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Name: Malum Nezuris
Age: 6 years, appears ~12
Gender: Male
Race: Poe/Hylian
Weapons: N/A
Magic: Fire
Skills: He can make mischief basically anywhere.
Mount: N/A
Lives at: N/A
Likes: Playing pranks, messing things up, graveyards
Dislikes: CERTAIN BLONDIES THAT RUN AROUND HYRULE FIELD WITH GLASS BOTTLES not targeting anyone, jk he hates Link's Poe catching habits, anything that's well organized, and ReDeads.
Bio: He's a Poe that possessed the body of a boy who drowned in the moat around Castle Town. Now he wanders around Hyrule, endlessly searching for places to make mischief in.

What's the template for a profile? I'm new here :D


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What's your favorite girl in the videogames?

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Ada Wong
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Lara Croft
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This community is dead, isnt it? Someone answer please.

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Name: Rinlanda
Age: 16
Element: Earth

Only child

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Is anybody there?

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Hi. I'm new here, so if anyone wants to roleplay with me, I'd appreciate it.

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Name: Tehna
nickname: the Fierce Deity's heir
Race: Terminian(since the mask was from terminia), but is also Hylian.
Residence: Ordon province
Weapons and equipment: double helix sword(no shield as he can't use it with the sword), bow and arrow, armor similar looking to the fierce deity seen in the events of MM
Appearance: white hair, green eyes. Some confuse him for link when its dark out.
Mount: White stallion named Lee
Likes: swordplay with Rusl, the swordsman in Ordon village. Loves to explore, read, fish, and any athletic activity.
Dislikes: crowded streets, stormy weather, and being unable to help a friend.
Bio: when the hero of time left terminia, he took the fierce deity mask with him, eventually losing it somewhere in castle town. A couple found it, and kept it as a family heirloom. The mask got past through the generations until 17 years before the events of Twilight Princess, it fused its soul to the soul of a newly born baby, sensing great potential in him. This baby was named Tehna, and was raised in Ordon village for most of his childhood. However, his parents died when he was 13. He left the confines of the village to live in the forest, living close to Coro. When he fights dangerous beasts, his eyes glow, and turn white, and his war paint appears, and also glows.Since he lives in Hyrule, the fierce deities powers won't be strong, as its power comes from the inhabitants of termina. However, when people around him are in danger, he does grow increasingly stronger, but his defense and hp stay the same. His sword beams are tied to a magic meter, and is weaker than in termina.
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