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I saw this picture on Deviant Art and it inspired me to make my first custom Background for Troika! Please let me know your thoughts/ critiques.

Pangolin Shaman

You were the pacifistic caretaker of your tribes religious health, ushering their spirits into the great beyond. But the voices of those from beyond called you to travel away from the dusty borrows of your savannah homeland. Seeking the true nature of the intangible, you travel the spheres seeking discourse with otherwordly beings.

3 Burrow
2 Second Sight
2 Spell- Spirit Council
1 Spell- Banish Spirit
1 Spell - Peace
1 Astrology
1 Healing
1 Staff Fighting

- Sturdy petrified wood staff, adorned with spirit totems. Reroll one die on Oops! Table when using to cast a spell involving spirits.
- Thick, heavy keratin scales (modest armour)
- Burrowing claws (small beast weapon)
- Medicine bag ( +1 to skill when dealing with spirits. Contents must be replenished after 1d6 uses)

New Spell -
Spirit Council (cost = skill of spirit)
After a short ritual the caster may summon a spirit and compel it to answer 1d6 questions. If the caster knows specific identifying traits of the desired spirit (name, etc) they may add +1 to the roll. The GM may decide how truthful and forthcoming the spirit may be, and its actions when the spell ends. Lasts until all questions are asked and answered.

Art by Baka-Bushi,


Anyone written some Troika adventures yet?

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RIFTS w/ Troika! rules: 
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No! What were you thinking? Bad!
Important pic re: sexual awakening!
Yes, but don't tell Kevin.
No! What were you thinking? Bad!
Important pic re: sexual awakening!

Wrote up a new background this evening:

Perfervid Chronicler of Corda

You've heard the stories told by the Giants of Corda and have become enthralled by them. You are, for your own reasons, writing down every story you hear, cataloging every artifact you come across, to find, for your own reasons, Lost Corda. Why search in the morning when you can search now.

Writing materials (writing implements, journals)
Astrological Equipment
6 Plasmic cores

2 Astrology
3 Awareness
3 Etiquette
2 Language (Korda)
2 Pistolet fighting
2 Spell True Seeing

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Dickload of new backgrounds for troika, plus setting stuff. More to come probably

Would using Advanced Fighting Fantasy Out of the Pit be a compatible bestiary until a Troika! Bestiary arises? I think I'm going to try some recent 1-page dungeon type adventures, anyone have any other favorites? (Vornheim, Veins of the Earth, and Deep Carbon Observatory seem good too.)

Also I must mention I'd love a dueling philosophy chart or something to tide me over. I want a planescape style but you know, like actual philosophies and mysticism. Any good posts from your blog or others to recommend +Daniel Sell ?

More rules questions. On armor,
1- shields are in addition to regular armor, right? So heavy with a shield, like the Questing Knight, would have -4 to all rolls?
2- what if armor makes the roll 0? Treat it as though a 1 were rolled or 0 stamina damage?

On mighty blow,
3- It says damage is doubled, meaning the stamina number is doubled not the roll, right? 

Anyone going to the UK Game Expo? Troika! will be there along with all my other doodads, plus my fine co-exhibitor +Paolo Greco.

Come say hello.

Four quick Troika! rules questions that may very well have been answered already:

1) When you're firing a missile weapon at someone who has no dodge/block type skills and thus cannot do an opposed roll, do you simply roll under your own missile weapon skill to hit?

2) When you're fighting against a mixed group of different types of monsters, do you add the initiative scores of each type of monster together to get their total number of initiative tokens? Or take an average?

3) If there's available time and money, and a relevant tutor, can any character learn any and all spells?

4) Death and Stamina: If someone is injured enough to put them at negative Stamina, they're instantly dead, whereas if the attack puts them at 0 on the nose, there's a chance to revive - is that how it works?
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