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Name: Caterina

Nickname: Death Strike

Age: 17

Gender: female

Strength: more than an advanced weight lifter and intelligent enough not to lose fights

Extra: she joined the fight club to earn money but also show her parents she wasn't the weak and petty princess they thought she was

how many profiles can we have?

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"You will not be remembered."
During his fight with Cera "El Diabla" (Occurred in Justice Force)

"I'm about to teach you the difference between pretention, and godhood."
During his second fight with Beerus "The God of Destruction" (Occurred in Justice Force)

Michael Alexander Shaw

The Divine Dragon
The Dragon Deity
Headmaster Shaw
One Punch Man


Attack Potency
Multiversel+ (Full Power)

Lifting Strength

Striking Strength
Multiverse+ (Full Power)

Infinite Speed

Infinite Stamina


Chronological Age

Physical Age

April 21st

Zodiac Sign


Relationship Status

Blood Type
O+ (Formerly) Unknown (Currently)

Dragon God (Formerly human)


Fairy Tail (Formerly)
Rebirth Academy
Shaw Family
Nightwing Family

Heiwa Shaw (Mother) (Deceased)
Konton Shaw (Father) (Deceased)
Lunastarzia Cosmia Shaw (Wife)
Kage Jin Shaw (Son)
Hikari Kenji Shaw (Son)
Mandisa Shaw (Daughter)
Gisa Shaw (Daughter)
Vesperia Shaw (Daughter)
Akane Etsuko (Foster Daughter)
Dan Nightwing (Son In Law)
Animalia Nightwing (Sister)

Chapter 1: Origins
Michael Alexander Shaw, the son of Heiwa and Konton Shaw. His exact birthplace is a mystery, however his childhood is not. Heiwa was a well known Sorceress, her beauty could enchant even those with the strongest wills, and it could only be matched by her power. Despite both of her charms and magic, she lacked one thing: love. That changed one day when during a job she crossed paths with a man named Konton. The two instantly connected and married giving birth to Michael not long after. The two lovers seemed to have found eternal bliss, but it was all cut short when Heiwa died during a job. She had been hired to peacefully negotiate with a group of assassins, but instead they brutally murdered. Outmatched, outnumbered, Konton had no choice but to refrain from retaliating and instead raise Michael. While Konton did not possess the power his deceased wife did in terms of Magic, he could manipulate the elements as well as use Basic Level Telekinesis along with a form of stealth magic called Ghost Magic. Now he is tasked with raising the young future Dragon God.

Chapter 2: The Fallen God
As Konton raised Michael Shaw, the training he put him through was brutal. Even the slightest error made Konton punish his son severely, he beat Michael to try toughening him up. This only made a bottle of anger form inside Michael as he grew up, but he was finally free when he ran away from home and met a man named Kagutsuchi: the Japanese God of Fire. Armed with Elemental Magic, Telekinesis, Ghost Magic, Shaw gladly wanted to learn more power from Kagutsuchi and as a result Shaw learned Flame God Slayer Magic and became immortal. But nothing could prepare Shaw for what happened next...

Chapter 3: Betrayed
Learning Flame God Slayer Magic somehow made Michael want to forgive his father, as Kagutsuchi taught him to forgive people for their mistakes no matter what. However Michael was lied to, as when he went to make amends with Konton he only saw Kagutsuchi kill him...right in front of his own eyes. Enraged, in an ironic twist of fate Michael killed Kagutsuchi and took up the cocky, brash, arrogant personality he has become known for and enrolled into an academy called Reborn. It was there he encounter with Benjamin Gray, a rivalry among Slayers was born.

Chapter 4: My Heart Is In Flames
A year prior to enrolling into Reborn, not long after killing Kagutsuchi Michael Shaw met a young woman named Vanessa or as he called her "V." He felt a connection with her, one he could not identify but nonetheless enjoyed it. In time the two married not long after similar how Michael's parents were however the bliss was cut short when V cheated on Michael and divorced him to live life with another man. Outraged Michael started to focus on himself, descending into depression, revenge sex, alcohol and drug addiction.

Chapter 5: Fairy Tail and The Archangels
After killing Kagutsuchi, Michael Shaw joined a wizard guild called Fairy Tail and as bulldozed through them becoming an S-Class utilizing his skills as well as his godlike power. That was when he joined Reborn Academy and started his rivalry with Benjamin Gray. Following the Benjamin Gray Arc, Shaw became obsessed with Slayer Magic and the power it possessed so he was not going to bypass the chance to become so powerful. Despite this it did not keep him away from developing his telekinesis but despite its abilities it gave him especially because of his Aura and Chi Manipulation he focused on Magic instead.

