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Does any girl want to roleplay as Lola I'll be buggs


I smiled checking out of the local adult store. I had three bags full of toys and items that I could use to play with myself, it was almost like a little dream come true. I disliked having to stroke myself off to cum so I just decided to let the toys do all the work. I chuckled as I walked out looking at the bags not noticing the familiar car pulling in containing my annoying admirer who seemed to be totally fine with stalking me and adapting to anything I tried to tell her off with. I've even tried to tell her off by saying her hair color was off, yes I got that desperate, and she just changed her hair color and came back. Well I wasn't thinking about that now as I opened the trunk to my car setting the toys with the rope in the back. I closed the trunk and walked around to the front looking back at the building I had just walked out of. In this large parking lot and amount of people no one could have given enough care to notice me. Probably just a horny teenager, well technically they were correct... well nevertheless no one would know. I got into the car and started it up looking at my phone to reply to the online roleplays that I had started on my private private account three years back, though most of them had changed over the months. I smiled and pushed my boner down in my pants as I finished the last reply. I buckled up and pulled out of the parking lot leaving my admirer to watch. Now at this point I still hadn't noticed her car as she had gone into the store as well but for the clothes and the punishment equipment. I smiled pulling onto the highway still rubbing my hand softly down my pants in the middle pushing the ever needy boner down. It was hard not to think about all the fun I would have, alone. I got home and unloaded everything walking into the house and straight up to my bedroom. I had a girl roommate in this dorm room but thanks to my admirer she had left that I think about it I can't remember what she had done to deserve that. We still talked online as I roleplayed with her, not like she knew it was me though on the other end. I smiled and undressed unpacking the toys and setting them all out. I looked out at a beg covered in handcuffs, gags, dick rings, and a few vibrator beads. hmmm~ well I'll try the beads first then I can try to wear a gag maybe as I do it, I want to start slow. I took a virbator bead and rubbed it on the underside of my dick moaning softly as it felt great. I let myself enjoy that for the day as I put the other toys away. I smiled and even lightly taped it to my dick as I slept letting myself have a very naughty dream. I smirked as I woke up and yawned looking over at the drawer hiding all the other toys. Tonight I might try out a gag or dick ring. I got dressed leaving the vibrator back in the drawer though discreet teasing was a turn on I wouldn't want to risk it. I sighed and got into the car heading over to my stupid classes. I am still in college so anyone finding out my turn ons and private life there would be disastrous. I grumbled greeting you, my admirer, in the hallway hating how again you stuck next to me. You seemed to be intent on making me today look down your loose shirt. I didn't fall for it, good for me as you had worn a lingerie to school under your clothes hoping to tease me. I struggled through class waiting to go back home and try out more toys. I loved it when the bell rung letting me out from that hell. I went straight home after work and locked my room. I now sat again naked in my bed. hmmm~ let's try the gag i put on a ball gag and rubbed the vibrator bead on my dick again mmmpph~ I loved it. It was an almost blissful feeling. I smiled and layed back enjoying the night. I repeated that process for a while until I was coming home early and tying myself to the bed and moaning letting myself cum over and over enjoying it so much, I even had tried the put the key in an ice cube so that I actually can't get out until it melts. Everyday when I went to school it would seem easier and easier for me to just walk right past you and pay you no attention, this would really piss anyone off that had been trying the whole year to get my attention. So at the end of the school year where I actually forgot to even say hi to you, something snapped. Not like you got angry it was just the realization that I didn't need you, so if you wanted me you were going to have to make me need you. Now back to when you had gone to the local adult store you had bought punishment toys and naughty clothing but now you had to go back. There was three ways you could do this. Kidnap me, rape me, or forcefully seduce me, but after a little bit of digging on the internet there was a fourth option. A dick cage. If you were to essentially lock up my dick so I couldn't do anything without the lye you owned. I would have to obey you. Now along with your realization there would be a new idea that would seem pleasing, normally you had wanted to be the damsel the little princess, now there was a bigger role that you seemed to enjoy the idea of....Dominatrix.

(Kidnapping path)
So it was you who as I got naked that night and layed down in my bed and started to put the gag and vibrating bead on my dick that barged in through the window. I tried to resist as you were now on top of me holding a cloth over my mouth and nose. I watched the world go black as I passed out now helpless as you took me away, with all the toys in tow. I woke up a long time later tied helpless to your bed the bead crushed and thrown away, from now on I wouldn't need any toys my kidnapper was perfectly glad with forcing me to used her only

(Rape path)
I sighed getting home and closing the door. I looked over to see you holding handcuffs and a gag just before they were put on me forcefully. I tried to scream out as you pushed me to the floor and used me. You then with your new sadistic mindset were completely happy with not telling anyone that I came into you and use my cum as evidence against me. If I let you use me every night. The toy I bought forgotten I now moved over to your dorm. I was in for a long summer

(Seducing path)
I sighed having chosen to have a drink to celebrate the school year over. I walked into the bar with a smile and took my seat in a back table. I grumbled softly as some how you came in soon after in vey revealing clothes. I blushed as you sat next to me. After a while you and I started having a conversation (during which you had secretly kept having my drink refilled so my thoughts just spiraled down) that seemed to be goin~ w-well I think...ugh...umm. I hadn't realized but m-maybe I-I've had a bit t-to much~..........s-she doesn't l-look to bad...w-who wis sha' agen'?

