Hey I am looking to get into evo rts and was wondering if you guys are active anymore from what ive seen on youtube and here it appears not but i figured id ask just to see

I've installed the game from steam onto my Linux box, It runs great the game ai just kicks me in the teeth so far.  Thanks for setting your sights on Linux support its great!

Hi I'm new to this community and I was wondering do u guys talk about just 1 specific rts game or all of them? Thx. :)

Even though its a bit late I just wanted to say congrats on getting onto steam. I know that it's going to be stressful trying to get the game more suited to the general steam user and I wish you all the best with that.

Deployment Mode?

Smoth made a suggestion (which at first I didn't take seriously) yesterday, but the more I thought about it the more it intrigued me, so here is the idea.

Instead of having typical rts game starts. When the game starts, give the player 30 seconds (or so), in which time no orders given to units can be carried out (IE, the game would act as though it were paused).

During this time, the player gets 220 metal to spend on anything he wants within the green start boxes area.

So, if he wanted he could spend it on a powerplant and 2 mexes, or on 5 mexes, a factory and 3 powerplants (considered universally to be the "normal" starting build order), or any other combination.

After the 30 seconds were up, the game would actually start.

In thinking about it, I feel as though this could really make the game start dynamic (as well as get rid of the boring first minute of buildup and get right to the fun stuff.

Feel free to tack on suggestions to this. It's just an idea, but one that I think might have a lot of merit.

Hi I was trying to get the game to work but it just wont I tried using spring engine and it wouldn't load (my computer is able to run things like this usually) and tried the first download on the evolution RTS but firefox wasnt working (I dont use firefox at all) honestly I know little to nothing about how to fix this and the game looks pretty cool, can someone help?

I have a problem, When I run EvolutionRTS from Desura it's a Browser page of firefox portable but every time the page doesn't respond when there is Loading screen 


(Sorry for my bad english i'm french x) )

I just found this game on steam (also know valin via seawolves).  i got the web lobby up but i joined a ded and still got the engine downloading graphic.  wondering how long the engine dl should take... i have decent cable modem speed.   is there a stand alone engine i can dl and install?

Recently I've been wanting to start playing Evolution rts again, but whenever I launch it I get a message telling me "Your security setting have blocked a self signed application from running". From what i've read I have to change the java security settings to medium, but the problem is that whenever I launch Evolution RTS java automatically sets itself to high security and in turn throws me he same message. Any help with this issue would be greatly appreciated.

Is this accurate? I don't see a cppintnew branch. I'm looking for the 'new' AI interface stuff for C++
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