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8.1 booted ..... For now 8956 Loire platform ....

New Oreo builds available .... Enjoy

hello everybody. I have flashed the first aosp oreo build for Xperia x compact. But I can only see the sony bootlogo when I start the phone. how can i deal with it?

Download folders updated with oreo builds (coming soon)

wait my tweet for it ... #StayTuned

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please be sure you have intalled vendor.img from

fastboot flash oem vendor.img

this can be done on dora only via dd ...... be sure also all your devices have latest sony stock release to be able write oem partition via fastboot....

if you don't flash vendor.img the device will not boot ....

First oreo builds available .... please check download folders ... enjoy

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#SonyAOSP Oreo builds will start soon

aosp for xperia t3? Anyone?
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