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Nickname:General zarro
Appearance:he dresses like a General blonde hair and beard red eye's
Personality:commanding brave nice but aggressive
Skills:shooting a gun
Likes:shooting zombies punching zombies
Dislikes:being annoyed
Bio:before the apocalypse he was a General but after his men and family was bitten

ruby is walking through the woods (open)

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Name: Andrea Ruby Kraft
Nick Name: Ruby
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Bio: Ruby's family was one of the first to be infected. In the middle of the night Ruby heard some ruckus from her twin sisters and twin brothers room and then Ruby walked to the room and saw her parents as zombies eating her siblings. Ruby ran to the kitchen,grabbed a knife and killed her parents. She cried for 2 hours and then decided to run away. She grabbed some weapons her Dad hide in case a burglar or kidnapper came into their house. She learned how to use a shotgun and many other kinds of guns. She brought 5 knives and other weapons and found a group to take care of her and survive with. After one month another group found them and she got shot in the arm,leg and chest. The group she was with managed to survive and the doctor healed her and took the bullets out of her. After 5 years with them,half of them died and 1 woman got pregnant and gave birth to a little girl,but died and now Ruby takes care of the baby. She found a big abandoned mansion that Ruby and the rest of the group fixed up the mansion and made electricity get turned on. Ruby and the group found more survivors and Ruby decided to make a team and called it Zombie Slayers. Ruby is the Captain because she trained herself and she learned a bit how to heal people and she came up with the idea. Ruby was 7 when her parent's and siblings got killed and she came up with the idea to make a team when she was 13 so the team has been here for 4 years now
Appearance: Short black hair with red tips,dark blue eyes,white T shirt with dry zombie blood on it,purple jacket,scar on her chest,arm and leg,white jean shorts with zombie blood as well and long black leggings underneath and black boots with red soles
Personality: Funny,honest,friendly to teammates,hot head,caring and smart
Skills: Can heal someone with a minor injury,knows how to shoot about any kind of gun,can cook very well and can take care of children like a mother
Likes: Protecting her friends,killing zombies,eating and sleeping
Dislikes: Friends getting hurt,being hungry and someone waking her up

The Zombie Apocalypse has been going on for 10 years now and there still many zombies on Earth. It started in Arizona,Avondale. No one knows how it happened,but it started in that state and city. Lot's of people have theories on how it began,but no one has ever figured it out. A couple families experienced the first attack. There 3 teams that are in 3 separate states,the first one is in Arizona,the second one is in Minnesota and the third one is in Flordia. The Arizona one is called Zombie Slayers,the Flordia one is called the Z Killers and the Minnesota one is called Infected Smashers. They all have a big base and lots of resources to survive. They all have doctors,Scavengers and people who make food. Everyone besides the doctors can fight on their own and all teams have a Team Captain and a Co-Captain. They Team Captain is the most experienced with weapons and teaches people how to use them and can also keep up with food and how much resources are left to heal people and make food. The Co-Captain helps out with making food,scavenging and healing people on the team. this community is about zombie rps?

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