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The Summit on Black Girls and Women in Education will take place on Saturday, May 2nd, and will be a daylong event with panels, workshops, and a keynote presentation by Professor Kimberlé Crenshaw, legal scholar, founder of the African-American Policy Forum, and activist around the #WhyWeCan’tWait movement.

"[Queer pedagogy] suggests a conversation about what I can bear to know and what I refuse ... What is at stake in this pedagogy is the deeply social or dialogic situation of subject formation, the processes of how we make ourselves through and against others" (Pinar, 2009, p. 130).   #queerpedagogy   #identity   #ignorance   #knowledge   #subjectivity  

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This past Thursday, we discussed the experiences and resources on teaching about the African-American experience in the history of Philadelphia. 

These six-word stories capture our reflections at the end of the meeting!

Explore connections. Listen to history and people.

History is not a thing of the past.

Black lives matter and always have.

Teacher storytellers bring students’ stories alive.

Learning to uncover what is covered.

Connecting. Resisting. Storytelling. Creative world building. 

Hi all.  We had a great meeting last week about content and implications of the content when teaching about Ferguson, race, and racism in our classrooms.  Here are the six word stories shared by some of the participants after.

What does it mean?  Ask.  Create.
Teaching Ferguson: it takes a village.
Inspired by the folks around me.
Reflective questions deep thinking making ideas
Begin with inquiry, left with action.
Small people, big ideas, connecting beyond.
Death by power, now connect it.

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resources for awareness
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