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Hi again, Inverse World G+ community! Have some Actual Play from my wife, my friends and I! This is the first in a three part series that we recorded last year. Hope everyone enjoys! 

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Hello. I recently got Inverse World Accelerated from DriveThruRPG and was just wondering if the version I got was indeed the most latest one.

I saw a couple of things that made me think that the PDF I have wasn’t the final version. For example, page 11 has what seems to be an unfinished illustration. On page 53, it says “more on that on page XX” instead of an actual page number.

Also, the Product Information on the side of the page said it had 170 pages but the one I have has up to 280 pages.

Is the Softcover B&W book different from the PDF?

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Hey folks. It's been a while since I did Inverse World Accelerated, but I've got a surprise for you!

Way back in 2013 when we switched from Fate Core to Accelerated I mentioned I'd try and do something with my Core notes. I had to put that on the back burner for a while for my own projects, but I've been tinkering with those notes for a while and eventually a game came out.

Fractured Skies is a spiritual sequel to Inverse World, with a post-apocalyptic vibe and a focus on cultural/economic exchange. If you liked Inverse World Accelerated you'll probably like this, and you can make a Core version of Inverse World Accelerated with it pretty easily.

(And speaking of IWA, anyone who owned Inverse World Accelerated before today now has a coupon for 50% off this one.)

I hope you enjoy it!

Here's a cheerful Inverse World anecdote for everybody: During tonight's session, one of my players decided that there are giant flying anglerfish that live in the World Crust and only come out to hunt when Sola rests.

Pleasant dreams, Invells. 

Did anyone ever receive their personal/illustrated copies? 

From the many available DW Playbooks floating around the web, which are the ones you think fits best in Invellis?

Has anyone ever done a hack of FATE and DW? Like a mix of both systems. A FATE hack that uses stuff from DW(or other PbtA games) like moves or a DW hack that uses aspects and other things from FATE(and/or FAE) ?

PS: I don't speak english fluently. Sorry if i did something wrong

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+Jacob Randolph's latest project - looks fun

I've been playing the Golem in a conventional DW game and having a lot of fun with it - excellent class

The only real restriction in DW has been the lack of repair kits has made the Composition option 'Putty' too expensive - if he took it he could only be healed by magic (not potions) and magic healing is too scarce to make that worth it.

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Another nice preview of the Italian edition, this time from Inverse World manual.

You can see the art by +Francesca Da Sacco, that perfectly captures the dreamy and romantic spirit of the setting, my favourite iconic character, The Walker and how the new manuals will have teir borders cut, to allow for an easy research.

What do you think of it?
 A grande richiesta, ecco un’anteprima degli interni di Inverse World e della seconda edizione di Dungeon World! 
Potete vedere che sono segnalate con rubricatura alcune sezioni utili del manuale. Per agevolare la consultazione sia Dungeon World che Inverse World avranno infatti la rubricatura fisica. È una novità che speriamo vi sia utile! 

Ricordiamo che chi ha contribuito al crowdfunding per la prima edizione di Dungeon World riceverà il pdf della seconda edizione, indicativamente a Dicembre 2014.
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