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age:2 moons

can i create backstory please
Photo I'm rp-ing Dapple and Ice. Just  to know. When will new adventures with Frost come?

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I would like to roleplay this cat. She's female. Can you please help me to make a name for her. Of course, if I can roleplay her?

Can I make one more character in this community so I can role play Ice and one more cat?

The weird thing about Ice is that she actually heard voices before she was born. It was theoutside world, out of her mothers belly. But the things she heard weren't good."Those kittens aren't good for us, Moss"it was Oak's voice. He was her father. "leafbare is coming. How do you think to feed the kits?" "Hush, Oak. I'm the mother. I love them and I can feed them and myself no matter what!"her mother, Moss, said angry. At night she was whispering:"I love you, kits, and I will never let you go."
She has a brother and a sister. Her sister's name was Hazel, and her brother's name was Stone. They loved playing togheter. But, when first leafbare came, they were only two and a half moons old. Moss didn't have a lot of milk. One night Ice woke up and she realized that her mother is crying quietly.Her littermates were together, pressed with her mother's fur."Why are they still sleeping?" Ice asked. "Come here" Moss said-" I'm so sorry Ice, but Hazel and Stone are dead. They were hungry just like you but they don't have your and your father's thick fur. They f-f-freezed..."-she cried again"No! Stone, Hazel!Wake up, leafbare isn't that long! We can still go outside and play, come on." Ice was criying too. She really loved Hazel and Stone. And they loved her. She was the last that came out, but she was the strongest. That's why Hazel and Stone didn't make it. When Ice was six moons old,she decided to leave her mother and she never saw her again...

Frost pads through the trees until she reaches the lake. A dark gray tom with black tabby stripes rises to meet her. He licks her ear lovingly and they exchange words to low to be heard. The tom's eyes glow with excitement and he pads away. Frost stands up and gasps as she sees Red standing on the tree line watching the whole thing. +Misty Storm

Red woke up with a start when she heard a twig snap

"That had better have been my imagination...." She growled

Her ear tip twitched as she scented the air. She smelled a strange cat scent.

"Someone is going to die tonight..." She hissed quietly

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This is Red

star was looking at a cat suspiciously "There was a dead mouse here a while ago ,and now it's gone. Did you take it?"

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Name: Ice
Gender: female
Age: 16 moons
Rank: warrior
Personality: distrustful to cats she doesn't now, but kind, a very good warrior, and caring.
No kits or mate
Den:in a hole on the bottom of an oak tree.
Past: she got born in the woods, her littermates freezed to death when first leafbare came. Then she was raised by another loner, he taught her to hunt and fight perfectly.
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