Due to inactivity, The Tom will leave the POE (now TWO and GPOE communities) forever.
Lately, my parents noticed this conversation in POE. It gave me the light to stop supporting POE and move on.
If you subbed to me on YT, do not unsubscribe! Surprises will be in the mix this year!

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Bumpers for Locomotion

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A bumper for Locomotion

I have a few sister channels up my sleeve


Joseph Owens tried to join, but I banned him.

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What if Locomotion had a television block for teens and adults? If so, what would it be called?
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What if Locomotion made a sister channel for preschoolers, called Locomotion Jr.? If we did, then this is what the prototype logo looks like. If you got a better logo to make, go right on ahead. The logo seen below is a prototype anyways. I will choose which logo will be aired right on the launch via the end of the poll.

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Locomotion is having a retro classic styled block called "RetroMotion"

So what's this for?

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Here's a promo for Locomotion
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