this is never going to take off. i'm taking this down soon. so fucking depressing. i have zero fucking faith in this stupid fucking planet. fuck you all, fuck this world, i hope you dive into the fucking sun.

i'm tired of trying to change the future. i want to change this moment. now. i'm tired of waiting for a future that never comes. i'm taking over the moment, to make it better, if only for me.

i will keep posting more information here as it becomes relevant. any questions you might have, go ahead and ask them, and i will answer. i know there will be a ton of questions about this, and i assure you, they all have answers, i have thought this out at great effort. this idea is not a teetering structure, but rather a growing foundation on fresh ground. for a better world. inform yourself as to what i'm talking about. go to youtube, and watch a video of michio kaku talking about a type one civilization, and then come back here and share your thoughts. ask questions, i encourage you, inform yourself. you cannot make an informed decision unless you are fully informed. why not start now.

this is an actual idea for change. people who are sick and tired of poverty, limitations, restrictions, and irresponsible excuses for why it has to stay this way. only the system is written in concrete, but we can break the relevance of that rock, and build a new foundation for a better life. it doesn't have to be this way. we don't have to live this way. we can change it, and it's starting now. what i intend to do with this community, is have our voice be heard as far as laws, religion, and related topics go. potentially, this society will have a piece of land to start growing a community on, and this community will not function on a monetary system. the only law will be 'no violence'. those of us who would like to live that way, join and give it a try. this is your chance. it's time to make our dreams come true in the moment.
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