(MistressXslave(or pet) path)
I chuckled so happy to be back home after school. I went straight over to my room and layed in bed putting myself in one of the hardest self bondage situations I had ever thought up. I had an arm binder holding my arms behind my back and my legs strapped together. All of the staps leg to a set of straps that were locked at the chest with a key so that if I unlocked it all of the toys fell off. I put the key in ice hanging above me as I layed on the floor the vibrator starting leaving me to moan helpless for a while until the key fell. At this time you barged in later then what you had wanted as you had brought the cage. I looked over and tried to scream as you in your naughty mistress attire locked my dick in a cage and let the key fall into your hand as you leashed me and smiled laying the whip across your lap. I was going to be your obedient slave/pet or else.

(Girls only)
(No one liners. No exceptions, I need 3-20+ lines. I don't care if that means you can only reply once per day. Just do it.)
(I like teasing, denial, petplay, bdsm, bondage, hanging bondage, discreet public bondage, discreet public teasing, and detail. I love detailed explanations of how you tied my character up or how you are teasing him.)
(Enjoy the roleplay)

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y/n ιѕ zoey'ѕ мoтнer, нer нυѕвand leғт нer aғтer ѕнe нad zoey, нe dιdn'т wanт anyтнιng тo do wιтн a cнιld ѕo нe leғт. zoey нad тυrned 16 yearѕ old a ғew dayѕ ago and y/n нad ѕтarтed ғeelιng ѕeхυally aттracтed тo zoey. one day zoey нad ѕpenт тнe day wιтн нer ғrιendѕ and ѕнe caмe вacĸ ѕυper ѕweaтy ѕo ѕнe goт ιn тнe ѕнower, y/n тooĸ нer cloтнeѕ ѕo yoυ coυld waѕн тнeм ѕo yoυ wenт тo тнe landry rooм and yoυ pυт all нer cloтнeѕ ιn вeѕιdeѕ нer panтιeѕ and yoυ ѕмelled тнeм and goт ѕυper нorny, yoυ ѕтarтed ғιngerιng yoυrѕelғ and ғondlιng wιтн yoυr вreaѕтѕ aѕ yoυ мoaned oυт zoey'ѕ naмe, вy тнe тιмe zoey waѕ ғιnιѕнed y/n waѕ ιn yoυr вedrooм υѕιng a vιвraтor тo pleaѕυre yoυrѕelғ aѕ yoυ ѕмelled zoey'ѕ panтιeѕ and мoaned нer naмe. zoey нeard нer naмe and ѕнe walĸed ιnтo нer мoтнer'ѕ rooм and ѕнe ѕaw yoυ, yoυ goт υp and walĸed over тo нer вeғore yoυ тacĸled нer and ѕтarтed....

rυleѕ/ ιмporтanт тнιngѕ
y/n мeanѕ yoυr naмe
pleaѕe υѕe one oғ тнe pιcтυreѕ and мy cнaracтer ιѕ тнe ғιrѕт pιcтυre
yoυ are doмιnanт and ѕнe ιѕ ѕυвмιѕѕιon
ѕнe alѕo lιĸe yoυr cнaracтer ιn a ѕeхυal way
pleaѕe aѕĸ
мy cнaracтer ιѕ ѕυвмιѕѕιve and yoυr cнaracтer ιѕ doмιnanт
good graммar, no eмojι'ѕ and no тeхт тalĸ
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I smile looking over at you cleaning your nails as we were together at a high end restaurant. I had asked you for help on how to become a Master which had really made you jealous as you almost were very possessive of me since we were children which only got worse as I never had thought of you as a love interest. You only wanted me to be yours. I talked with you and bought collars and toys for my kitten at home which whenever I mentioned her you would look away or grumble so I stopped, but whenever I asked questions about you which you answered fully smiling as if they were the best questions ever, it should have clicked then but it never did. So you decided to take matters into your own hands as a mistress as we walked out after having the meal. that was good~ that you for your tips I will see if they work. I walked off down the alley way but blushed as you ran after me and pinned me to the wall a hand in your pocket pull something out. I blushed and looked at her seeing the dick cage in her hands. w-what are you d-doing~!? i blushed helpless as you pulled down my pants and underwear. I looked at her and way going to shove her of when I heard a click and felt the cold hard metal on my dick she had plugged my- ahhh~ I moaned and dropped to my knees as she held the keys and was shocking me and vibrating my dick with vibrators now in the cage and a shock collar around my neck h-hey get it of- I get slapped with another shock and the vibrators increasing as you now were going to give me an earful and if you had me like this now why not just take me away as my slave hadn't arrived yet to be honest. I, now moaning, dropped back down to my knees

(You don't have to play the yandere type of character but you have to be a little possessive of who I talk to and who I interact with. This can also be played in a school environment easily)
(I am a boy so only girls please, don't ask me if you can play the opposite gender and be a futa or something like that)

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I was one of your friends who supported you during your rough times and offered you a place and food to have at my home it been 25 years since we last meet but one day you called me to head to your house saying it was important as soon as I arrived you said-- (Your can be a sluttish or whatever) (Choose your oc(
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тнιѕ ιѕ eмвarraѕѕιng.

