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An update on my work

As some of you may already know, I'm struggling with severe health issues. I've had severe ME for 5 years now, and can barely walk or get out of my house. I rely heavily on the support of my family and friends. Of course this directly impairs my ability to code, and I haven't been able to do even 10% of what I want to do with the apps. This pains me deeply, but I can assure you I'm still working as much as I can on the apps. I'd like to answer your questions and follow up on your mails but that's energy I'd rather put in the code itself (cont.)

Up next is a big update for SlideLock that I started working on long ago. This update will include requested features like fingerprint sensor support, wallpaper blurring, and should make the app a whole lot faster with a bunch of optimizations. I'll make a beta version available as soon as I can.

Again, thank you for your support.
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Hi, I love Ticklr for everything but one bug: whenever the screen is turned off - let's say I don't touch the phone all night - in the morning when I turn on the screen it shows the ticker notification (with no notification sound) of ALL the notifications I've gotten while the screen was off, one by one, to the point that if they're a lot I can't even see the notification bar for half an hour straight, and of course I'm unable to actually see if they're actual notifications or just "ghost" notifications until I pull the notification bar down.

This happens on both my OnePlus One running CM13 Sultanmod and my Nexus 7 running the latest stock rom. Both of them are unrooted.

Hope you could fix it someday. :) 

I tried a paid version of notifier, but, unfortunately, I couldn't set a custom sound for apps notifications (tried for wunderlist). I use Xiaomi redmi note 3. 

Hello ! I forgot my password, what should I do ??

I just bought the Metro Notifications app for android, and it's fantastic but for one thing - in the pulldown notifications screen, my Galaxy S8+ now always shows a system notification that says "Metro Notifications Service Active", and there's no way to remove it. If i swipe and click the gear option on the notification, it takes me to the metro notifications options screen and my only real choice is to disable notifications by Metro completely, which I think prevents it from working at all.
Is there some way to get rid of the "Service Active" notification?

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SlideLock beta 2.2.5

Changelog :
- Prevent cache cleaning app from removing the custom wallpaper (you may need to reset your wallpaper)
- Now displays the system status bar
- Notifications are now ungrouped by default
- Improved heads-up notifications
- Prevent double notifications
- Added a setting to disable the fullscreen album art
- Bug fixes

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SlideLock 2.2

Now available on Google Play.

Changelog :
- Added an option to disable notification history
- Added a setting to hide the screen pattern
- Added an unlock sound setting
- Added custom ringtone and vibration settings for reminders
- Added a dialog asking to disable the system lock if it's enabled
- More dynamic preferences
- Updated wallpaper selection library (should fix some issues)
- Removed seekbars
- Updated translations
- Bug fixes

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SlideLock 2.1

Includes all the changes from the beta releases

- Custom status bar with bluetooth, ringer mode, signal, wifi, battery, battery percentage
- Added a setting to bring back the old swipe right to open behavior
- New low-battery proximity detector
- Power optimisation
- The mails you send using the "Send feedback" feature now contain a log file that will make it easier to identify your issue
- Added an option to reset the tutorial messages
- Added brazilian translation thanks to CrowdIn user aaffonso
- Added romanian translation thanks to CrowdIn user k3enanz
- Bug fixes

LockerPro 2 beta 1.4.3

Changelog :
- New low-battery proximity detector
- Notification badges on shortcuts
- Power optimisation
- The mails you send using the "Send feedback" feature now contain a log file that will make it easier to identify your issue
- Added a button to clear the notifications
- Added an option to reset the tutorial messages
- Added back default dialer and camera shortcuts on the shortcut panel
- Bug fixes

Battery drain

I have found the reason of the battery drain some of you guys experience. The power usage of the light sensor is very different from one device to another.

I have developed a new way to enable pocket detection that has extremely low battery usage. Plus it doesn't use the light sensor so your device will still light up in the dark.

Will be updating the apps with this feature.
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