific markings for each different species. For demons. It was a crescent moon. Scarlet Moon ((My character)) walked down the street, poking at the new red crescent moon on her neck. "Scarlet, it is not that bad." her sister said, they both had an English(British) accent. Not that bad? Its bloody awful! I don't want a bloody mark to remind me what I am day by day! (Y/N) was nearby, just happening to hear the twins' conversation. You then...

Alright! Fun part! Rules and requirements!
~Male or female, don't care.
~Your character can be human, or any supernatural creature you can think of. If its a supernatural creature please come up with some sort of marking visible to everyone that marks your character as such
~please give me a small description of your character.
~no one liners, text talk, and keep it clean
~proper grammar
~atleast 3+ lines. I know its not much to ask for lines so it won't be hard.
~IF you are going to abandon the rp, let me know.

Alright! I'm done! Let me know if you want to rp and I will see you in the RP

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Anyone online and up for a roleplay?

This is a time in a world where the military was practically everywhere. Why you may ask? Because of a supernatural war. Humans against the supernatural, supernatural against supernatural, you name it. It all happened in year 127X. A time where technology was just about to reach its peak...

vampires, witches, demons and more were attacking one another. Humans just happened to have stepped in the way. This is what caused the war to begin with. So, after a few years, the war took a major pause and armies were formed. The Militants, Herichons, Jukon, and more.

the most powerful and feared army was Vrazis. This army consisted of Human and supernatural alike. While the other armies were just human or just one kind of supernatural creature, or a combination of a few different supernatural creatures.

All armies took people as young as 15, man or woman. Most families had their child stay home until 18, others watched their children leave voluntarily, if they accepted the application.

Present day

[Y/N] were a traveler, hoping to get into one of the armies, the Vrazis in particular. Because when [Y/N] were a small child, your parents were killed and [Y/N] wanted revenge. One day [Y/N] was at a diner across the street from their motel. until [S/he] saw a group of men in Vrazis uniforms, coming into the diner for some dinner. [Y/N] had a hood over their head, which caught the attention of one of the men. The military men began to mess with [Y/N] (you can make up why they were messing with you), which eventually almost led to a fight.

This is where Scarlet steps in, she's one of the most feared commanders in the Vrazis. She looks 16 but that is a way off answer, because she wasn't human. She was still in her military uniform, due to her not going home yet. Just as one of the men was about to punch [Y/N] she walked up. Her white hair in a pony tail, her bangs almost in her eyes. Red eyes almost in anger.

"What's going on here?"

hey guys! Any one up to doing this RP? At least 2+ lines, and ask before you begin. As well as tell me who you are going to be.

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Hey y'all! Is everyone afraid to post any RPs on here? Lol I just happened to have noticed we are only posting character profiles.

(Pic is not related to the post. Its just there)

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Name: Yin Kruuki Tsuki

Creepypasta name: The peace shifter

Fandom: Creepypasta

Sex: female

Gender: female

Pronouns: her, she

Age: 20 years old (as of today)

Brithday: September 30th

Zodiac sign: Libra

Birthstone: Sapphire

Abilities?: is psychic (has random visions, can see spirits) has the rare chance of walking in dreams as well

Personality: An outgoing, funny, and cheerful young adult with the optimism of a child, talkative and childish, she loves to try and make others happy, she is extremely caring and kind, not to mention protective. She would no joke die trying to save her friends. She does have a cold part in her heart for her mother, who caused the death of her dear twin brother. She can also be quite serious when she wants to get shit done, has absolutely 0 chill when she is angry, lucky she doesn't get angry often, but does get annoyed easily, despite this she is fair with her decisions. She has a tendency to hold grudges and becomes quite psychotic when it comes to killing her enemies. She also tends to get pretty mad if you scare her, but it quickly goes away cough, most of the time, cough also has a darker sense of humor sometimes, also tends to space out, she is a bit of an asshole to newer people surpisingly, and won't open up till a bit later, making her a bit hard to work with, she can also be quite flirtatious, be warned Yin used to enjoy the silence immensely, but is now fine with loud noises, another thing is to be wary of her manipulative side

Likes: the night/dark, quiet places, snow, sweatshirts/jackets/hoodies, mass murder, sharp blades, being around other people

