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We take things for granted till one day it no longer exist 
don't lose site of what is right even if it hurts at first, things do get better ^~^

i missed you G+ its been like four years here for me i started when i just turned nineteen didn't know what next too do so decided too join a social site at that time i was afraid of facebook so G+ is what i came across and i liked everything about this site and i gained sooooo much from it and i am still learning here i have gotten respect and then some pervs but who doesn't get those anyhow i'll contunie this another time but i love you guys kisses babes

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How can I love you
simple you make my world spin right round
You make me happy,
happier than I ever have been
You ask me how why you
well its easy I can be me with you ,
I can look ugly yet you'll find me beautiful
Everytime we chat I fall inlove with you ever so more
I choose you because you make my world a much better place.
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hey loves <3 how are you'll ? so I need some help what should I write bout any suggestions ?


                   BROKEN INSIDE
Why is it painful
Why does it hurt so much
why does my heart break every time I see you
why that's all I ever ask myself
All thanks too you ,god how could I've been so stupid
When I knew along you were trouble
why does my heart still beat as much as it breaks for you
Only you my first and my last
Good -bye for now I die
                                 kisses :~F

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Where are you when I need you the most
Am I nothing too you anymore, 
What was I ?
 A mere attraction ,a toy
just for your sick twisted fantasies.  
How could I be so stupid in believing what we had was true.
I swear all I ever did was love you never cheated nor hurt you.
But look what you did ,you never loved me.
You just lusted took whatever you could get.
until I had nothing more too give .

HOLA! my lovelies how've you guys and gals been missed you all

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Tell me you hate me,
Look at me and say you don't love me,
Tell me i disgust you,
just say you've never loved me,
that I'm the worst ,
just tell me , say it 
say you hate me.
but you can't can you

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                 THANK YOU ALL I LOVE YOU GUYS <3 <3 <3 

Alex Zinovenko
alsonic ze hedgehog
Andi Pay
Annie “Sweet Lips” Va-Jay
Auction markete
Bilal Khan
C .Jones
Christopher Collins
cool beet
Doom Kitty
fawad shaikh
Ichimaru Gin
ioanes rakhmat
Irish Hewlett Packet
Jack Russell
Julia Martinez
King Tenechie
kisAragi sAyA-Smith
Krishma Buwakul
Lady Ganja
Laura Vasta
Lauren Morgana
Lelouch Vi Britania
Len “ℓεηηү” Kagamine Append
Louis “SonOf” Stefan
Luαnє.D Bαnds (Halliburton)
Lynns Lullabies
Maka Albarn
Martha L. Silva
Mary Jane watsson
maya joseph
Mohamed Sallam
Neo “Blackflame” Cooper
Park Kyoung Min 박경민
PEPI. Juan
Renywen ahaefan N.G.E.
Rex Zer0
scott woodman
Shorty Fiegener
Stephen Holmes
Stewart Matthews
Tenshi Hikari Yami kitsune (the equinox fox demon)
Teresa Huang
Tiberius “Son of” Lewis
Tobi Uchiha (Guru guru)
Usui Thomas Wilson Koga
willie jasper
Wolf King Ichigo Kurasaki
Yubraj Shrestha
‫عباس ناصری‬
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That's what I feel .
That's what I am ,
broken, used ,hurt.
To blinded by love that i couldn't see all along you were just breaking me,
 to stupid not too see that i was already broken from the day I met you,
 I feel disgusted ,sick . How could I be so blind.
 Broken is what you did too me ,
torn my heart right out of my chest,
numbed my feelings .
you've officially broken me 
Broken beyond repair 
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