Chapter 6: Love Again
After the Fairy Tail VS The Archangels War and the Dark Star Arc Shaw continued to spiral downwards behind his friends backs until one day he met the beautiful Lunastarzia Cosimia Shaw. Her looks caught his eye, but her personality caught his heart, as the two met at a bar. Regardless their love happened instantly, and Shaw married Cosimia after barely a year. Following this was the opening of Rebirth Academy (then known as Slayer Academy) to pass down the power of Slayer Magic to the next generation.

Chapter 7: Rebirth Academy
Being a member of Fairy Tail helped Shaw make immense amounts of money allowing him to open Rebirth Academy. However as the academy grew bigger, Shaw no longer restricted it and instead welcomes all beings. Shortly afterwards the Twin Dragons Gods Arc occurred, Shaw had reached Master Level as a telekinesis user as well but had to lock away the power losing Aura and Chi Manipulation as well. Still Shaw became both respected and feared, but it did gain him some enemies as well, despite such his ego was high and his fear was low.

Chapter 8: Moving Forward
Shaw was engaged in one of the toughest battles against The Ascended One Marcoh Fuller. Neither bested the other, but it did not stop them from having a round two. However that also ended in a draw but caused a week long debate between Shaw and Fuller, it even began to effect the other staff of Rebirth as the two argued about who was better than who. Seeing this, Shaw tried to drop the topic and tried to reason with Fuller. Fuller however did not agree, and therefore left Rebirth Academy. During their second battle, Shaw had no choice but to use his power through telekinesis as well. Though all that power could not coexist in Shaw, and the telekinesis was much stronger than the Slayer Magic and therefore Slayer Magic and all of Shaw's Magic was removed from his body. However Magic did not influence Shaw being a Dragon God, defeating the Twin Dragon Gods Sakuro and Kinzashi did and becoming a Dragon God also made Shaw's Magic much more easy to contain. Now it doesn't matter, as Telekinesis and its applications are much stronger than any Slayer can ever be. Michael Shaw now truly possesses fitting for a Dragon God like him. As a result he has severed his ties with Fairy Tail, focusing on running Rebirth Academy and his family.

Chapter 9: Justice Force
Following Marcoh Fuller's departure, Michael Shaw travelled to the Omniversal world known as Justice Force. Upon his arrival he felt a surge of power within him, and it returned him to full power. Michael took this opportunity, and ended up obtaining a pair of Infinity Gauntlets. With this knowledge, Shaw chosen to weaken the barriers in Rebirth thus granting him his full power there as well as allowing students an additional array of abilities. But despite this given power, it will be restricted nevertheless.

Physical Information
Shaw usually wears a black cloak that's not oversized and is more like an Assassin's Robe, perfect for his lean/muscular body. He has messy, short jet black hair and orange eyes with pale skin. With the cloak is a pair of matching fingerless gloves. Though that's his human form, his true form is a purple eyed, 40 foot tall, 2,500 pound black dragon with purple eyes which really is like any other Dragon God though it does not mean he cannot use any of his powers in this form. His third form is a female version of himself that gives him a slim build and his hair becomes longer, ending near his bottom. His outfits always vary as a female, though Shaw is married after all so he likes staying as a male for "special" reasons. There is also a few distinct features on Shaw, most notably there is a light scar near the left side of his mouth from being attacked by a dog as a child. Underneath Shaw's cloak is mostly a black suit but in place of a jacket is a vest and tie, his dress shirt is white and his pants are black. He also wears black leather dress shoes that make a audible thump sound when he walks, and are also rather shiny.

Crushing Fang - On his wedding anniversary, Shaw received Crushing Fang as a gift from his wife Cosimia. Originally the blade on this was made from titanium but Shaw forged a new blade out of antimatter. The sword possesses godlike power and can cut through matter. However it can be neutralized if the weapon makes contact with certain weapons (e.g. Nyx Mortis' scythe Huntress)

Redemption - A powerful keyblade capable of slashing through most elements in the world but it is not strong enough to destroy the universe or anything around those lines. However it cannot be destroyed, and can be spawned out of thin there and be manipulated by Shaw's telekinesis.