Dislikes: being left out/abandon/alone, not a huge fan of the sun. But doesn't hate it, pills, needles, drugs in general, belts/any type of object used for physical abuse

Clothing: normally wears a lime green sweatshirt with a blue shirt underneath, wears black pants and plain black sneakers

Mask: wears a snow white (painted) copper mask with a black smile painted onto it, under the right hole is the Yin half of Yin & Yang, above the left is Yang, where the nose is suppose to be there is an upside-down heart (like a skeleton) painted onto it. On the edge of the eyes is painted up to a point to make the mask appear more feminine

Appearance under mask: has semi-pale toned skin with pearl white eyes, around the iris is a light blue rim to differ the iris from the whites of her eyes

Disorders: slight Insomnia, Post traumatic stress disorder ((from the being forced to take drugs as a child/preteen))

Parents: Hugo Tsuki, Auki Tsuki

Relation to parents: adoptive child

Siblings: a twin brother named Yang, passed away due to drug over dosage

Weapon of choice: melee, preferably her Katana

Method of killing: find out their routine, get them to be alone somehow, and stealthily finish the job if possible

Signature kill: she carves the Yin symbol onto the victim's back then stabs them through the heart for the dot, then turns it so it looks more like a circle

Catchphrase(s): "Your silence brings me peace"
"I will bring the peace"
"You cannot run from the silence~"
"Hmm, you talk too much, I might have to fix that"
"Seems like I need to put you on silent mode..."


Physical strength: she is physically stronger in her upper body due to the muscle stimulants she was forced to take (not to the point of being OP, like she can throw an adult half way across a football field or something, but enough to be able to lift up a teenager)

Emotional strength: depends on the situation

Strengths: her upper body strength ;P, attacking with melee weapons, escaping people/traps, manipulating, hiding, killing ;)

Weaknesses: her past, needles, drugs, ranged weapons, being manipulated tbh

CP story: wip

Bio: I set up a stand for my camera, placing it in front of a chair in a small room, flipping the side of it and turning it on. The light was rhythmically blinking to announce it was recording. I sat down in the chair in front of it. “So, you want to know my story.” I said to the camera, my voice was slightly raspy, yet my voice was smoother than silk when I spoke. “Well. Here it is…” I ended, and then started to go through the banks of my memory.

I was an orphan; born in 1996, September 30 in a place with snow and plenty of wildlife, hiding in the forests and the mountains in winter. And in the summer, it would be warm and mild. This was a mysterious place through the mind of a child. My real parents were unable to take care of me and my twin brother, Yang (Had bleach blond hair, almost looking white in sunlight, very dark brown eyes and fair toned skin. In contrast to me, I have black hair, snow white eyes with a blue rim around them and fairly pale skin). Or so the headmistress told us. As far as our five year old minds told us, they were coming back someday. We were so excited every day. From when we woke up, to when we went to sleep at the end of the day, when the white orb in the dotted sky shown itself through our windows. I’ve always enjoyed the night, its calming full of mystery. Over time I started to notice I had troubles sleeping at night. Often I would go and complain to the headmistress about my issues, she would tell me just close my eyes and I’d simply fall asleep. Of course I tried it, it worked sometimes but when it didn’t, I’d go back to the headmistress and complain, then she would give me warm milk, sometimes it worked, other times not. When it didn’t, I’d go back and pester her some more, then she would give me Zzzquil in the form of pills... I never really liked taking pills, at all. I would start to cry when she tried to give them to me, no clue why, I guess I was too scared of choking to death or something. I’m kind of over it now, thankfully. Eventually she would just give me the stuff in the form of liquid. Whenever she would give me that I would fall asleep pretty quickly, so she just gave it to me every night.

