Post has attachment - This week we feature creation of a scalable and fault-tolerant REST endpoint using Flask, 15 essential Python Interview Questions, Ruby vs Python podcast, usage of Watson Python Text Speech API and more. Check it out.

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I would like to invite you to join this community which is specifically designed to help teach/learn the Python programming language using FREE to view video lessons. You can also access all the videos via the following website where you will also find exercises (they currently lag behind the videos).

There are 63 videos with a combined runtime of over 11 hours and new videos are added as frequently as possible.
Phil Jones
(John Philip Jones

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Post has attachment is a Weekly Python Newsletter available at . It delivers weekly round up of python news, links, articles, open sources projects. showcasing all python books including 53 free books that can be downloaded.

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Hi there folks! I'm new in Python, so i'll be asking a bunch of questions here, but also, i'll try to  answer some =) 

You guys are taking the course beginning now in 2013? 

Anyone started doing final project now ??

Hi, there is a way to run the python´s programs in google drive? :D
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