Infinity Gauntlets - During his travels in Justice Force, Shaw obtained a pair of Infinity Gauntlets from a man named Scarx, and is currently trying to learn how to use them to their full potential. However Shaw rarely uses them, preferring the combination of his powers and skill.

Dragon God Physiology (Mostly copied shit from the powerlisting wiki) - Power/Ability to: Use the traits of a Dragon God. The most powerful variation of Dragon Physiology. Not to be confused with Transcendent Dragon Physiology.

Also Called
Divine Dragon Physiology
Dragon Deity Physiology
Lóngshén Physiology
Ryūjin Physiology

In a nutshell Michael Shaw contains the power of every dragon to ever exist. There is applications upon applications, Omnikinesis being one of them. The Dragon Deity is stronger than anyone can anticipate, and is truly superior to the other dragons regardless of the fact he is not a pure blood but instead was turned into a Dragon God.

⚫All Dragon-based Powers
⚫Environmental Adaptation
⚫Divine Force Manipulation
⚫Demonic Force Manipulation
⚫Draconic Elemental Manipulation
⚪Conceptual Element Manipulation
⚪Elemental Breath
⚪Elemental Manipulation
⚫Flight/Wing Manifestation
⚫Absolute Immortality
⚫Nigh Omnipotence
⚫Nigh Omniscience
⚫Prime Being
⚫Transcendent Dragon Physiology
⚪Cosmic Manipulation
◾Cosmic Awareness
⚪Ethereal Physiology
⚪Absolute Condition

Ultimate Immunity - This just simply means Shaw's abilities, mind, and soul cannot be manipulated, nullified, negated, etc. whatsoever. This is to ensure unsavory tactics are obliterated from fights, and can be the difference maker.

-His family
-Protecting everyone he cares for
-Helping those in need
-Being focused

-Being lied to
-Those who harm his friends and family
-Losing focus

Occasional arrogance, humble, immature, strict, Shaw is a jack of all trades but usually very calm and focused. He is fond of meditating, as he must do so to maintain such power. When his meditation is interrupted his moods are temporarily destabilized which usually means Shaw will become a bit rude for awhile but this does not last long.

Story Arcs
1. Benjamin Gray
This is believed to be the rippling effect of all Ghost has been through over the time he has travelled, this being one of the first rivalries Ghost entered. It all started 11 years ago in a tournament which Ghost was eliminated from after a brutal beating at the hands of one Benjamin Gray. Despite his best efforts Ghost failed to defeat the one eyed Dragon Slayer. But this allowed Ghost to spend 7 years in seclusion, training vigorously and pushing his body beyond its limits. All the hard training paid off when Ghost defeated his draconic counterpart and sent him back running. This lasted for 3 years, Gray awaking from his slumber. But even after throwing everything he had at Ghost, the Guardian of Fairy Tail persevered for a second time. Even when the opportunity to finish him was within reach, Ghost spared Gray's life and that was the last they saw of each other for 1 whole year. While Gray plotted revenge and trained, Ghost spent his time mastering multiple forms of God Slayer Magic, beyond Flame, Sky, and Lightning, adding 9 more forms of God Slayer Magic to his arsenal with the aid of the First Grandmaster of God Slayer Magic: Undertaker. He needed this magic in preparation, of what would be the Ultimate God Slayer VS the Ultimate Dragon Slayer...

2. Fairy Tail VS The Archangels Arc
For one year Benjamin Gray plotted to destroy Fairy Tail, and his godly counterpart Ghost. Utilizing his dark guild: The Archangels, Benjamin scouted Ghost and the allies he had recruited alongside him, Ghost doing the same thing to The Archangels in preparation for the imminent clash between these two guilds. Eventually while recruiting allies, Ghost discovered the long lost sister of Blade, an Archangel Saint. When the time came, Ghost finally removed the mask of which concealed's identity. Blade reunited with his lost sister after what seemed to be an eternity since they last saw one another, and this in fact became a signal that the war would end. With neither side victorious, and now an alliance formed, The Archangels became a legitimate guild, and now Ghost and Benjamin are much more hospitable to one another. Guess all's well that ends well, as now villains become heroes no longer blinded by pride and the path of hatred they once roamed.