(2002)This continued until around Christmas, when we were both Six. It was Christmas Eve, we were wrapping gifts when he came. A man with black hair, brown eyes, and tan skin, he looked to be Japanese-American. The man went up to the front desk, asking about a child to adopt, a male, preferably. I know this because my brother and I snuck off while they weren’t looking to see if it could possibly be our biological parents. Unfortunately, we were caught after the woman at the table said “Hold on one second, sir,” And went around the front desk towards the back. Being Six years old, we hid in the weirdest and most obvious places. If I remember correctly, I hid behind a house plant while my brother tried pulling off one of those tricks in the cartoons and hid behind a lamp. Once she saw us we kind of got told off, but the man overheard her and came around the corner, seeing us he went up to the lady “Ma’am, do not yell at them, please.” He asked, the lady had turned to look at him again, only to slowly nod and give us a small glare. He pointed to my brother, and then spoke again “I would like to adopt this little one.” I froze, looking to my brother after a second “You’re gonna get parents!” I squealed. Then realized something “Wait… Am I not going to stay with my brother…?” I look up to him; he had a sympathy filled look. “Well, you two seem really close, what kind of person would I be if I left one behind? I’m sure my wife won’t mind you two.”

(2002)When we got to the house, we were basically bouncing off the walls; he got us to stay quiet. And we slept in a spare room until Christmas morning. When we got up it was hard for us to stay quiet, I mean, we were giggling and everything, but my brother and I kept it to a minimum. The wait seemed to drag on for centuries before Mr. Hugo (the man that had adopted us, his wife and his own last name were Tsuki.) He took us out to the living room; where a woman with similar toned skin to her husband, her hands were over her light brown eyes, and she had shoulder-length, raven black hair. Her name; was Auki. Hugo smiled “Okay, dear. Uncover your eyes!” As he said this, she moved her hands to her lap, gazing at my brother first, then to me. When we locked our gazes something flashed into my mind, my whole body stiffened as my vision faded into black, I heard screaming and coughing. This was quickly cut off by a soft, faint crying mixed with laughter. It faded away soon after and the strong scent of blood and death shrouded me. I felt strong waves of Fear and sorrow wash over my body; I wanted to run, run farther than I probably ever could. And as soon as it had begun, it was over, the hallucination shifted back into reality, and I was in the room, no blood, no one on the floor dead, no one was screaming, and no one was crying. Auki’s eyes flickered, the emotion behind them too fast to be read. After she looked us over for a few moments more, Hugo introduced us. “Honey, this is Yang,” he gestured to my brother, then to me “And this is Yin. I thought you’d like those names for them.” Auki nodded slowly, as if she wasn’t sure how to react. “Well. Say hello to them, I didn’t bring them home for a tour of the house.” Hugo rasped; an edge of worry in his voice. I was watching them carefully; Hugo seemed to relax when Auki spoke. “They’re… lovely dear, and where, might they be staying?” her voice was as smooth as silk, I caught something hidden in the meaning of her words, but I couldn’t pinpoint it. ”They sleep in the basement, in the spare room.” He ended, and then leaned towards her, mumbling something that I probably wasn’t supposed to hear, I don’t think Yang heard it. “Make sure you put your needles and pills away, Yin has… issues… with them” I tensed ‘Needles?! Why do they have needles??’ I thought sharply. My mind ran wild for a few moments, like I was being chased by rabid wolves and needed to think fast, but it was quickly cleared when a loud shot was heard. None of them reacted other than me, I looked around to see nothing other than the snow falling slowly onto the windows and the ground, where life takes its long slumber from constantly creating food for itself. Yang, Hugo, and Auki looked at me, confused. I turned back to them, my face heated up a little realizing I was the only one who heard it. I gave myself a silent reminder ‘Don’t worry, it was just in your mind, all there is, is silence…’

(2002)So we started to go to school around January, me and my brother were basically straight A students, because anything below a B wouldn’t cut it. We could often get in trouble if we didn’t get a B or higher on our assignments, and would go without dinner. My brother didn’t get in as much trouble as I did, you name anything you could make a mistake on, and I would have more than likely got in trouble. But my brother, he was perfect, so to say. He’s like that older brother or sister you dream to be, but in this case, we were exactly the same age… Well, I was born a few minutes earlier, but that’s beside the point. We were never really bullied in our school, a few cases of taunting, but nothing extreme. I also started to have hallucinations more often… I would be walking beside my brother when I would suddenly be surrounded in darkness; I looked to my brother to see he was fine. Then I realized that there was a shadow around me, Yang’s shadow. Despite the sun being high up in the pale blue sky, his shadow fell upon me. It lasted for a minute before his shadow says goodbye and moves away from me. I would also hear random gunshots or screaming, (I didn’t enjoy extremely loud noises; ((Gunshots, explosions, those kinds of things)) I’ve gotten over this now, since noise is everywhere.) but it would only be silence. As the years came and left, I noticed Auki was beginning to show her favor of my brother more than me. She would often reward him for doing even the smallest things. I mean, I wasn’t a bad kid, or I don’t think I was… So I thought nothing of it. Eventually the hallucinations of Yang’s shadow overtaking me stopped. But the loud gunshots, screaming, and crying, those wouldn’t stop and I don’t know why. I didn’t know if they meant something, like a phobia or just something that happened before I could remember. I pondered on this until Yang and I were around 12 years old.

