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Some people criticize their comedy skits, which make references to people with impairments, describing the skits as “hard to laugh at,” or “unpleasant.” However, they shrug at such criticisms, as they think “an impairment is just one part of an individual.” They say they want their audience to laugh at their skits because of the punch lines, and not out of pity or sympathy.

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I am a single parent mom with 3 sons ages 10, 7, & 6 year olds, my youngest has cp (spastic quadriplegic) and since his botox treatment, he has gained weight. So much that I am having a difficult time lifting him now. Is there anyone with some ideas on how to lift my son. I am feeling a lot of soreness on my lower back.

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Emotional!  - Best Man With Cerebral Palsy Toasts Twin In Unforgettable Speech

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It’s a touchy subject to bring up, but a cerebral palsy lawsuit is often the only way to recover damages (losses) from the hospital, doctor or medical professional who’s negligence caused such a serious injury to your child.

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Paying for the treatment of cerebral palsy is, unfortunately, out of the financial abilities of many of the parents whose children are affected with this disorder.

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The parents of the disabled with cerebral palsy took a healthy baby girl

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In the family of people with cerebral palsy was born a healthy baby girl, but she was taken away from their parents. Officials say the couple because of their own health is not in a position to take care of his daughter. Young parents are desperate and pleading for help.
Svetlana and Anatoly not hold back tears when reviewing photos of dear daughter. The couple met three years ago at the senior pension. Lovers were married, Svetlana became pregnant. These nine months have been the happiest and most alarming in the life of a young family. Anatoly says that moment, when I first took her daughter in her arms, remember for a lifetime.
Doctors told: pregnancy lasted without complications, but the deliveries are under general anesthesia, caesarean section.
"At this particular moment the baby is healthy, all reflexes, all right, the child eats well, gaining weight, there is no sign of any disease," - says Tatiana Babich, chief medical officer of the perinatal center.
Newborn Daughter called the Biblical name of Esther, which means "hidden." However, the day before yesterday, just after the discharge, the child was taken by representatives sotssluzhby. Despite the pleas of parents. Heartbroken, they returned to the geriatric pension alone.
"Sotssluzhby said that the disabled person at all for anything is not right. We have established two days a week, on Thursday and Tuesday to see the child. The director came here today and said - you're there pick up the fur fly? ", - Says Anatoly Shugaev father.
In turn, the city's service for children believe that their parents will not be able to raise a child, because they themselves are in need of assistance. The officials believe - the girl would be better in a shelter.
"The parents have the disease, which, unfortunately, do not give them to fully discharge their parental responsibilities in this regard, the child automatically acquires the status of a child without parental care", - said Svetlana Scherbakov, chairwoman of the city's services for children.
"The government was not prepared for the fact that the families of the disabled child is born. The fact that they have limited capacity, they are limited in movement, this is not a legitimate reason to take the child from the family, "- explained the human rights activist Richard Sydney.
Parents hurts to even think that their child will live among strangers. Ready to give everything to the child was with them. However, do not have their own homes, and institutions in the Crimea, where they could live with a disabled child, no. But Anatoly and Svetlana are not going to give up, they are confident that together overcome all difficulties.
"We have a lot of friends, lots of friends, will help us, and we will handle themselves. Just let us take for people, we are not animals, we are human beings! ", - Says Anatoly Shugaev father.
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Without Cayden it wouldn't be a team because there's no “I” in team."

Would you believe that those words were from then seven–year–old boy named Conner Long? Yes, and he is referring to his brother who is a couple of years younger than him—Cayden.
Cayden has been diagnosed with cerebral palsy back when he was just an infant. His parents were warned that their second son will live his entire life being taken care of.

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