meh have returned from life matters ;u;

I have gotton so much better, just request and ill hook you up!

Hey guys! sorry i've been busy in life lately and havn't posted in a while

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Random fandom Art, made long ago, still as always Wickedd's art, made by me, my use only.

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SELFIEEEE this is my cat, Wicked,  im putting her info for no reason
Name: Wicked
Hour Glass: 37 Moons   (1 moon is a month)
Gender: Fae
Pack: Tainted Spirits
Rank: Warrior
Mate: _____ nu comment.
Kits: None
Dam: Spirit
Sire: Chaos
Back Story: Wicked traveled from france, padding and riding steel monsters. she has now been in the US 17 moons. Bound be honnor, this French feline moves from pack to pack, unless given a good reason to stay.  Wicked has been given a good reason to stay, she has found a mate, and cares every much for him. even though she is cold hearted and mean to others, she is always loyal to her mate. rose, her leader has a kit named Snow, Snow and Wicked traveled to france for Four nights. close to the beginning Wicked had Joined Tainted Spirits, she now stays happily at her new home, Tainted Souls.

Hey guys, this was random, i was bored and wanted to type all that, Whoop whoop :D 

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once again, asked to be upload :L

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pic was uploaded for frand. i drew it, its mine, end of story :L

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comment your stuff child

Taking Requests! Please Post you're selfie, and describe Your Cat. Please say if you dont care, i have Copy Paper, or Notebook. choose, or say i Dont Care. Thank you. most requests will be drawn and or colored within a matter of days. Also say if you would like it colored. Thank you.


VV The Fae  padded into the small camp full of other felines, she hissed low, and padded to a small den without alot of cats. she then sat in the small cold corner, awaiting night fall she mewed low, spotting a small cat in the other corner, then she mewed, VV  "Hello, i didn't see you there before...
 *(if u wnat you can be the other cat i see or it can be a random kitty)*
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