Is there any possibility that a parameter in the Q-SYS MxM can be added for fade time on Set Position/Value commands?
This would be quite helpful for people that regularly work with Q-SYS.

Hi All,

Does anyone know where I can download a copy of Medialon Manager V5?

I have inherited an old project that needs some support

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Hi guys,

UI question here. How would I do the following? The pic attached shows lighting zones, with Wall + Passage lighting selected and brightness adjustment buttons to the right. However, ceiling surround lighting has another two adjustment columns for RGB adjustment. Is there an easy way to make these appear once this is selected, on the same page?
Ideally I would the buttons with another transparent button and a z-order variable!

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Hi all,

I'm trying to save variables on an LE and recall them. I've made a task to record the variables to a file, then another to recall them. This works fine in debug without a showmaster connected. The variables don't seem to save or recall when connected to the LE. Does the Variables Mgmt MxM not work with the LE? The help file says that it does.

Thanks for any help!
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I'm having problems with recording DMX into Manager Pro.

I have 6 DMX512 devices on two universes. My generic fixtures on the one universe seem to record OK, but my LED fixtures on the other do not.
The devices for the LED fixtures have errors such as "Impossible to open DDF file".

I'm recording all devices at once using device record on a timeline, into a separate folder on the desktop. All devices have been configured to record as a single cue, original DDF file, at 20FPS. I have problems regardless of whether I use sACN or Artnet.

When I try to restore the acquisition via a timeline, I then get all the device errors.

Does anyone know what might be causing these errors?

Any tips on the best way to put in a telnet username and password? I'm trying to control an ATEN PE6324 PDU.
I'm getting a login message as follows (from Wireshark):

0000 80 fa 5b 27 38 c9 00 10 74 a1 0e 98 08 00 45 00 .ú['8É..t¡....E.
0010 00 2f 40 e8 00 00 64 06 53 8a c0 a8 20 09 c0 a8 ./@è..d.S.À¨ .À¨
0020 20 fd 00 17 c3 de 41 4a 7d cd 9d 00 08 27 50 18 ý..ÃÞAJ}Í...'P.
0030 00 fa 82 2c 00 00 4c 6f 67 69 6e 3a 20 .ú.,..Login:

the response would be teladmin!0D!0A

and password as:
0000 80 fa 5b 27 38 c9 00 10 74 a1 0e 98 08 00 45 00 .ú['8É..t¡....E.
0010 00 32 40 d1 00 00 64 06 53 9e c0 a8 20 09 c0 a8 .2@Ñ..d.S.À¨ .À¨
0020 20 fd 00 17 c3 d3 c6 6d 38 1c 08 19 03 d1 50 18 ý..ÃÓÆm8....ÑP.
0030 00 fa 36 4a 00 00 50 61 73 73 77 6f 72 64 3a 20 .ú6J..Password:

the response would be telpwd!0D!0A

Have tested in Hercules with success. Wondering how to incorporate this into MLLC. Would really appreciate the help!

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Hello everyone,
I'm seeing something that I can't get my head around. The web interface is changing how a date is displayed (Showmaster.CurrenDate). In the editor, the date format is DD/MM/YYY and the panel shows the same when in debug mode. I upload to the Showmaster and in the web interface it shows as MM/DD/YYYY

Anyone had something similar?

Thanks in advance

Hello everyone.
I have installed the Medialon app remote driver on my windows computer to control the remote power on and off, I managed to turn it on through the show master editor but when sending the shutdown I get no response and the computer stays on.

Currently I migrated Medialon Manager v6 off a VMare Server onto a Windows 10 Professional PC since it wasn't stable. The PC is all patched and Manager v6 was running fine since last Tuesday 7/24/2018. This morning around 7:45 Manger v6 was shutdown for no reason. We are running Watchdog so it will restart it. My first question is Watchdog the right application to restart the app. Also is there any reason why Manager would just shut down. Thanks!

What news is there regarding the development of Medialon under Barco? Will Showmaster Editor 2 remain the same or receive more dev time? Will the UI builder be improved on in the near future?


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