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Hello and welcome to my community ! There are some rules I might want to state first and a profile template but other than that nothing but RP is left to do !


You must have your profile approved before you start role playing , either me or a moderator can accept your profiles nobody else !

Please try not to use text talk , it can cause people to leave your role plays and we don't want that 

I will be adding moderators soon and will start accepting mods that I can trust

When you make a profile please tag me so I can look at it , if you don't know how to tag me or your having trouble please add me to your circles and to tag me put +Lps SchleichGirl101

Edit 1

There may be 4 people in each dorm but there is a sliding door in between them making two rooms which can contain 8 people

For teachers who want to RP , you can make a RP with a class session and students or even other teachers can join !

Edit 2

I will be editing the profile template , and you will not have to put in the things that say optional because well there optional

Edit 3

You can have more than one profile !

edit 4

I added more to the profile template but you don't need to add it if you don't want to

-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------okay so now that you have seen the rules here is the profile template

Name :

Nickname :

Gender :

Age :

Species :

Sexuality :

Likes :

Dislikes :

Personality :

Current place of living :

Appearance :

Bio (( optional ! )) :

Class number (( number of your classroom it's also optional )) : 

Theme song (( optional )) :



Father :

Mother :

Siblings :

Crush :

Occupation :

Boyfriend / Girlfriend :

Single / Taken :

Okay now that this is stated you may start role playing ! Have fun !

This place seems to have some potential. I wanna try and revive it.

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Hello! I am announcing this important information! All active and current students will have to move there profiles to this new community. This one has died out and is inactive.

Please copy and paste profiles or remake them with the new template found here in this community. I hope you'll all understand! Please enjoy!

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Hello everyone ! I would like to announce that there will be a second formal ball. It's from Thursday to Saturday this week so if you'd like to attend then just find an outfit and make a post of it with your name , date , age , and gender.

Format -

Name :




I will be attending this myself. So hopefully I can see some people get this community active again. I though that maybe it would be a good time and chance to do so.

This dance is a belated Valentines Dance. But I was busy so now we have it this week instead ! :D please enjoy this dance and try and make this community active

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Hello everyone ! I have returned from the long time that I have been absent. If any profiles have not been approved yet please link them here. Now I am going to try and be more active on here since I have not been on in a while so if you'd like to RP or anything else I should be around

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✨ "Merry Christmas from Skyler and Toki" ✨

Toki : "Hey everyone, Toki here ! And... Skyler as well !" Nudges Skyler

Skyler : "Erm... Hi..."

Toki : Smirks "Eh.. Close enough!" sits back down "Anyway... We wanted to wish you all a Merry Christmas!"

Skyler : Smiles "Yup!"

Toki : Pulls out a giant red Santa sack "We have a gifts for you all !

Skyler : Eyes widen "What?! When did we get those ?!"

Toki : Smirks wider Except for you Ryuu... Skyler wanted to give you your gift herself ... A very .... special... gift... "

Skyler : Nods "Yes! Wait what ?! Erm..." blushes

Toki : Puts paws in the air "Merry Christmas to everyone at Tideview High ! It's been a great year and I'm glad we got to spend it all with all of you !

Skyler : "We are thankful for all of you and hope that your all having a very, merry, Christmas!

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I have no idea how many times I have stated this now ... PLEASE POST YOUR PROFILES !

I am tired of saying this but I have already kicked people from this community recently , I don't want to have to do it again if I don't see profiles up then I will have to kick people again , also if you roleplay before you post your profile I will have to either delete the post in a matter of time or you can post your profile


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Holy ! We have had to repost so many times !

+Vivian Nettleton
Aaron sits with his hoodie up and his headphones on by himself leaning against a wall silently his eyes closed and the sky giving droplets of rain for a moment

"It's going to rain" he says opening his eyes and he stays under the safety of the school roof , before seeing the rain start to pour and someone running towards the building the person shoots through the doors and trips on Aaron's leg and falls down onto the floor

"um..." Aaron looks down at the person in front of him and reaches out a hand trying to be nice "Do you need a hand ?"

>*Closed* for +Vivian Nettleton
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look for her stuff

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Kimaki is working hard as usual and she hears the bell on the door ring and she runs to greet you "Hello Master ! What can I get for you today ?" she says holding the menu in her hands which are sitting low near her waist you reply to her with

for +Vivian Nettleton
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