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Last name: black fire
Age: 10000
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Name: Onyx
Age: 990
Creature: hellhound
Role: loner
Gender: female
Likes: hunting killing fighting
Dislikes: nothing

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your walking in the Woods it gets Misty u feel something behind u but there's nothing there u look back u see a huge red white and black wolf glowing red I I say hello there what are u doing in the woods at this time

(Open rp)

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Hey guys,the red hound is when I get mad
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Cool but what's the profile template

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Quote: i know your disappointed in me sis but this is what i am


Name: terror
Nickname: crow, red eye, darkie only my sis calls me that anyone else does and you will die got that!
Age: 43 moons
Gender: male idiot
Species: wolf shadow wolf (black wolf)
Rank: i really dont have one but im more of a mersanarry then anything ( a mersanaryy is some one that kills alot) im alpha
Tribe: none i live alone i hate to hurt my sister but i cant help it
Environment: a dark dark dark shady part of the forest
Tribal markings: i have a grey scull on my arm
Wings: nope
Likes: his sister sometimes darkness killing
Dislikes: his sister trying to change him light the new portal the tribes
Mother: crystal blue
Father: echo
Brother: nope
Sister: athena
Crush: OPEN
Mate: OPEM
Fears: the beast inside him
Skills: very silent that its super scary in the dark
Voice: deep rough scratched up demonotic (kinda like how u would imagine floweys voice)
Appearance: very very very black
Personality: dark crazy blood thirsty sorrowfully
Bio: "woo hoo storytime ughh well as a pup Athena was always mom and dads favorite pup i was kinda left out as i grew older Athena always got what she wanted that made me grow in hate for her she was visited by a spirit that told her she was destined to become a moon timer and this made me angry she always got the special treatment and to my parents i was just an aww i love you too then i grew more angry with her that made me want to kill her she never knew this but i was the one that killed our parents then i was out for her ive hated her every since but im only laying up on her for a while i mean she is my little sister i have to look out for her dont I ugh im not that soft i still hate her dont i? I cant figure out what way to choose 
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Name: Mist

Age: Unknown

Creature (hound, human): spirit hyena

Role (alpha, hunter): wisdom spirit hyena but she is gonna be reincarnated

Gender: female

Likes: giving wisdom, wolves, paint, flying, friend, cherry blossoms, pine needles, and cherries

Dislikes: ignorance, foxes, blood, running, oranges, and oak leaves

Mother: Leap

Father: Chime

Uncles: Loop and Mind

Aunts: Cheap and jump

Siblings: Spot, Stripe, and Goat

Cousins: Mud, River, Water, and Lilypad

Looks: down below in the picture.

Personality: Kind, Mischievous, Timid, Brave, calm, crazy, docile, and naughty

Bio: she died when she was pup about ___ years ago so now she is a wise spirit hyena. She gives wisdom to wolves and other animals. Her friends are living while she is dead.

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Name: Ghost

Age: Unknown

Creature (hound, human): spirit hyena fox

Role (alpha, hunter): wisdom angel hyena fox

Gender: male

Likes: giving wisdom,friends,chewing on his paw,and mist his best friend

Dislikes: things

Mother: He don't know

Father: He don't know

Uncles: don't know

Aunts: Don't know

Siblings: don't know

Cousins: don't know

Looks: down below in the picture.

Personality: Kind, Mischievous, funny,weird,crazy,fun

Bio: Unknown

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Name:Green Mist

Dog Age:2

Human Age:11


Dislikes:haters,broccoli,purple,small places


I am a Alpha,I don't look like one but I am very powerful

I hope you guys accept me :)☺😊😀😁😃😄😆😉😋😙😘😚

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Name: Sirius
Age: (dog years: 3) (human years: about 28)
Gender: female
Likes: Her "pack." Friends, who she can trust, killing, blood/Gore, (other)
Dislikes: Idiots.
Status: hunter, warrior.
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