Any dominant girls care to rp??

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(Female Needed)
(4+ lines are a minimum)

You were a young lady in your 20's, living in a medium sized apartment. Inside were two bathrooms, one bedroom, a kitchen, and a small living room. The bathrooms were beside the kitchen and the bedroom, being on the opposite side of the house from one another. The living room was in the dead center of the house and was the first thing you saw when you'd enter the house. The kitchen being to the right and the bedroom to the left of the house. In the bedroom there was one king sized bed and two dressers accompanied by one nightstand. The living room had one flat screen T.V, a small coffee table, and a cute coach you bought not too long ago. You worked day shifts on week days meaning you had the rest of the day to relax from 4pm and past

You had a tiring job not took most of the energy out of you, you worked at a restaurant, the constant running back and forth really ran you down to the fumes. When you got home you could barley move so making your own food wasn't really going to happen. However you have been dating a guy for some time now, me. Everyday, working or not I would make you dinner, food being something I loved. I was a tall, thin man. I was sweet but I had never had any sexual encounters with you or anyone. I was still a virgin, you however have done it a few times making you the experienced one. I never did try to get in your pants often. I tried once while we were together for the year of us living together. You can't blame me, I was a shy and a little scared of messing up

Valentine's day had arrived, you knowing my love for cooking and food in general decided to mix that element with something a little more arousing. So that day you...

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Name : Katlynn (kat)

Age : 18 but looks 15

Gender : Female

Sexuality : Bisexual

Personality : submissive and obedient, shy

Bio : She's been at the slave workhouses for as long as she can remember

Likes : treats and sugar

Master/Mistress Preferred : dominant but loving, harsh and will punish her if she does something even a bit wrong

Dislikes : being beaten and dogs

Height : 4'11"

Weight : 94 lbs

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(Female needed)
(Mustbe descriptive)
(Your character will not be hard to sway into this, but that doesn't mean to give in right away)
(If you wish, I'll keep the Russian accent throughout the rp)
Alternative TimeZone where the cold war wasnin Soviet Russia's favor
Soviet Russia, a few years before the cold war ended. America and Soviet Russia had been mass producing weapons of mass destruction, freeing jobs for thousands. Due to this, the economy pf both countries sky rocketed. Allowing the poor to make a living and the rich to become major powers of the country. Encouraging thier countries to continue this, "war" which was an excuse to help both countries economies. Of course there were still some who stayed in poverty, not being properly trained theybwere doomed to be homeless. This was mostly in America, allowing some rich Soviet's to take personal advantage.
You were a sweet younge girl, you were struck in poverty. Un-able to pay for training or have any work at all, you were forced to invest in different means. If course many of these were not fully thought out, one of which you were interested in the idea of being a slave. Misunderstanding the contract, thinking this was going to be for a short period of time, rather than this permanent arrangement would begin in a short time. So you were blindly getting ready to be auctioned off, nearly have of the bidders being Russian. With little to none learned English, however some were fluent in it.
As you were brought out infront of the stage, you could clearly here all the buzzers going off repeatedly. Starting to slowly calm down, until only two buzzers were left. They were going back and forth repeatedly, until one finally gave up. You had been solf off for over $100 million dollars, sadly due to your contract only one fourth would go to your family. A few men arrived on the stage to you, grabbing you by your ars, dragging you away to the door by the last buzzer.
Once you stepped in you could clearly see a Soviet flag, meaning you eould be traveling far away from home for what you thought was a week. You were going to spend your life to never see your family, and live with a stranger if Russia. You were brought to a small room, where a russian man stood in front of you. With icey blue eyes, wide shoulders, thin body shape, jet black hair, almost pale white skin, and a large winter coat with grey fur all around it. In his arms (me) he held out a smaller coat, to your size. The men led you over to him, letting you put the jacket on. Before being dragged away again.
A lot of walking a doors came after, until you were led into a private plane where I went as well. Sitting up front while you sat near the back with a glass of Amontillado (wine) of course this plane being small to where we were a few seats apart.
Finally arriving in Russia, you were quickly brought to a large mansion, being brought in by me after the other two men uad left. Closing the door after us, finally breaking the hours of silence.
"(Your name), I'm so glad you could be here in my country. Welcome, to Soviet Russia" Rolling my "R" in "Russia". Then you....
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