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Best And Easy Earning Way
Best And Easy Earning Way

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A mysterious gate appears as a young looking boy walks out of it into the guild hall before fainting. One highly noticeable feature is the covering over his right eye. "What you all decide to do with him is up to your guild master. Whether you decide he needs to be kept under watch or have him join the guild is up to you. The Choice is yours." This comes from a strange voice that no one can recognize before the voice disappears
Quotes: "You going to die a painless death friend so don't worry" Losan instantly kills a good friend he's had for a few months to prevent him from suffering from an incurable illness
"You will die, You will die, You will die, & you will die" Laughs maniacally "Now face your death with courage & bravery. Black Hole" a small black hole forms around them, absorbs them, & then disappears

Name: Losan Tetrix
Age: 2,000 
Body Age: 18
Gender: Male
Species: Half-Void Being, Half-Archangel
Ethnicity: White
Appearance: Picture

Height: 6'3
Weight: 175 lbs.
Eye Color: Crimson Black
Hair Color: Silver
Hair Style: Picture
Body Build: Slim
Guild Mark: Has yet to receive it
Rank: On par with S-Class, but prefers to stay at the rank of A-Class.

Sexual Orientation: Bi
Person of Interest: Has none
~ Zephyr Tetrix(Father): Deceased. Died to save the multiple universes from the ever expanding Void. He was successful & the void is now unable to expand to the other universes & Dimensions.
~ Aurora Tetrix(Mother): Deceased. She died during a war between Heaven & Hell two years after Losan was born.

~ Void Piercer: A unique dual bladed sword forged from the essence of the void capable of absorbing energy near it & then unleashing that energy in a giant wave or blast
~ Combat Knife: a regular combat knife he found after escaping his imprisonment within the deepest area of the void where even Zephyr could not enter.
~ Dual Blade Swordsmanship
~ Knife Combat training 

~ Insanity: After spending years trapped & chained up by Zephyr's evil father in an area of the void even Zephyr could not enter even with taking over the spot of Void Ruler, he started going insane as the years went by in pure emptiness of the void.

~ Universal Balance: Unlike Chase's Infinite Universal Evolution this restricts Losan's powers to level's reasonable to the universe he is in regardless of how powerful he is. It even alters his powers to what is allowed in said universe.
~ Void Magic: A special magic inherited from his father allowing him to use the same void spells as him such as black hole & eternal nightmare (The magic circle that forms when he uses this is in the pictures)
~ Gates of Aegis: It's unknown how he acquired this while being trapped in the void, but it is believed to be the reason to how he was able to escape, allowing him to travel between planets, galaxies, cities, ships, universes, & dimensions with ease
~ Void Form: He also inherited his father's void form allowing him to freely travel to the void & control it's energy that most considered impossible to control if there was any energy within the void at all
~ Chaos Absorption: Due to going completely insane with some bits of his old self still lingering about he is able to absorb & manipulate the poisonous energy of Chaos
~ Chaos Magic: By being able to absorb chaos energy he is able to use magic that can utilize it. This is also one thing the Leviathan's are incapable of even though they are made of Chaos Energy.
~ Darkness & Shadow Manipulation: He is capable of fully manipulating the darkness energy & the shadows at whim due to being the only heir to the throne of Shadows his Father once held

Natural Abilities:
~ Enhanced Physical attributes: All of his physical attributes are greatly enhanced such as enough strength to cleave a building in half with his dual bladed sword & moving at mach 2 with ease
~ Levitation: Unlike his father without wings he needed another form of not falling for all eternity through the void so he naturally gained levitation in it's place
~ Half Sight: During his time trapped in the void his right eye went blind & so he can only see out his left eye
~ Immortal Age: He can live forever without worry of dying of old age, but deal enough damage to him & he will die

Personality: Kind & Insane
Likes: Chaos, The Void, The Darkness, Shadows, Magic, & Destruction
Dislikes: Nothing
Bio:  During the early years in his life Zephyr taught Losan how to use Void magic & use dual bladed swords. When Losan turned 14 Zephyr taught him how to control his void form & how to use it wisely & Zephyr even taught him how to communicate with the shadows. When he turned 21 his father's father had taken him on a supposed trip into the deepest part of the Void, but when they reached that point he trapped Losan in special Void Chains capable of nullifying any of his current powers that Zephyr had passed down through the bloodline. Zephyr's father then went on to tell Losan about his plans to use the shadows to expand the void which would destroy all the universes except for the void & such was his end game. He also told him how much he hated Losan being half archangel as he despised anything that's not a purebred. The chains that Losan was put in also removed any trace of his existence he had making him impossible to find using ordinary means. A great many years after he was chained up he felt the existence of both his father Zephyr & his grandfather disappear & shortly after this a strange gate appeared before Losan & asked him a simple yes or nor question. "Do you want to stay trapped here for all eternity" Losan replied "No, it's too boring here" The gate had replied to this "If you don't wish to stay here I can allow you to leave this place & brake free from those chains since being the Legendary Gate of Aegis allows for things that are normally not allowed to happen under the circumstances" Losan said "Then get me the fucking hell out of here I'm insane already no need to go hysterical while I'm here" Gate of Aegis replied simply with this "Your wish is then granted Losan Tetrix son of Zephyr Tetrix, be free forever now." It has been around 24 years since then as Losan is on the search to find people to help & make friends with as well as to get information from the different universes out their.
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I'M GETTING MARRIED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! With +Oran Wolfsheart 
I'M GETTING MARRIED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Siting on the ground with grass growing around him when he opens his eyes) grate i'm stuck...

Name: Vulcan Hitomashi
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Magic or Weapon: Molten Dragon Slayer
Guild Mark/Color: Crimson on Left Shoulder Blade
Pet: No Pet (currently)
Likes: Fire, metal, people who are easy to get along with
Dislikes: Bullies, Abusers, Anyone who threatens those I care about
Character Bio: Vulcan is young wizard who has a younger sister by about 4 years. Both his parents had passed during the wars with the dark guilds while he protected his sister with everything he could while keeping up with his magic studies. Two years ago his sister was taken by an unidentified dark guild. Vulcan wandered the land searching for her or the guild to no a vale. He stumbled upon this guild and decided to take refuge here till he could find some answers.

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Name: Dax Trilight Nocto
Gender: male
Location of guild mark:palm of left hand
class: B
magic: Darkness, purple flare, and shadow dragon slayer magic
personality: mostly silent and  dark, he can deal with light but he highly dis likes it. Dax mainly acts at twilight or night do to the advantage. Agitated easily but trys to block it out or avoids conflict if possible. when he snaps he losses most reason and is unpredictable. when he is calm you can talk with him just fine. He looks like Stine from soul eater minus the screw and dressed in all black.
bio:when ever someone asks...Everyone he ever knew and loved died...the darkness is all i have left. that is all you need to know.

walks  back home after the party

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Here is the outfit I will wear at the party

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Job request:
Find and capture these highly dangerous criminals from the dark Guild Bone Scythe.
Highly skilled wizards required
Reward: 40,000 jewel.
Warning:caution shall be need when face these individuals
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warms up ready kiddo? +Roseabella Dragneel
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