(2008)It was going to be like any other day; I could have sworn it, just any other day in October. That fateful day was the 15th. So we went to school, as usual, and then came home. We had dinner, and then went to bed. Yang and I; weren’t sleeping. We were stargazing from our room in the basement. The night wrapped over Earth like a comforting blanket. Autumn leaves fell slowly from the trees and landed onto the ground which was painted with several shades of orange, red, and yellow. Moonlight trickles down from the window into the basement and cleanses our bodies in a brilliant white light. The unbroken silence seemed better than the gates of heaven. Only being interrupted by crickets, but this only added to the sound, soon they would leave, when the small angels come down to Earth and rest their tired, flakey wings. (Then again, I didn’t really care to know if there was a god or not, it was just my opinion on it, don’t know why.) As abrupt as a thunderstorm that was unseen, the sounds of the night were intercepted by the shattering of glass downstairs. Yang and I whipped our heads around to our door, I got up, the cat was curious, and needed to be satisfied. I crept to the staircase, what killed the cat lay up those stairs. It was lurking, waiting for the delicious release of its hunger being quenched by feasting on the cat. I silently crept up the concrete stairs. My brother was following close behind me. When we reached the top, we were greeted by a man with a burglar mask on. The glossy shards of the crystal clear window glass lay nearby. He was stealing some of our ancient artifacts from Japan, which were worth quite a bit now days. The man had a weapon of gunpowder and sparks, when it ignited it would mean impending doom. The weapon caused me to shiver, and then I heard Hugh coming down form upstairs, probably suspecting it was me or Yang that had broken something. The male froze, dropping the bag of goods and ripping out the gun from its holster, he aimed it at him. Hugh stopped in his tracks at the bottom of the stairs, Auki behind him a few steps up; her eyes reflected the fear of all of us. Yang and I still in the doorway of the basement, we were unseen by the shadow of death that lay there, ready to strike, he then pulled the trigger, a blaze of fire and smoke seemed to flash before me, la flash of light lit up the room as the death-defying silence erupted into the loud, ringing sound of gunshots… And then… H-he was gone… just like that….. Hugh lay on the floor, the life from his eyes faded. Auki screamed as Yang stood there in shock, I felt tears begin to well up. The man saw his chance and grabbed the bag, running and jumping out of the window to safety, we heard police sirens in the distance. One of our neighbors has heard the gun being shot and called 911. By the time they got here it was too late. The man had escaped.

(2008)After the police investigated the ambulance came and picked up my father whom had passed on to a different world. He was pronounced dead, he had died as soon as the bullet made contact with his fragile body, crushing any life within him in a finger snap. Yang and I were crying in our room. The welcoming moon had said goodbye and revealed its opposite, the sun. Who showed bright in the sky, its prideful glow beginning to enlighten the sky and fill it with the pastel oranges, pinks, purples, and blues, the sun had brought life to the Earth and birds chirped softly. I couldn’t sleep. I felt daunted and lonely, and a long tear was formed in my heart, one scar that would leave a mental scar for years to come. To this day it still hurts. Yang tried to give me words of soothing tone to help me, but he had fallen asleep in the process. He leaned on my shoulder, snoring softly as I thought about it, my mind processing that he would never come back. My thoughts were scattered in school, my grades began to drop. Auki seemed to grow extremely distant, I would often hear her laughing in her room like a madman, it was mixed with uncontrollable sobbing as crashing was heard. It was a few years later when she finally snapped, Yang and I were 15 at the time. She rampaged down the stairs; Auki was angry, rage pulsing off of her in waves. She stormed into our room, Auki wore her lab coat. She usually wore it when she was testing medicine. Yang and I stared at her. A tense silence that lasted for what seemed hours stretched in the room before she spoke. “You’re not going to school anymore.” She mumbled softly.

