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Welcome to my Community!

Here are the rules,

1. The spam rule is 20 mins per person, if you are caught spamming you will get a warning, if you get 3 warnings then you will get banned/kicked

2. No inappropriate content (you will also get a warning for this and your post will be deleted.)

3. Be nice! Don't be mean to each other, this community is meant to be a nice place to show how much you love aviation

That's about it! The only other thing is that I can make who ever I want moderator and if you ask it just lowers the chances of me making you a mod.

Plz join ;)

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Flashback to August 4, 2016!

A Southwest Airlines Boeing 737-8H4 (N8634A) waits at gate 46 at HOU, scheduled to fly to MDW, while I wait to board it.

In the background you can see Houston Hobby's new International Concourse (Gates 1, 2, and 3). There were three 737s wearing Heart in a row!

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While cleaning up, I found this...

Reminds me of Southwest's Boeing 737-500s and the year before my YouTube channel became active.

#southwestair #737classic

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It's real!!!

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Next stop: Portland, Oregon, United States!

And I managed to find a flight operated by a Boeing 737-300 (WN3169)! It will be my first (and last :() time flying on this aircraft! Also, I will fly the Boeing 737-800 two times (WN1764 and WN4900)!

#southwestair #portland #pdxairport #737classic #737nextgen

It is planned that a WN Boeing 737-800 is coming to HRL as WN3169! I've never seen these birds fly into Harlingen!

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Where should I go?
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Portland, Oregon, United States
Lubbock, Texas, United States
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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