It was after the tournament, and the the girl-: Blake was it? Stopped me in my tracks.

Blake: Hey! (Out of breath)
Me: What?
Blake: Uhh, when I was versing you; you winked at me...why?
Me: I was just teasing.., so what.

I walked away...

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Name:James "the Proxy" (Jp) Hellsing



Hair color:Light brown

Eye color:Brown (electric blue in burst mode)


outfit:TARDIS-Blue vest with white (left) and black (right) wings on the back. A white t-shirt with a gray cross on it. Dark blue pants with black crosses over the knees. Chains wrapped around his waist. A silver cross necklace. Black combat boots.

Symbol:2nt picture (Tattooed on his back)

Race:Wolf F

Occupation:2nt year student

Likes:Fun, fighting, doing stupid shit, friends, pushing his limits.

Dislikes:Bullying, racism, the white fang.

Fighting style:MMA

Weapon:Dust gauntlets able to use lightning and wind. (Optional chains)

Gear:electro magnetic plates in the boots controld by aura. Interchangeable heads for the chains hook, ball, kuni, and heavy training ball.

Semblance:Proxy-able to clone him self. clones only last 2 hours or so out of combat in combat they can be taken out easily not having any real aura themselves there only defence is the weapons. cutting, stabbing, bullets(in vital areas) and explosion almost always destroys the clone the only real thing they can take is dust and Fists.
Can only make around 10 a day and only 3 at a time.

Ability:Near immunity to dust and natural lightning and electricity. Any of those with aura behind it immunity is negated and will do full damage. Burst mode-absorbed electricity dust allows jp to use the dust in his body to boost his speed and strength for a short amount of time but burns through his aura fast leaving him weak after.

Backstory:Jps family lived outside of the kingdom. He has two brothers joey and kevin. Jp being the oldest was supposed to be the strongest but that was not the chase jp was weak and dispite his brothers getting there semblance very yong jp had not discovered his till he turned 13 it was not an instant tun around but by the time he was fifteen he was able to fight agent his brothers well winning over half the time. At the age of 14 jp went through the process of inbuing
Dust into his body a traditional thing in his family his brothers had done it when they had turned 10. A year later a grim hord attacked the town only one life was lossed the boys mother defending a human child. Joey had left the village and joined the white fang and had come back only to kill the human his mother died protecting. Jp had tryed to stop him and in return got his stomach riped open and sloped into a coma and now has a scar covering most of his lower torso. Jp recovers and wish is to become a hunter to protect others from people like his brother.

Bio"hay jp not sure what to say. If you wanna hang or fight give me a buzz"

Theam song:"Hell yeah!"-Zebrahead

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A student in a black coat is setting up some practice dummies in the empty training hall. He then takes out a metallic cylindrical object Let's see if this works...

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Full team SCAR
From Left to right
Ar Storm
Chase Barron
Spirit Canus
Reane Cast

A teen in a slick black coat sits on a bench in the training area, watching other students fight while tinkering with a metal cylindrical object (Open rp)

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Name: Ar Storm
Weapon: Cyan Light ( a massive broadsword that with a electric cannon down the middle)
Semblance: Storm control
Gear: Dust enforced clothes, and a single piece of armor to protect his bad shoulder that got injured during his test into Beacon
Age: 18
fighting style: Heavy and powerful attacks, but can use semblance to short term increase speed
Partner: Chase Barron
Nickname: The lighting charged slayer
noticeable features: Has long bangs covering most of his left eye and his left arm is covered in a dragon tattoo that lights up when he uses his semblance
Bio: Comes from a long line of warriors, and spent most of his childhood training. Ar ended up being vary lonely, and longed for friends  to protect. When he went to Beacon, he found the friends he always wanted
personality: Most of the time, he's a calm, outgoing man. however, when hiss teammates are threatened, he because a viscous killing machine 
Team: SCAR

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Name: Silver Suerte
Nickname: The Black Swordsman
Appearance: First Picture
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Weapon(s): He has a total of 4 swords on his person. The swords's sheaths also double as shields when expanded like Jaune's sheath.

Fe (Multi action Dust Rapier) (Second Picture) - Fe is the same as Weiss Schnee's Myrtenaser, silver in color and being able to perform different elemetal attacks with the raw Dust stored in the handle revolver guard of the sword. Silver keeps it in his right hip. Fe is Spanish for Faith.

Kusanagi no Tsurugi (Katana Sniper Rifle/ Gunblade) (Third picture)- Kusanagi is a straight silver katana with a revolver filled with explosive sniper rounds as a handle guard. Along the inside of the blunt edge is a thin gun barrel that shoots said sniper rounds. It also has a chamber in the handle where Silver inserts raw dust for elemental effects and boosts to his bullets, as well as the sword itself. Silver keeps the sword on his left hip. Kusanagi no Tsurugi is Japanese for Grasscutter sword.

Lusol and Soluna (Two Ultra Dust Longswords) (Last picture) - These two long swords have a dust chamber in them. Though they each only have one, the chamber's capacity is greater than normal, extending from inside the handle into the blade itself. This makes the effect of the dust inserted much more powerful and lasts longer. Lusol is the black sword while Soluna is the pale green-white one. Silver keeps the two on his back. The names, Lusol and Soluna, are mash ups of the words Sol and Luna, Spanish for Sun and Moon.

Everything else - A couple of knives, needles, spare dust, spare bullets, and various other tools.

Aura - His aura is colored silver (shocker)

Semblence - Telekinesis, he can control objects and people with his mind. He uses this to wield all four of his swords at once and even levitate himself around, giving off the impression that he can fly. He can even control/influence someone's mind if their mental fortitude is weaker than his. But like any other Semblence, if he uses it for an extended period of time than what he's used to, he will need to stop and rest.

Bio: Silver comes from one of the most powerful mafia family in the world. Most of his childhood was spent locked up indoors, playing games, reading books and watching tv shows about heros, adventure and drama, while his older half brother and sisters were being trained to take over the "family buisness". Silver was the odd one out, having being born from another mother than the rest of his siblings. It didn't help that he was anti social and kept to himself. One day though, his father saw Silver possesses the intelligence and intuition needed to be the head of the mafia, making his older siblings jealous. One day, when he just became 5, Silver ran away, wanting nothing to do with his family's buisness and pursed a life of adventure instead. He was eventually found and adopted by a Hunter couple named Kazuto and Asuna Suerte, distant family of his that managed to escape the same hectic life of the mafia family they come from. Silver lived happily for the next 5 years with his new parents. Eventually they enrolled him into Signal to help Silver pursue his dream of adventure. The next 7 years were like this, (Insert comedy, shenanigans, explosions, family bonding, friendship, and Kazuto and Asuna's reactions when Silver brought home for the first time his 4 dangerous weapons he made at Signal, with Asuna being worried for the safety of her child while Kazuto grins with pride and joy). At the age of 17, he enrolled into Beacon Academy, still pursing his dream of adventure.

Personality: He is a jokester and prefers to keep the mood light. He smiles, laughs and chuckles a lot and tries to keep everyone smiling as well. Though sometimes, he can be eccentric and unpredictable when he wants to. He rarely ever gets angry, and if he does, he never shows it. He's an optimist and will always try to see the good in everyone. He gets really deep and philosophical when he's alone.

Likes: Sweets, games, gambling, jokes, fighting for the sake of fighting and philosophy.
Dislikes: Narrow mindedness, betrayal, bugs and Seafood.

Team: To be determined.

Occupation: Beacon Academy Student
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