(2010)Auki grabbed Yang’s arm, in her other hand something glittered in the weak sunlight, my eyes widen ‘Needles!’ Then my mind screamed for me to run, but I was frozen next to my brother. She dropped most of them; they were filled with a crystal clear substance. (Little did I know they were filled with Steroids) She had then opened one with her free hand, some of the liquid jumping into the air for freedom, Yang screeched as she plunged the needle into his arm. “You’re going to find that man,” She said lowly, beginning to inject the drug into him “and you are going to end his existence.” She said, her eyes filled with an unreadable expression. Once she finished she pulled it out, then looked to me, moving to the ground and grabbing the second one, she then started to move towards me slowly “You will not be as strong as Yang… But if one of my subjects fails, I have a backup…” she said, mostly to herself. I then realized I needed to run after Yang gave me a look with his eyes written in the three letter word. I bolted, but it was too late. She grabbed my leg, tearing me away from the freedom that was right under my nose. I let out a startled yelp as she threw me to the wall. I felt my breath get knocked out of my lungs as she grabbed my arm, I was wearing a tank top, allowing her to have free rain over my venerable skin. She then did the same to me; Yang was trying to pull her off, but was failing meekly. By the time she finished I was letting out hard breaths and my body shook with heavy sobs. Blood slowly trickled from the injection spot. “You’re name isn’t Yin. You are subject two, Yang is subject one, for my project. And that project? Project Peace.” She breathed, smiling wickedly as she turned to Yang “Now. It’s time for you to train…” She then had us start rough training, if we were to do something wrong she would do something horrible to us that I wish not to speak of…

(2010)It wasn’t even a twenty minutes later when my brother started to have troubles breathing. It wasn’t like him to be like this. Auki began to yell at him to keep going, he tried to say something when his eyes rolled back and he collapsed. I looked at him, shocked. I then realized what was happening to him… He was in cardiac arrest. I let out a quiet scream of horror as I went to his body, Auki let out a small growl of inaudible words and grabbed my arm, and she began to tear me away from my brother. Yang lay there, unresponsive. “If subject one dies. I have subject two… Though she is weak, she’s my last resort.” She said to a tape recorder, then clicked the off button and threw me into this makeshift cell. After she locked it and left I began to cry. A wound deeper than anything my body could sustain. My only brother was gone. The last of what I had left was gone. Everything, was gone like mist in the morning sunlight. I heard Auki whispering to herself in the other room. “Dammit… This is that entire little rat’s fault. If she didn’t get taken from that orphanage maybe Yan- … subject one would have made it. And maybe I wouldn’t have had to get my revenge on that maggot that killed my husband…” She muttered crossly. After all of this, I’m just glad it’s quiet… It’s finally quiet…

(2010)I had found an old copper mask I used to play with when I was in the orphanage a few weeks after I was first put in the ‘cell’. Hugh had painted the mask white and black. The base of the mask was white and a wide, black smile was on it, an upside down heart for the nose (like a skeleton), round triangle like holes for the eyes, and black paint curved upwards to make it look like some sort of mascara. The symbol of Yang over the top of the left eye, and under the right was the symbol of Yin… I had an idea on how to get out; it wasn’t going to be pretty… but its freedom from this hell I live in now. I had started to carve symbols on the wall, using my nails, of course. I put on a light green sweatshirt over my blue shirt, custom black pants with Yin and Yang on the knees, and Black sneakers with white for the front tip of them. I didn’t care that I was killing someone. I wanted her gone; I wanted her presence out of my life forever. I used my strength to my advantage and managed to pull a bar loose and squeeze my small, thin frame through it. I haven’t eaten since last week, being she would only feed me once a week, seeing that I could still live. I put on my mask and wandered down the hall, bar clutched tightly in my grasp and as a light sweat came to me. I then saw something glitter in the storage room as I passed by; I opened the door silently and found the katana from my parents ancestors in Japan. I looked to my bar, and then raised it, I threw it down at the case of it, and dangerous sparks of clear glass flew past me as I grabbed the glossy blade within. The katana whispered my name softly and I needed to answer its soft pleading. I left the room, weapon in hand. I headed to where Auki was, she was staring at me. I was guessing she was expecting me, hearing the glass break. I grinned wildly under the mask, and then lunged at her. Auki leaped to the side gracefully, not even trying. I hissed quietly and did it again, this time I caught her off guard and grabbed her arm, throwing her to the ground and pointing the weapon at her. She smiled “I should have known, Yin.” She said, beginning to laugh. “You can never escape to your peaceful world, you know.” She lifted her hand, and then threw it at the ground, smoke erupted around me and I flinched back, coughing mildly. When the smoke cleared and I could see, she was gone. I frowned, then went to the window, opening it and jumping out I headed into the woods.

