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Look in to my eyes and take one good look, i am no different than any other human being except my life was twisted in a demons trap....

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Prem-Rose is in town waiting for orders from the queen *sigh* ((OPEN RP))

Prem-Rose Belcom nears the Phantomhive mansion with her lady in waiting Victoria. the queens cat ((ak best spy)) has come to the phantomhive mansion on business. her red hair is swept over her right eye as she walks up to the front door of the mansion ((any ciel phantomhives and/or Sebastian michelis))

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+Death Sutcliff
Meeting my brother for the first time......seems interesting
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Pass it on to another community if you want to live. (Sorry, i just want to live)
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Name : Amber Trancy
Age : 13
Race : human
Social class : rich
Bio : Alois's sister

Name: Prem-Rose Belcom
Reaper/demon/angel/human: human with a demon
 Social Class: (Rich, middle, poor) Rich
Bio: she is the queens best spy known as the queens cat. her parents were murdered right in front of her own eyes. She has a lady in waiting that always looks after her and follows her. She owns a fashion and food industry
personality: happy but ruthless when needed
looks: red hair, brown eyes, pale skin, always wears gloves.

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Name: Sally Skeletonheart

Race: Demon

Gender: Female

Age: 19 (demon age: 19)

Rank: Maid

Bio: She'll tell you when you get to know her.
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