3. Reincarnation Arc
With the death of Chris weighing heavily on his shoulders, Ghost slipped into a deep depression, following him brutally avenging her by slaying the one responsible for her death...her mistress: Remilia, whom Ghost plunged Redemption into. Redemption is a keyblade with the strength of one billion exploding suns, a gift Chris gave him a long time ago. So it was fitting her death be avenged by Redemption tasting Remilia's flesh. A short time after this, Ghost was informed by his friend Animalia that he had a daughter named Shiro. Before she died Chris kissed Ghost underneath the pink moon, which represented love. Ghost had unintentionally made Chris fall in love with him, by teaching her how to control her Yandere form and overall caring for her unlike anyone else did before him. Chris's love for Ghost was so immense, it became the very root of Shiro's birth. But one question remains...does Ghost feel the way Chris did...does he feel love for her? Now a woman named Diamond has entered this blood and thorn decorated picture, and claims she can resurrect the dead. She has offered the Guardian of Fairy Tail a offer he can't refuse. Though he does not trust her, Ghost feels he is the reason Chris is dead, so this is a chance to bring back his friend. Little did Ghost know, Chris had become resurrected by the one who killed her: Remilia. With second thoughts Ghost did not enter the portal, sensing a very familiar magic presence nearby. It was her, Chris...he hugged her tightly as he shed tears of joy, ecstatic his friend was resurrected.

4. Twin Dragon Gods Arc
Ghost and Ben...former enemies turned allies, immensely powerful and wise. Sakuro and Kinzashi, are the legendary Twin Dragon Gods, whom await to battle a pair of warriors fitting to take their places as Dragon Gods. Ghost and Ben, these two are fit for that. The two alone are powerful, but as one unstoppable. Following three years of nonstop training, Ben and Ghost trained each other's magic, Ghost learning Dragon Slayer from Ben, and Ben learning God Slayer from Ghost. For 7 months the two journeyed to Japan, and discovered the lost temple of the Twin Dragon Gods...even when it seemed they were gonna fail, utilizing the Archangel Magic and The Three Great Fairy Spells, Ghost and Ben destroyed Sakuro and Kinzashi, making them the New Twin Dragon Gods.

5. Dark Star Arc
A series of explosions rocked the structure of Rebirth Academy, thanks to an evil being named Yin who corrupted the Star Guardian: Polaris. Polaris caused immense destruction resulted in the death of Headmaster Shaw and Cosimia. Thanks to a fellow student, a shy, bunny hoarding blue haired Thunder God named Shock, Polaris was stopped but as a result all the stars in the sky disappeared allowing an evil goddess to possess a certain Scottish wolf with reckless intent. Meanwhile Shaw sacrificed his life for Cosimia, which allowed Mia to repair her powerstone thanks to her mother and bring back the Divine Dragon from the dead, all in a happy ending...somewhat....

6. Wolf Goddess Rising Arc Part 1
Following Polaris's death, the Wolf Goddess was unsealed and she attempted to ultimately control Nightsong and take control of the world. While this arc is short, as the Wolf Goddess was quickly stopped as Polaris was reborn...this is not the end. It's only the beginning, as the Wolf Goddess laughs quietly behind her seal....for now.

W/L Ratio
Possibly 80-90% with and without draws included, exact percentage unknown

Notable Victories
Defeated Benjamin Gray
Defeated Bakugo Katsuki
Defeated Grey the Saiyan
Defeated Beerus "The God of Destruction" and broke his hands

Theme Songs
Adam Massacre - The Second Coming (CFO$ Cover)
Avenged Sevenfold - Hail To The King
Divide The Day - Let It Roll
Living Colour - Cult of Personality
Shaman's Harvest - Broken Dreams
Shaman's Harvest - Dangerous

Michael Shaw has the exact same voice as the voice actor Troy Baker in his male form, on a side note Baker is known for voicing Joseph Allen in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and Erron Black in Mortal Kombat X. When he shifts to his female form he sounds just like Colleen Clinkenbeard, who is known for voicing Inner Moka from Rosario+Vampire and Erza Scarlet from Fairy Tail. In Shaw's dragon form he retains his male voice, but it takes up a deeper, richer quality and sounds like it's coming from every direction at once.
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"Fate can be changed, believe, hope, survive, and protect"

"Where Light goes, darkness follows"

"Words without sound, these lies betray our thoughts"

★Name★ Diamond Dust

★Nickname★ Miss. Dust, Warrior of Light, Second Serpent Lieutenant

★Age★ Unknown (physical age: 20)(doesn't really age)

