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New beta release version 4.0


- Adopted lollipop design
- Added contraception packs management feature incl. buy reminder
- Added reminder feature to notes
- Added notification repeat and led color settings for every type of notification (contraception, contraception buy, note reminder)
- Lollipop head-up notification support
- Many bugfixes
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New beta release version 3.0.12


- Fixed: Missing reminder only on some devices

New beta release version 3.0.11


 - Some visual changes
 - Fixed: Some user reported bugs

New beta release version 3.0.9


- Added: Possibility to undo a taken contraception from calendar view (user requested feature)
- Fixed: rare issue - showing another notification popup right after confirmation (should now be resolved)
- Fixed: log files not always attached to support request

Release Candidate version 3.0rc1

   - Android 4.4 KitKat Support
   - Fixed: Issue with legend dialog
   - Fixed: Issue with DST change
   - Fixed: User reported BUGs

New beta release version 3.0b_5


   - Now all android registered audio files can be used as notification sound
   - Finished new legend dialog implementation
   - Fixed: No notification sound if ringtone (app setting) isn't found => falls back to the default notification sound (system setting)

New beta release version 3.0b_4


   - NavigationDrawer was little bit reworked (implemented proper backstack navigation)
   - Reworked delay contraception menu item behavior in NavigationDrawer
   - New legend dialog implemented (not completely finished - there could be some layout issues)
   - Fixed some small issues

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Finally it's time to release the first beta of PillReminder version 3.0. 


   - Implemented NavigationDrawer
   - You can now plan in advance the following:

         - Skip contraception pause
         - Delay contraception notification
         - Change contraceptive

     All these things will be displayed in the calendar.

   - The calendar displays now if you have taken your contraceptive or not
   - Added the functionality to add notes to the days of the calendar
   - It was added an Overview to let you know the current cycle data and when you will be notified next time
   - Rewritten the notification engine
   - Removed the timezone notification message
   - Time zone support totally rewritten
   - Redesigned little bit the settings
   - Redesigned little bit the first setup wizard
   - Setting "first day of week" reworked and added "automatic" value for system setting
   - Added Dashclock extension (
   - Many bugfixes under the hood

Here some screenshots of the new version:
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Welcome to the PillReminder Beta Channel!

Join this community, using your Play Store account, and then opt-in to beta updates at the link below . Note that you must join the community first for the link to work.

Note: You need to already have the app installed first. You will see the new version as an update like usual.
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