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Name: Destiny
Age: 17
Crush: nobody so far.
Boyfriend/girlfriend: nobody #loner
Friends: Cordella
Sexuality: Straight
Likes: reading, the internet, singing, nature
Dislikes: evil, darkness, no wifi (who doesnt love wifi?! D:)

🔮 Supernaturality 🔮
Powers: none
Element: none

✅ Important Stuff ✅
Biography: she was born in a small town then moved near cordella and they became friends but then they sepertated but still are good friends.
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(Cordellas NEW Sign UP +Lps Sun Shine​)
Name: Cordella
Age: 18
Crush: Reaper
Boyfriend/girlfriend: Reaper
Friends: Reaper, Caden, Ethan, Ice, Valerie, Lucas, Dakota
Sexuality: Straight
Likes: Reaper, Her friends, Singing,and playing the guitar
Dislikes: Logan, Evil, Reading

🔮 Supernaturality 🔮
Powers: Fire Stream (makes a stream of lava), Lava Pit (turns the ground lava)
Element: Fire (almost)

✅ Important Stuff ✅
Biography: Cordella: Hewo! Im Cordella a special 18 year old. I have super powers and I am a shape shifter! I have a bunch of friends. And an enemy. Logan my ex.
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(Im just making a new character now lmao)
Name: Dakota
Lastname: Sunburst
Age: 17
Sexuality: Bisexual
Hobbies: Reading, Practicing Her Powers
Status (single or naw): Single.
Likes: Reading, Boys And Girls, Children, Being Alone.
Dislikes: Bratty Rich People, People Who Call Her A Peasant, People That Boss Her Around

♦ Get To Know More! ♦

Siblings: 0
Supernatural?: yes
Powers: Water Bubbles, Fire Balls, Ice Pellets.
Element?: Air, Fire, And Ice
Biography: Dakota Is A Long Lost Element. The Only Thing She Knows Is That She Has Powers. Her Parents Died In A Shooting Zone Whilst She Was 5 Years Old. She Has Felt Lonely In An Orphanage Being Called A Peasant By The Other Kids. She Enjoys Being Alone And Reading Also Making New Friends!
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Who wanna rp? Illa be using my character Cordella (:
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O hey I remember this

why not RP here again

So anyone wanna RP?
I'll use my one character
Lola (Sanguinar): Single female
Link to signup:

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Name; Lydia
Age; 15
Gender; Female
Sexuality; Biromantic Asexual
Friends; none
Enemies; basically everyone that exists in this world
Personality; hardcore and sort of rude but broken inside
Bio; I don't remember a lot (that fall was pretty hard) but I do remember that I lost my parents when I was super little and I had to go to this random lady's house. She didn't accept my sexuality so she kept forcing me to be straight and go to church and blah blah blah. My little brother was taken away from me and he was getting bullied at his school. He ran away and while I was walking home from the bus stop he ran into me. I was so happy and I could tell he was too. Since I hated life at Cindy's house (that was her name) we decided to run away together. We didn't have much food or very good shelter but we had each other and that was enough. We lived like this for about a year. Then he got sick and... passed away. He was all I had that kept me happy and I become very depressed after his death. I committed suicide. When I went to heaven I was pretty mad. I did things that I regret. That's why I was kicked out.
Pets; none
Crush; none
Likes; TØP, anything LGBT+ related
Dislikes; homophobes 😑😾👎🏻
Siblings; I HAD Asher but he got sick and died
Powers; I lost my powers but I'm trying to regain them
Other; I'm a fallen angel so technically I'm dead
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You see ace getting bullied
You here these words hi worthless kill your self you never belonged
ANND I regret being your freind oh yeah if your BFF isn't here they arn you
Stopped it and fighted back it went on Intill she burst out

Anyone wanna RP?
I have 1 character currently (I may or may not make another I'm still thinkin bout it)
Lola (Sanguinar) Single Female
Link to Signup:

Dakota walked along the sidewalk. It was a gloomy day filled with fog and dark, stormy clouds. His dog, Alpine, an German shepherd and Siberian Husky mix walked calmly next to him, only tugging at her dark crimson leash when she saw a fellow canine. He sniffed the air, it smelt of rain and the musky odour of car gas. He had his headphones in with Spotify playing on his phone that was in his pocket. He hummed the song that was currently playing: The good, The bad And the dirty by Panic! At the disco
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