★Species★ is a female Au'ra from the Xaela clan

★Personality★ Although Diamond gots a good heart, she can be cold and quite easy to annoy. She is also kinda anti social but will talk to you, it just matters what the situation is. She also quite smart, persistent and a bit weird

★Likes★ Music, snow, drawing, reading, sleeping, fighting, snow cones, animals, meeting people, video games, friends, family, Dragons, Happiness, instruments, exploring, relaxing

★Dislikes★ Idiots, rudeness, pest, stuck ups, brats, pervs, doing things the hard way, greedy people, enemies, betrayers, threats, wars, death, people who thinks they're the the best out of everyone, nosey people, but most of all is falling in love

Echo: A power that let's you see the past (its gives her a head ache afterwards and its at random)

Sustain- heals summoner beast

Shadow Flare- Envelopes a designated area in a veil of magicked shadows, dealing damage to anyone who enters

Swiftcast- next spell is casted immediately

Tri-Bind - blinds victim

Dreadwyrm trance- increases magic damage, and let's her use Bahamut power

Virus- Reduces enemies power and stamina for 5 minutes but if powerful enough she can put it to 24 hours

Eye for an Eye- Put barrier around one person who isnt her

Bane- spreads poison to anyone near the affected

Fester- makes poison 10x worse

Enkindle- Pets signature move

Painflare- pain increases
Elemental magic- only fire earth and water
Shadow control- only can be used if she has dark Knight sword

Walk through solid things but its pretty much random- doesn't work while fighting
Creating a portal

Summon: (only works with grimoire)
Garuda- Wind type
Ifrit- Fire type
Titan- Earth type
Shiva- Ice type
Rumah- Lightning type
Leviathan: water type
Coeurl- Defensive type
Chocobo- Mount/ Fighter/ Healer(not a affective healer tho)
Eos- Healer Fairy
Ultima Weapon- mixture of Garuda, Ifrit, and Titan

Bahamut- The Destroyer

★Skills★ Expert crafter, strong in battle, Expert cooker, Medium at gathering (fishing, etc.) Flexibility

★Main Weapon★ Grimoire (also makes her a summoner)

★Other weapons★ Spear, sword, Dark Knight sword, daggers, knuckles, staff, bow and arrows, pistol, (idk this one name but it uses cards), Ax, scythe, metal claws, a sometimes her own tail (Can't summon 2 weapons at once)

★Appearance★ blackish color Horns, blackish color long spiked tail that goes to her feet, short white hair, dashes of scales(blackish color) on skin, red beaming eyes, and a tattoo on the back of her neck, she can also look like a regular human too, under her scales is poison so don't damage scales, and pale skin

★height★ 5.5

★weight★ Normal

★Bio★ (is from a different world) she is known to be the warrior of light, meaning she is a defender of that world. She has defeated Primals, which are a high class beast, and originally take 8 powerful, high classed fighters to defeat. She had joined a guild called Scions of the Seventh Dawn. The guild had slowly dissenting up the ranks and was at the top they defeated monsters, got more members and even got to meet the three commanders and discussed ways to save the realm. One day, she was going to a meeting with the princess, just her and the princess. Everything was fine until the drinks came... The princess's cup had been poisened... Then the guards bursted in and saw Diamond and the princess, laying lifelessly on the floor. They accused Diamond and tied her up. They then went to the Scions of the Seventh Dawn, accusing them too thinking that they were plotting it up from the very beginning. One of the commanders stood up against the guards, knowing that Diamond would never do that. In return, the commander got accused for helping the scions of the seventh dawn. The commander went into a rampage, and started taking down some of the guards and setted Diamond free. But one of the new members of the guild had fought the commander back and cut the commanders arm off. Turned out the new members of the guild were betrayers. The scions of the sevenths dawn (non betrayers, which is about six members) went to escaped underground but the guards had caught up and two of the members stayed while the rest escaped, when the rest had gotten dar enough, the two members had done a forbidden spell, a spell that would act like a bomb, in the process the died in the explosion.... The rest of the members had managed to escape underground but not very far... The guards had caught up again... And two more stayed, leaving Diamond and the other member left... The two members had used the same spell and had the same fate....the member left with Diamond had decided to stay behind, and told Diamond to run, and don't look back. Diamond did what she was told... Then while on the run she passed by some old friends. The friends agreed to hide diamond in their ride. Afterwards they took Diamond to a portal. When she came through it, she was here.. (I'll add rest later)

★Theme song★

(she does have a darker side if provoked)
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