my son keneth hes a talker boy,he's a year old and he can say hi mom and hi dad,brother adun,awow,and mow for his big brothers.then when hes eating somthing good he says yuummm! he will point were he wants you to go and then its time for you to getty up cause hes ridding you over their and he does to buckin and gettyin up just like when you want a horse to start movin its too cute !sooooo much work but soooooooooo worth it, especialy when nap time comes ,for us too,tell me how your babes start talkin like so fresh like what was your fave word they say or used to say?

they grow up and THINK so freakin fast , last birthday he wanted a bey blade set, this one he's thinkin he has got me held hostage in the store until I buy him a phone ?I guess because he knows I WONT! goodness What's NEXT?
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