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The French government is attempting to ban tattooing beginning December 31, 2013. We cannot allow this to happen. This is a very important moment in time where we must come together as a community and express the injustice of such a decision. 

I ask you to help me in taking a stand by following this link and signing the petition. Thank you.

Despite more lenient legislature currently in effect in Europe, the French government has decided to ban the use of the majority of colored tattooing inks, starting December 31, 2013.
Behind this choice: a cautionary approach that ignores the fact that problems linked to the use of colored inks in France is anecdotic at best.
The document used as a basis for the new law by the administration that handles this issue isn't relevant to tattooing: it mentions 'ingredients' used in the manufacturing of hair dyes and lipstick.
We must mobilize the tattooing community on a national and on an international level.
This idea come from a young man of 20 years old passionate by tattoos and the creator of the
We have to thank him for his time and efforts.
This is what Stéphane Chaudesaigues decided to do by making sure this petition is the hands of the right person who has the means to bring it to the attention of people at the highest level of the French government.
The petition will help Senator Mayor of Saint Flour, M. Pierre Jarlier, in exerting leverage on the administrations that are stifling the tattoo industry.
This concerted effort from the tattoo community is supported by SNAT. The organization has encouraged its members to sign the petition and to stay focused and mobilize on the issue, as they have been doing since 2003.

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