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Task for the day......make a list of 100 people.....they don't even have to be someone that you think would ever join Younique.  Just make a list.  Dump your facebook friends onto paper.  The memory jogger in the files section will really help!!!  Comment done when you've finished and throw a pic in if you want.  Who really wants to be on that ship??

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This is a great approach!
Sometimes simple and basic are better to pique people's interest, With this IG post I got 3 requests for more details and set up a Skype call for tomorrow with an Aussie girl dying to join! #LessIsBetter

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So remember how we were talking about vision vs's a sheet to help you write down both.... How perfect is this???

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Replay link from tonight

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My list is done what do you suggest after I get my names down . Should I get to know the people . Message them +Nicole Jasien 

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January Kudos
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From Yellow to JAMAICA!!

I think the trip announcement demands a breakdown of JUST HOW EASY it is to go to Jamaica!! Last year was much harder! ANYONE can go!

1. Buy your Convention Ticket: Automatic 1000 points

2. WORK your business. Sponsor, Sell, Promote. 

3. Help others promote and earn TONS of points PLUS build an amazing team!

If I were YELLOW right now lets do a breakdown of what I would need to do to earn this: 

January Goals (Need 25,000)

Buy Convention Ticket: 1000 Points

Promote to Pink: 1000 Points

Party my Pants off: 1000 PRS

Sponsor three new Recruits

February Goals (Need 22,000)

Promote to BLUE: 2000 points

Party and Sell: 1250 PRS

Sponsor three more Recruits

Help the recruits you sponsored in JANUARY (or any of your personally sponsored Presenters) advance to Pink or higher status: 750 points

March Goals (Need 18,000)

Promote to GREEN: 3000 points

Party and Sell: 1000 PRS

Sponsor three more Recruits

Help the recruits you sponsored in JAN and FEB advance to Pink and Blue Status: 2500+ points

April Goals (Need 11,500)

Maintain GREEN status: 3000

Party and Sell: 500 PRS (to maintain Elite rank)

Sponsor three more Recruits

AGAIN, help the people you sponsored rank up! Pink Blue and GREEN! Possible points: 3500+

May Goals (Need 4,500)

Maintain Green status: 3000

PRS: 500 to maintain Green status

Recruit 3 more

Help everyone continue to rank up: 3000+ 

TRIP EARNED with points to spare!


**This is just an example. You can earn it buy selling $4000 per month if you wanted. Set up your own goals, and meet us on the BOAT!! #filltheship

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Fun pic to share :) #filltheship

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