(2010-2016)I lived on my own from then on, my heart was cold and bitter-sweet like the memories I carried. I knew how to drive, considering I have my permit. I stayed in my birth state until I was 16, when I got my license. I then drove down south and went to a large forest where I had found an abandon building. They say that a group of three wanted killers lives around these parts…. I didn’t mind, so I called this my own home and lived there. And I would gain my earnings in a way that normal, sane people wouldn’t dream of. I realized I had a desire for the blood of others, and often took their lives and then their money, more likely than not they had cash on them. As a master of being an escape artist I would never get caught. Hiding their lifeless bodies in the woods where legend says no one comes out of really makes this helpful. No one would accuse me of the crimes I’ve committed when I go into town. Although I must hide my mask in the backpack I sometimes carry around when I go into town. Having little to no socialization really took a toll on my mental state… But then again, who needs others when I can talk to myself…? Really, I like to be able to communicate, but I guess now I can’t, considering I’m a serial killer that is under-educated due to my so-called mother. I thought I was alone until I decided to sneak into a police facility… I thought I could take some things from there or satisfy my bloodthirst. But no, because then… I met Alex…

Not all the art is mine!
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Name: Trainsguy

Eye colour:green

Hair colour:black,brown

Known as: trains,
talents pissing people off,humor,sports,puzzles, and other kind of shit

[hobbies] games,sport,puzzles

Misery of others
Chewing on zippers at end of any coats he wears
Talking to people
Peace and quiet
Good jokes

[ dosent like]
Saying things twice
Two faced people
People who talk to much
Heavy metal

Bug phobia

Trainsguys fourth wall logic

Very alone

Strengths of this character:

will power to make people believe they can do shit

Intelligence: can think of things no one else can

Athleticism: can run away from anything or anyone😰😂😂

Can handle hate: dosent care what anyone says


Loneliness: feels alone and depressed

Saying things without thinking: says something but it's too late to say sorry

Rude: says too many inappropriate jokes for anyone to handle

Secret rare weakness:

Can get shy 😋

warning this a character based of myself and some of this crap is true and false


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name: Vic

age: around 22, gave up counting at 17

species: sub-human

gender: male

Sexuality: bisexual

Height- 5'6

Weapon: none/abilities

Abilities/powers: can control his nerves and internal functions (regulate temperature, reduce feeling of pain, and do such things as done in the picture
only when highly necessary)

apperance: wears a jacket to cover up the road burns on his arms and back and and veins seen on his skin. Black hair dyed red, light blue eyes blood shot, jeans, usually t-shirt under the jacket. Earring on left ear. all in pic

likes: Fall, night, heights, climbing, trees, etc.

dislikes: cold (it can damage his nerves), swimming (will if forced), staying still (does not have ADHD or other), feeling small literally or figuratively, etc.

Pets/familiars: eye-bat... thing (picture)

Family: Anne- mother barely known by others, still alive ; father- unknown, still alive, gone before birth ; only child

Personality- conservative and distant when first met, but once he gets to know you there's two ways he'll go. If he like you and considers you more or less a friend, he'll help you out with almost anything. Is very loyal and will easily pick a friend he's known for a long time over someone else. Will continue to be semi-distant though because of his past betrayals. If he does not like you or considers you a rival of sorts he will continue to seem the same distant person or may even have outbursts of anger towards you from time to time, provoked or not. Avoidance or not even acknowledging a presence of the rival is also possible.

Quotes- "if the blood drips, who is there to listen?" Or "if someone screams and no one hears it, do they make a sound?"

Other: does have past traumatic experiences in hospitals and with vehicles (hence the road burns)

Bio- in progress/will be revealed
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