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Worried about the inevitable death of G+? Continue the Troika talk over on Discord:

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Session One of Troika! The Great Rester (by +Edward Lang-Whiston)

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I wrote some Maze of the Blue Medusa specific backgrounds. Check 'em out, tell me about typos, and dump criticism upon my work!

Also, totally let me know if you use them in a game please!

Hi all! I just picked up this game and I think I am in love! One thing does have me puzzled. How to do handle testing Luck in this game like do you have a real concrete example of how that might work? I tried looking at the rules for the answer but they didn't really seem to have an answer.

I have a very passing familiarity with Fighting Fantasy and it seems like you test luck whenever something bad might happen so it seems like it is kind of an all-in-one saving throw for those books but is that the idea for Troika?

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Really not quite happy with the scan or colours (see that banding where it's picked up the paper texture?), but here's a preview image I drew from my upcoming Troika! chap book. A void-beast assaults a Golden Barge.

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OSR Inspired. Troika! Inspired. Uses pointy dice. I do not know what I am doing. Will make fun of myself for Feedback. I hope you enjoy shredding this game system on top of your planar salad.

I feel awkward now. I will now hide in my cave until next post.

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I wrote up some Mystical orders, sects, and cults for use in the Jodorowskian adventure setting I'm working on for Troika! Next up, I'll be working on the Tourists and Profiteers who, with Mystics, form the population of The Sphere of the Holy Mountain.

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We found Daniel Sell in an imaginary tavern!

Skill-ectomy Rules

A variant of Troika! I've been thinking about would remove one more number from the character sheet: Skill. Here's how it would work:

- Players don't have a general Skill value, only Special Skills. Stamina and Luck remain unchanged.

- Record special skills as given in each background, e.g. 1, 2, 3, ...

- Roll Under checks become Roll 9 Or More. That is, roll 2d6 + a Special Skill if any applies; a total of 9 or more is a success.
[CLARIFICATION: This applies to Skill rolls only. Luck rolls would still use Roll Under.]

- To advance a Special Skill, the player must fail to Roll 9 Or More, i.e. roll 2d6 + Special Skill and total 8 or less.

- To put Enemies on the same scale as player Special Skills, subtract 5 from all current Skill values. E.g. a Goblin would have Skill 0 and a Gremlin Skill - 2. Enemies would then use Roll 9 Or More checks with the new number.

- Combat would work as previously, just with the zero-based Player Skill and Enemy Skill numbers. E.g. if a PC with Sword Fighting 2 were fighting a Man-Beast (Skill +3), the player would roll 2d6 + 2 to compare to the Man-Beast's 2d6 + 3.

Potential advantages:

1. No more shifting between Rolling Over and Rolling Under. Higher is always better, snake eyes (2) is always very bad, and boxcars (12) is always very good.

2. Smaller numbers to add. The toughest creature in the book would be a Dragon with Skill +11. The next toughest is the Manticore with Skill +7.

3. Less random variation between PCs. 1/3 of all PCs will have - 1 on all Skill rolls, and another 1/3 will have +1 on all Skill rolls, compared to the average which is the final 1/3 of PCs.

The only downside I can think of is that it breaks compatibility with older Fighting Fantasy Britain's Finest Solo Role Playing Game products.

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The pitch of this game named Troika is "A planet full of gems - and anxiety ?!" which would make a fine hook for Troika
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